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Very exciting news that you guys have another game on the horizon, it's about time! Good luck with it. :)
ShikiRoa on 08/21/2013, 10:59 AM - view
Except didn't mana charge get nerfed out the [filtered] with the 24s CD? Makes you have to get that glyph of spirit for RB.

That was always a good glyph. Why wouldn't you be using Glyph of Spirit for Resto Burst in PvE? On top of the regular Mana Charge glyphs?
It's account wide so you should find it in the second tab of your item claim. All account bound items will be listed there and are claimable as many times as you like.
Yes this was mentioned a few days ago by Tree.
Meilyne on 08/20/2013, 09:18 AM - view
I'm trying to write a guide as well, how come in the forums I can't use code to change color of text/post pictures?

You can change the colors to whatever you like using regular BB code. The only limitation we have is 10 pictures per post which is why mine is several posts. But feel free to quote any of my posts to take a look at the various codes used to format stuff.
Vewdo to be fair, you need to differentiate between decisions BHS has made and decisions EME has made. Some of those things, including this dye thing, are things BHS did that EME had no control over. Clearly with the reduction in price of Apothecary dyes, EME doesn't seem to be any happier than we are with this idea. But I don't think they can do much else about it right now. Just to reiterate what has already been said:

Treeshark on 08/15/2013, 11:30 AM
As we mentioned in a previous post, we understand that this was a sudden change for all (including us) and we're sorry. Unfortunately this isn't something we can change back, but we hope to make it a bit easier by making the apothecary dyes more affordable. The apothecary dyes are now 165 EMP for 1 and 440 EMP for a pack of 3.
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Oxygenation on 08/16/2013, 02:04 PM - view
I'm calling saying that EME doesn't have any coders a bunch of bunk. Up until several patches ago (I don't remember when it started) we were getting different client versions than the KTERA client, making things more suited to a "Westernized" audience. Meaning lots of things were changed, not changed, added, or removed from the KTERA client to better suit what EME thought the NA audience would prefer.

Ok let me start by saying I didn't read beyond this so I'm sorry. But as far as the different versions go, no, EME never ever has had any coders. Those different versions were done by a team of developers at BHS. That's why it took so long for patches to get here and for changes to be made. Those same devs also had to customize the clients of each of TERA's 5 or so (at the time) territories. Any changes made have always been done by BHS. So instead of wasting all their time customizing 5 different versions of the same game, those guys are busy bringing us new content faster. It was a tradeoff. So no, EME can't just have a few guys change the dyes back. Sorry. :\
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I enjoy dressing up my characters I just don't feel a need to change colors all the time. I pick a look I like and stick with it. Or at least for my Elin I have several costumes and I just put whichever one on I want, if I want any at all. But dyes I use on an outfit and leave it. And keep in mind this change was made with KTERA's audience in mind, not ours, and EME is doing the only thing they can.
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It's much more actually but that doesn't count the old forums on the old website :P
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We forum goers can't really help you with store and account issues. You should send in a ticket to support and they'll be able to personally resolve your issues much quicker. They tend to respond in less than a day. :)