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Somentine on 07/31/2014, 12:11 PM - view
You just lose more damage through the loss of power than you would theoretically gain through the smaller increases in Critical Rate; most pieces offer either or, and stacking Crit to close to 200 then dumping the rest into Power is apparently what most people have found to work best.

Yea that's what I've seen a lot of people doing as well and I have friends who have doubted the usefulness of crit past a certain point which is why I asked. It would make sense considering a soft cap is something many other games have done as well (with crit and other stats) so it's not really out of the ordinary for the optimal setup to be stacking only to a certain point.
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Isn't there a crit rate soft cap somewhere though? At a certain point isn't more crit just going to be pointless?
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dank1 on 07/30/2014, 08:28 PM - view
Toxic because someone pressed a button on a forum with an arrow pointing downwards?
Forum rating is stupid and unnecessary.
Maybe people on this forum should post for the sake of posting and stop caring so much about a rating (i obviously speak my mind out look at my rating)

Toxic because we have a fellow player asking for our help. If the primary response is to downvote them and push them away, than yes it's a very unfriendly and hostile community. What possible reason is there to downvote someone inquiring about new skills?? And my previous post is now at -4, for what reason? For saying people are being too mean?
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Wow OP is down to -1 for asking an honest question? People on this forum are so toxic.
Do you have a good crystal setup? The only other thing I can think of is that Sorcs are hard to play well in 3's and can easily be a liability if someone doesn't know what they're doing, so players probably don't want to take the chance on a random Sorc they don't know. Not that it's ok, but that's my best guess.
They have a publisher. It was announced on July 23rd to be Daum Communications in NA/EU, the same company that is publishing the game in Korea.
Yithar on 07/30/2014, 09:57 AM - view
If this happens then bye elite lol.

It already did in KTERA so it's highly likely that it will here as well. I'm curious how people make money in game in KTERA (as opposed to buying or selling cash shop items).
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Aoyukihime on 07/30/2014, 09:47 AM - view
Sorry but it is not really what you could call a gold sink. Gold is just moving between players now, without disappearing like it used to when MWA and spellbinds were purchasable from Speciality stores. There is an exponential growth of gold which does not leave at all the global market now, since even if you spend it in charms or other consumables, the amount spent this way is far lower than the amount which is generated on the server. Hence the inflation. But for people who joined after F2P indeed it is hard to see that.

Edit: And by the way I have been here since 2011 so I am not a new player, but nice attempt at a newbie F2P player jab. I do know how the game used to be "back in the day" and it was far better than it is now, plain and simple.

New money is not coming into the market as much as it used to. Right now money is being exchanged via the broker between a select few that have several thousand gold. The majority of players have none and don't have any good ways of making decent amounts of gold, so they are spending tons of money on the broker to make the rich richer, while they themselves are desperate for cash.

Previously you could run any instance for BoE gear to sell, buy items from the Agnitor and BG vendors to sell (as well as other vendors sometimes), and various other methods of earning gold. But this was all new gold being created, constantly being introduced into the economy and helping most players have decent amounts of cash to play the game without needing to go out of their way for it.

Currently you can't earn money by just playing the game. You can't sell many items from instance drops so that's not a constant and reliable source of income, you can't purchase anything worthwhile to sell for any decent and regular amounts from Agnitor, KS, or BC merchants. Crafting is limited and either really expensive to make or your items sell for next to nothing. You can do daily quests which nobody likes to make a small pittance that will be gone in a day and a few other things, but this is not enough cash for a normal player considering how much they will need to spend. There is not enough new gold entering the economy - all we're doing is paying the few with tons of time to play the broker (and the cash to make it happen already).

When players have to mindlessly farm crap boring content every day to have next to no cash they can barely do anything with before they can get to the good stuff - or when the good stuff (if you're a PvPer) doesn't earn you anything to live on and you sit on tons of credits you can do nothing with - people get frustrated and bored fast.
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Lunaus on 07/30/2014, 09:38 AM - view
There were LESS gold sinks back then because of MW being on the NPC market? lol As compared to it not just circulating amongst players? You do realize that isn't what a gold sink is correct?

Someone pointed out that the only gold sinks we have are either too expensive thus no one uses/needs it, or they aren't large enough to cause a substantial loss of gold from the economy.

You're missing the point. It's not the definition of gold sink that is being discussed here. She's saying that previously it was easier to earn more and regular amounts of gold and you had to spend less of it than you do now. And it was easier for players of all types to earn money regardless of what type of content they enjoyed doing and how much they played. Now not so much.