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I like Rogue/Assassin classes, Slayers seemed more like a Warriors from WoW (heavy, not quite mobile) (Disclaimer: i suck being a Slayer), but I like the burst they have.

Then I went to Warrior, who has a quite good mobility but lacks burst. It has everything a Rogue class must have (although they don't go invisible, quite a flaw there) but it doesn't have burst. Scythe is the only skill hitting really hard, and in order to use it, you need to have plenty of stacks, and that isn't anymore "burst".

I played it Assault everytime, and these last days I tried D-Stance. D-stance is quite challenging and I like that, although it makes the Warrior even less bursty and more oriented to long fights, like a Duelist (not an Assassin). D-stance played correctly can 1v1 everything from what i've seen, although ping plays a big role too (im actually with 190-220ms).
I think i'll stick to A-stance, a bit slower but with better burst. Backstab combos really hurts. Survivability is it's main weakness, but i'm used to be One-shot deleted, so i guess it's ok.

So the big question here is how rewarding is playing Warrior these days when Gunners/Reapers/Brawlers can be better at almost everything with less than half of the skills (and no ping issues).
I've seen people posting about this issue since 2014 and it seems no one really cares about it.

This is the first game i've been into that players can kill each others in Major Cities like Highwatch. And the game isn't supposed to be that way, because people can't GvG inside Velika and other cities. It's like a Highwatch bug who no one ever cared to fix.
Not even in Mu Online players were able to kill each other inside cities or towns, and we're talking about a 2000 game.

It's really a sad thing to notice, because fixing this matter is a really simple task, however someone (BHS maybe?) doesn't seem to care about it.
About the last thing, that's true as far as I seen.
I returned to Tera a couple of months ago and found out the incredible ammount of dmg the brawlers do, plus they knock an entire raid up in pvp, it's plain stupid.

Still, the DPS meter is mostly for personal use. I can't play with broken classes with few skills, that's why I have Warrior, Sorcerer and Archer. It would be nice to see how much is their dmg output in dungeons.
The DPS Metter is an Add-on and the Crits numbers thing is a mod, yeah.

So, It's ok if I use them just for me or for my party?
It would be nice to try out some other numbers that doesn't have the blood stain on the crits.. i've been playing since 4 years and i got bored of them.
I've seen lately a lot of addons available for Tera, and i'm wondering if they're illegal to Enmasse or if we can freely use them.

And i'm not talking about replacing Mystic's Thralls with Shandra Manaya.
I'm not talking about changing gear's models so that I can have a Mafia suit while wearing a t10 robe.

Im talking about addons like the ones that make the combat numbers prettier, removing the ugly looking red splash of blood from Crits. Addons like a DPS metter that helps finding good rotations and such.

In a way, addons that make Tera better without any kind of gameplay impact.

I've seen many streamers and/or people in Youtube with addons activated. And nowadays almost 60% of players goes around with DPS metters.
It would be hilarious if they say that addons are illegal, but I want to have a straight answer about this matter.
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players who already have Starfall can stick to it for another patch and skip VM7 if that is their choice.

This, as it seems.
I've returned to Tera in mid January, I've geared myself with Dreadnaguht and shiet, and now that I almost have a Sf weapon, it seems VM7 is coming out.

I think everyone will just get Starfall, even with available VM7. On the other side, I think that in future patches, VM7 is going to get buffed as they're doing lately.
So, it seems now that being AotC just rewards players giving them a patch where they can avoid crafting VM#. However, if I'd be full Sf +15, I suppose i'll craft the new VM, because what else should full Sf +15 ppl do in a new patch?
From what I've heard, both items (Letter and Document) starts the quest to get VM3. The difference between them is that the Letter lets you craft VM3 from scratch, and the Document is a retool of Nightforge.

If you have Nightforge already crafted, you will need less items to craft VM3, although the difference isnt huge.
The Design of vm3 from scratch includes Shandra Quills and Marks of Bloodshed. Everything else isnt included anymore.
It's worth to roll an Intense weapon with the same options up and down?
I mean, 6% more damage, 6.9% behind and 9.3% enraged.

The only change would be 14 crit rate for 9.3% enraged.

It seems that Tier 15 will also have Intense/Keen/Quick, so this may be useful (although the best would be to have a NF weap and upgrade it to VM3 )
So, what would be the rolls for a Nightforge PvE disc?
I've seen a lot of people carrying 6% more damage, 6.9% damage behind, 0.3 Crit Dmg and 14 Crit Rate.

I'll stay with my Keen disc for now and see what Tier 15 has to offer, there is no use of getting an Intense (and enchant it to +12) when we are 2-3 weeks away from the new Tier.
So i'll just think about getting Nf with carving etchings. (I think i'll go Power etching for weapon, it has +7 power).

Thank all of you for your time (:
Thank you very much for your words. I'm starting to get an idea of how this works. (I mean, how the stats are applied on the overall damage).

A couple of days ago I dropped a Focused Crux and I noticed a lot more of damage on crits, so im using it instead of Forceful.

So, you're saying that in PvE, 0.3 Crit Dmg isn't too important because the crit modifier is already really high due to Crits Crystals. Even 0.6 Crit Dmg would be a waste of rolls.
I'll get an Intense weap (or wait for T15) and roll it like this:
- 6% more damage
- 6.9% Damage behind
- 14 Crit Rate

And then comes another question: Is Power above all other stats on Sorc?.
I try to priorize offensive stats like this: Power > Crit Rate > Crit Dmg. So, in things like etchings and innerwear, i'll get crit rate whenever i can't get Power.

I'll save that Keen for PvP, someday...