Minea's Post History

1. Avoid being overly dramatic and non-constructive content.
2. Avoid generalizing the entire community or groups of people. The same goes for insulting others.
3. If someone is being harassed, make sure to reach our to the staff members by reporting so that we can take the appropriate moderation action. (Just being downvoted is not a harassment.)
4. If you have questions on moderation, PM the staff directly.
5. "Inb4lock" stuff is against the forum rules.
6. Creating/using an alternate forum account is against the forum rules.
If you see suspicious behavior in game, please report the player with as much information as possible (screenshots, videos, character/server name, match time, etc.). Thank you.
We don't have an ETA for the brawler class yet, but we will be sure to share more information as they become available.
This is a known bug that we're going to fix in mid-September (hopefully next week or so). Sorry about that.
Denommenator wanted to give it a go since he'll be more active on the forums! :D

I really like his style of writing. :)
We're testing a fix. Please see Denommenator's answer here.

(There is no need to create a new thread when there is already an active discussion on the same topic.)
We're testing a fix. Please see Denommenator's answer here. :(
Denommenator on 09/11/2015, 01:50 PM
Unfortunately, a bug is preventing us from adding the new items to the dressing room. It should hopefully be fixed soon (sometime next week).

This was a bug that we fixed 1-2 days ago. Sorry about that. xD

(No current plans for a new forums, I'm afraid.)
We're looking into it.

(I'd love to see everyone avoiding minimal or no content posts like requested in the forum rules... :( )