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The Bloodrave weapons for ranged classes will also be included from Fane of Kaprima drops starting on Tuesday after the maintenance. Thank you for letting us know and sorry it took some time for us to doublecheck.
Good evening!

I think what dank suspects may be correct. Hopefully this thread helps. :)
Wow, this is so awesome! Thank you for sharing! :)

(Removing email address from the first post though. Please don't share personal information on the forums.

Let me know if you want to edit the first post and create a new thread. I'll lock this one. :) )
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What Solarenemy said is correct, the free character slot was provided for a limited time with the introduction of the new class - reaper.
This is a broker search bug caused by us changing the Forte weapon names this week. We'll fix it next week. (For now, their original names (without the word "forte") can be used to search at the broker.)

Thank you for letting us know. :)
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So Keen and Quick should be changed? Anything else?
Hello folks,

Currently there are no plans for Europe.

En Masse is licensed to publish TERA in North America, and I'm afraid we are not able to comment on another region/territory's version of TERA.

Since this is the official TERA forums by En Masse, let's try to focus on TERA and our community, yes? :)
Good morning,

The Mad Hatter/Cheshire Cat outfits and the weapon skins/accessories will be available for us sometime in the future after Halloween.

The female dresses will not be available for us due to the severity of their bug. We have no plans to make them available until they are fixed, but currently there is no ETA on it.
We have a FAQ on the server transfer requirements here, it should give you the information you seek. :)
The maintenance has been completed.