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We already have an active, pinned thread explaining the issue and updates for everyone.
Hello folks,

We're continuing to update everyone in the pinned thread here: http://tera-forums.enmasse.com/forums/general-discussion/topics/Login-and-Connectivity-Errors-8001-Update-?page=1

Our latest update was that the maintenance is currently underway. Please see the thread above for more information.
10 pm PDT update:

Hello everyone,

We are informed that the maintenance is currently underway. Please note that we expect some additional disconnection from the game servers and web during the maintenance.

As mentioned earlier, the maintenance duration is until tomorrow morning and we will likely continue to see some connectivity issues until then.
Solomon just updated the thread:

Update 3:55pm Pacific: Maintenance still does not have a specific time, but they expect it to begin within the next few hours.
Yep, we've been updating folks on our forums and socials. :(

Our latest thread is this pinned thread above.

For people who can't access our forums, our socials will be a good place to follow our communication.
You should have the collector's edition items. Have you checked the "account" item claim tab?

For more information on Item Claim, please see this FAQ page.
Please contact our Support Team so that our GM's can help with the issue, especially since you don't see an error!

I don't have the technical knowledge or access to the information to help, I'm afraid!
Hey all,

We're still working with the ISP's so that we can get everyone into the game as soon as possible, but it isn't something that can just be resolved on/from our side since it's a connectivity issue resulting from ISP side.
Are you getting an error? If so, this FAQ page may help.

Also, Araya said this in the other thread:

Araya on 04/22/2014, 09:30 AM
@ Robdesign, if you PM me the error you are getting trying to purchase EMP, I can look into it for you.

As counterpoint said, contacting our Support Team is the best way for personalized help for technical issues.
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Clarifying some major points before I close the thread:

En Masse Entertainment and Bluehole Studio are two separate companies. We are sister companies and we have a great relationship. But we are still separate companies. En Masse Entertainment does not own TERA.

Bluehole Studio is a game developer - they actually work on the programming/design/art/etc. aspects of the game. En Masse Entertainment is a game publisher - this involves localization, providing the service (servers and support), forwarding our territory's feedback, community work, PR stuff, stores, marketing, etc. (Note that I didn't say En Masse has game programmers or character artists or anything like that - because we don't. That's a game developer thing.)

TERA is a global game with many different versions available in the world and the North American version of TERA was published by En Masse, while other versions are published by different publishers. Bluehole Studio, as TERA's developer, works on all of the territory's versions and the different game versions are sent to the separate publishers.

As a game publisher, we also search for additional games to publish, while providing the best service we can for the game we've published (TERA, in this case). The games we publish may or may not be developed by Bluehole Studio. For example, our next game, ZMR, is developed by Yingpei, not Bluehole Studio.

Hope this gives everyone a bit more information.