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Nanotech made a Mystic ABHM guide almost a month ago:

Chitanda on 09/09/2014, 10:00 AM - view
Quick is marginally better, but Intense will do just as well in any PvE instance.

For the record, I heal ABHM in a +9 intense devastator staff because I didn't want to bother waiting for another staff.

If you really want a Quick staff just do a few CS and make the Favored staff. The Favored PvP staff is identical to the Quick Dev staff with one exception - instead of a mana proc it has the PvP defense which is not a big deal. If you really want more mana you can roll that on other pieces.
Attack speed definitely. An increase of 1-3k in healing is not going to make a difference really. But extra attack speed is always good. The more the merrier. I'd say the same about cooldown reduction as well. After a certain point, more healing is just a "nice to have".
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Because your squiggly black lines prevent me from seeing the rest of your bank LOL.
I completely agree with you Flow, but I've already ranted on the News thread and Reddit enough. So at this point I'm just too tired to care anymore. I've got other things to do with my time because there's been so many shady and disappointing changes the past few months-year that it just feels like a lost cause trying to speak up anymore.
LoverNotFighterLOLJK on 09/04/2014, 12:46 PM - view
but you always had to deal with the rng and for pvp you still had to farm the bgs yourself
or pay someone to do it for you which is bannable

Spending money on the cash shop gives you a big advantage no matter how you look at it.
LoverNotFighterLOLJK on 09/04/2014, 12:30 PM - view
^ This isn't true

PW2 isn't the fact that you can spend money on a game and get more ingame currency
iTs what you can get with the real money If i spend

extensive and premium alkahest just increase your rng chances

the scroll just throw the RNG out the window

Here's how the process goes:

1. Buy tons of EMP
2. Sell EMP for gold in game at the highest rate you can get away with
3. Make tons of gold in about 5-10 minutes
4. Pay a few people (with said newly earned gold) to carry you through ABHM for a 3.5 weapon. Lead a bunch of Shell reserved runs to make your PvE set. Or grind out your PvP set - half of the materials for this can be purchased with gold and the other half only require you to do a bunch of BGs/Arena but not actually win any of them.
5. Buy fodder with your EMP purchased gold
6. Buy all other enchanting mats off of the EMP store

Presto chango you win the game and it's all because you spent a ton of real life cash on EMP.
LoverNotFighterLOLJK on 09/04/2014, 11:49 AM - view
I had around 490 i have 225 after masterworking all my T15

Seriously? You have some seriously godly masterworking luck. I MWed 8 pieces on my Priest and used up far more than I had saved up. One piece alone was 260 scrolls (and you have so far only used 265... wtf) and another piece was 113. The rest were below 100 but some were above 50, some below so it varied.
Cezzare on 09/04/2014, 11:30 AM - view
Don't worry, you'll still spend a fortune in alkahest anyway...

But that too you can buy off the store! And the spellbind! All we're missing is the fodder. Le sigh...
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