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I have been trying to make a good looking Brawler, but am having a hard time making a face that looks good ingame, versus in the character creator.

Here is a particularly nice model that I met in town, any idea what the face, adornments, and general sliders would be?

Thanks in advance all.
Now if I could just make a good looking human female face.

Its funny though, comparing the starter island on Berserker and Brawler, the difference in damage output and automatic CC is just unfair.
Zerker is supposed to get a couple major buffs with the Ninja patch.
Namely +40% overcharge damage on TS, +30% overcharge damage on Cyclone, and I think a flat +20-30% base damage on those 2 skills.
Likewise, Brawler iirc is getting a 10% nerf to pretty much all of their major abilities.

So my question is, given the currently kinda low performance of Zerker, and the excessively high performance of Brawler, some claim that Brawler dps is roughly 3x that of Zerker atm, how do people expect them to look in the next patch?

Say Brawler really does 3x the dps of Zerker atm. Then 3*0.9 = 2.7x = nerfed Brawler, vs 1*1.4*1.3 = 1.82 = buffed Zerker, still a 50% difference in favor of Brawler, no?

So which would be worth rolling at this time?