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Phenomirl on 01/28/2015, 02:46 PM - view
What does that even have to do with anything i said. You went back to the dinosaur era. Its a whole model change. From P2P to F2P thats different than this situation, and fairly irrelevant.

You're talking about a cash grab as if it's the first time it's happened. It's really not.
Phenomirl on 01/28/2015, 02:06 PM - view
This seems like a money grab to me. You force people to not open their sea chests so they buy emp and buy keys from the emp store. Rethink this please.

A lot of things since F2P have been a money grab, where have you been? MWA and Spellbind used to be sold on the Specialty vendors for really cheap prices (then they took them out and added in Extensive and Premium to the EME store as well as Spellbind and took MWA out of the shops), MES used to drop a lot in certain instances as well as being sold at the Bellicarium and Nexus merchants so were always cheap (back when they were the only ones we had, too), gold used to be a lot easier to earn as well as less important. Every RNG box ever sold on the cash shop, costume or otherwise. I could go on. I'm not saying this event doesn't suck for a lot of people, though.
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Hazgazemos on 01/28/2015, 09:17 AM - view
Elite or not, DPS NEED TO LEARN TO DODGE, learn to dodge. Healers have to, why can't you?

repeat after me,


I made the mistake of trusting pugs to do Vault of Allies tankless last night (or maybe two nights ago?). We couldn't find a tank so I suggested we just get another dps. I figured I've done it without a tank before and it wasn't a problem. People just need to learn to dodge/block properly and the group Vault boss isn't that hard. He's not a new boss and he's very predictable. Oh god was that a bad idea. I'm pretty sure everyone except me died at least once. One of them died like three times. How in the world do you die in vault?!

I also did a Macellarious Catacombs on my Mystic last night right before she hit 65 and despite having two Warriors, a Slayer, and a Lancer (aka a group with plenty of blocks/dodges to almost never get hit) I was spam healing them nonstop because they couldn't stop getting hit. One Warrior died several times. The Lancer had serious aggro issues. Ugh.

Edit: And in regards to the OP and giving newbies a chance to "learn", there are plenty of good class and instance guides on the internet, or even helpful posts. If people took five minutes to Google things like that before going into instances, it'd be a lot easier. Sure getting used to the timing of the boss or something may take a run or two, but at least they know what to expect, know the mechanics, and know their class. I don't think it's elitist to ask people to be prepared honestly, especially when it's so easy and quick to do so.
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Don't worry about crit as a Priest. Go for cooldown reduction, attack speed, and extra healing. If you get a crit stat somewhere in addition to the above, then it's nice. But don't go out of your way to stack it, and don't sacrifice the above stats for it.
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Latza on 01/28/2015, 07:48 AM - view
Don't forget just how many people were pissed off when that happened. That is NOT the best idea to go with at all.

I thought a modder fixed the bugging? Why can't BHS talk to them and use their fix?

They probably would have to pay them or come to some other agreement and it would take time and money to work it out.
Rannug on 01/27/2015, 02:23 PM - view
I totally agree with Leiloni. Capes are not a too big of a deal but the dress may cause a bit of an issue with some folks and perhaps some media write-ups.. (that could be a good thing). I wouldn't want the dress if it is all glitchy, even though I really like Alice..
One thing I don't get is why isn't it getting a fix? Don't they have a programmer there that can figure out why the dress is cursed? Maybe the Cheshire Cat is the culprit? Seriously though, get that thing fixed, throw it out there and make some money. Then release the dark version of the dress and make some more money..

A media write up on the dress issue would not be a good thing. TERA already has a reputation for being overly sexualized as well as having a "pedo little girl race" (I love the Elin, just pointing out the viewpoint of a lot of people). The last thing we need is to make that worse, because that reputation is one of the things that keeps a lot of people from playing this game.

As for lack of a fix, likely laziness on the part of BHS.
I've never seen ES be dodged either and never had any complaints about it so I can't really help you on that issue. Not sure if there's something odd happening on your end perhaps.
I'll just go ahead and state the obvious then. Capes that flitter in the air are harmless. Dresses that fly up in the air and show off the character's panties are a bit inappropriate and a PR issue as well. Yes they're pretty I like them as well, but it's just unacceptable to release them in their current state and EME knows that. Whether they charge for them or not is not the issue. Give it up.
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Estars is easy to use and hits everyone. I have no complaints. I don't care whether it's Priestly or not, or if once every few years it may get dodged. It's a great skill and hopefully they never change it.