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Why do you have to take off equalized 3s... Why dont you just queue for teams instead? You have gear there, then just grab 2 more +15 dps or pug it or whatever... Its the same thing
Hi guys i can clear ds2 queen while the rest cant so they better know me that im a god of that dungeon and buy the items from me, but ppl get their stuff not through me but through GMs

Im sad angry confused crying idk what to think anymore!!!!! Argggghhh this is so hard for me bcus ppl who cant clear it dont need to buy it from me im sad :'(

Now how else am i gonna show everyone that im good or better than them in pve dungeons? Im sad now very very sad

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Initiate a kick and everyone blindly accept without knowing the reason. Your typical br, taco behavior.
im br and i find this offensive
My backstab combo is backstab auto (check if desync) cascade auto (check if desync again) scythe for 150k crit

Game is hard
U guys r so very cool sounding amazing wow
Vm7 a piece of mats should require a 1500 in 3s, 1500 in fwc, 1300 in cs, and 1300 in grid

That shud make all bgs q pop and make people hella tryhard for it
Learn2kill ppl and carry a game
Selling names
EMEs response: no. Go buy our rng boxes again for ur ninja patch to make us even more happy
Just take off soulbinding system
Only TERA has this system. I remember other MMOs let you wear an item and give it to your alts or your friend or you could sell it to people. Thats how it should be anyway, liberation scrolls are their way to milk money off people lol. EME doesnt care about their players, they only see cash and cash.
Thats why they did this, so they could force you to buy their RNG boxes again lol.