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Thank you, we're looking into this with Bluehole Studio's help.
Could you tell us which battlegrounds you experienced this with? (Other than Kumasylum someone mentioned above?)
I was able to log into both servers (AV and TR) just now and see other players as well.

Could you try these suggestions on our FAQ please?
We're trying to address it with tomorrow's maintenance.

This type of behavior (glitching for fun when there are negative consequences) is discouraged to say the very least, FYI.
I believe this wasn't included in the first phase of Fate of Arun for KTERA either. While I don't know which build exactly, they'll arrive in the future builds.

• Instance Reset Scroll doesn't work for the new instances. >> This is planned to be fixed with next week's patch. (KTERA's scrolls work differently from ours, they have different scrolls for different instances, which is part of why it took us a while to get the necessary information for an update. Sorry for the delay.)

• Some Vanguard daily quests don't display the reputation points confirmation you receive for completing them. (The reputation points are still being granted though.) Each of the reported quests for this display bug is granting the correct reputation points: Charge through Cannonballs, Take the Candy and Run, A Pirate's Life for Me.
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Pacificus may be the most amazing baraka I have come across so far in TERA! *leaves a pot of flowers and a stack of books for Pacificus*

Stories like this make me so happy. Please say hi to him if you see him, I'll keep an eye out too. <3

(Primus!!! It's been a while! How have you been? :D)
This is a known issue that we're trying to figure out (in pinned thread). We'll update with more information when I find out more.