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Hey all,

Here is what I think:

There are multiple goals within the game - some people's goals may not involve getting quills/cubes/shells, like me. I'm more than happy to pass so that friends, guildies, or strangers can achieve their goal.

Just because you can roll on an item doesn't mean you shouldn't. Whether you personally agree that 'reserved' runs are for you or not, of course, is up to you. It's perfectly fine to disagree that it is an acceptable run for you to join.

However, it does our community no good to create an environment where people can't trust each other by not following through something you agreed on. What I want to see is a helpful community where people keep their words. After all, everyone needs to work together, it's a team effort!

(Please, no personal attacks on the forums. This is against the forum rules.)
En Masse is the North American publisher of TERA and therefore we can't/don't make statements on other publishers. Thank you for understanding.
ShadowVlican on 07/29/2014, 03:30 PM - view
i guess you take everything you read around you as truth

After the Wounded World patch, we have received 4-5 times more in ticket volume than we normally do. So it's taking a lot longer than we want to, but please be assured that we are doing our best. Thank you for your patience.
@Pantera, Can you try this suggestion listed on our FAQ page on this topic?
We just tried a fix, could you let us know if you are still experiencing the issue after restarting one more time?
Hello Saponh,

Some bugs are complicated, some are not. We try our very best to respond as quickly as possible, but I'm afraid our turnaround time is quite a bit longer than we want it to due to the volume of tickets we've recently received. If the bug you're experiencing is not fixable by us, we will also communicate that through your ticket.

Constructive feedback on Support Team are always welcome, especially because we are human and we make mistakes sometimes. But please note that the best way to give Support-related feedback is through tickets so that we can easily track the issue/tickets your feedback is based on. Also please remember to keep all of your posts constructive and free of inflammatory content. If you have comments on forum moderation, PM me please as it is against the forum rules to discuss it. Thanks.
All servers are open and I was able to log in as well. Can you try exiting completely and restarting the launcher please?
Currently we are definitely slower than we'd like to be in terms of response time due to the sheer volume of tickets we've recently received as stated on the Support page. We're doing our best to reply as quickly as possible so hang in there please! :)
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Also, remember to keep your comments constructive and free of inflammatory contents. Thanks.)
This was probably when we were performing the weekly maintenance. Please note that our regular maintenance is every Tuesday morning, approximately from 7 a.m. - 9 a.m. PDT.