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If you're on TR or CH, do lots of ToT and SJG and put them on broker so I can get all the glyphs please! :D
The BAM boxes stopped dropping after the maintenance on Tuesday morning, and the BAM boxes from the login stopped at 5 p.m. PDT yesterday as well.
We are currently planning to have our max level increase (from 60 to 65) and new instance patch before the end of the year. For a bit more information, please see our post here.
I like my thralls because they do keep me company. Even Ghillieglade or Balder's Temple is for the team of two! (Still, Ghillieglade as a mystic. OTL)
Just wanted to stop by and let you guys know that we're looking into this. Thanks for letting us know! :)
Need to get new gear for all of my characters, starting with belts. ;_;

I also have a few 5-man Vault tickets saved, so we'll see!

Thanks for a cool contest! I'm moving this to Off-Topic as its focus isn't really TERA, and while I'm not actually submitting a story I wanted to share a short story of my own. :)

Back when I was playing my very first MMO, City of Heroes, you got your first semi-travel power at a low level (12? 6? I can't remember.) My friend and I both got hover which allowed us to fly but at a super slow speed and we went to the starting zone (Atlas Park) and hovered around pretending to be robots fighting in space (aka gundams), shouting silly things like "Prepare to be defeated!" and taking like 10 seconds to hover over 10 feet to each other. It was so much fun (perhaps due to the lack of sleep at the point), but it was one of the most fun I've had while playing games.
Random ideas: read class guides? Make new friends in server forums? Watch Twitch our videos or Twitch highlights? Answer questions from newbies on the forums? If you're on CH, you can come up with your new character's background story? :D
While we continue to monitor all server population, currently there is no plans for server changes.
I think we can end this thread now that there is no new or constructive discussion happening.

Everyone has different goals in game and they may react differently to something, but let's try to be respectful and keep all posts polite. It's extremely easy to misunderstand or miss a nuance via text, and I want to see a friendly community. :(