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Also, OP mean "role", not "roll". How can you mix that up lol.
Most Mystics enjoy it for the support role and just want buffs to improve that role. While I love ranged magical dps and think this game needs another one, I don't think that needs to be Mystic. The buffs we're getting in the 65 patch sound like it'll be a big help in making them better support healers.
counterpoint on 07/25/2014, 10:17 AM - view
But obviously you have a stricter definition of PvP and place more importance on it.

No, I have the standard description of PvP that most players would agree on. The enjoyment of PVP is mostly from fighting other players, not just the competition. Mob grinding is boring as hell no matter how you swing it.
Aoyukihime on 07/25/2014, 10:20 AM - view
Wow, the new BiS PvP gear is hardly better than the new Bloodsoaked Opportune gear, which seems to hit as hard as VM3 PvP due to the huge increase in base stat and ONLY costs 42K BG credits and 14K KS credits...

Bloodsoaked Opportune is the same as the Bloodsoaked Favored. Both are the same BiS weapon, just different methods of obtaining them. The regular introductory Opportune set has much lower stats though. It seems comparable in Attack Power difference between the current Opportune and Advantaged sets (about 5% and like Ryou said, no crit). It would be nice if there was an inbetween set, though such as the current Favored that only has about a 2.5% difference in Power and similar base stats. Although the new BiS PvP gear looks like it may not be that big of a grind.
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counterpoint on 07/25/2014, 10:05 AM - view
Their definition of PvP is just "anything where players compete with each other". I assume they added this to cover a type of competitive gameplay that didn't exist in the game so far (sort of like "time battle"), since they may see it as though they already have the other types. What sort of PvP battleground would you want that's different from the choices already there?

Well I like FWC and 3's (although we need more people to do them.) They do focus more on PvE in this game than PvP which is a problem, but beyond that why are they calling this a "BG" and giving people BC/KS credits for it? It would be a lot better if they just treated it like CoF. Pure PvE competition. Don't reward people with PvP credits for what is essentially PvE mob grinding. The PvPers don't want to PvE for PvP credits and the PvEers want gear, jewelry, fodder, consumables, or something else they can either use or make money off of if they're going to farm PvE instances - not PvP credits that many aren't even going to use.
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Here's a video of the new PvE BG: http://www.twitch.tv/areashin/c/4730404
It's not at the alliance vendor? From what I saw on a stream, the PvE BG just gives you KS/BC credits.
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These names are confusing me because right now, Opportune is the free set we get for doing the Kuma/CS quests that you then use as an ingredient to make Favored. What is this "new" Opportune set you have above and what is the retool option for it? And where does Favored fit into this?
counterpoint on 07/24/2014, 01:28 AM - view
But yeah, other than that, it sounds like competitive Team PvE content, but it isn't actually that far removed from a lot of the other PvP content that exists other than you're not directly combating each other.

Lol but that "you're not directly combating each other" part is kind of huge and why most players who are into PvP actually play it.

Edit: Nope, watching a KTERA streamer do this BG and it's confirmed to be as dumb as it sounds. Definitely just puts you in a PvE arena with 2 teammates and you kill continuously spawning mobs for the duration until you get a BAM, kill it and it's over. The team with the higher score wins and you get a ton of BC/KS credits. I have no words for how dumb this is.... I mean fine if you want to give people another competitive PvE thing to do, but give them PvE rewards for it not PvP gear. I want a real PvP BG, not this dumb PvE Arena and Kuma crap.
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I may need to revisit this thread later today or tomorrow because my brain is mush right now, but thank you for posting. :) Let's just hope it's not the same kind of grind that VM3 currently is.