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Seralina on 09/27/2014, 05:41 PM - view
I actually did see you around, Minea. I went crazy and literally ran in circles. Yeah, fangirl moment right there. Anyway, since I didn't say hi to you there, I wanted to say hi to you here, so...

Hi, Minea.

I'll be sure to say hi if I see you next time then. :)
Once you're logged into the forums you are connected to all of your En Masse account-related information, which a bit different from some of the other online forums. We'd like to continue avoid using the 'logged in until sign out' feature for this reason. :)

I usually have to log in once or twice a day throughout the whole day though. Also, how about using a secure password protection system like Keypass or LastPass? :)
I'm afraid we currently have no plans to add Bitcoin as a payment method. ^_^;;
(Let's keep the discussion on topic, please. This is the Official TERA Forums after all. Thank you. :) )
Wanted to say thank you for everyone's help on Friday. I personally learned quite a bit about the PvP priest. Still lots to learn, but very helpful nonetheless! :)
I think it's important for all of us to remember that people are people and any group of people will include the good and the bad, and it's best not to generalize any group. Not speaking a common language can be a barrier in understanding each other, but some of my dearest friends I've ever had were not native English speakers, and if they were, it didn't prevent us from being good friends with me, whose first language wasn't English.

If you see offensive or inappropriate language use in game, please report the player so that we can review and take the appropriate measure. And let's avoid the callouts on the forums. Thank you.
Ketoth on 09/26/2014, 06:12 PM - view
Can we have: "tonka cut the beard live on stream" at $30,000 please?
Is all for the kids

You monster! <3
Cincierta on 09/26/2014, 05:44 PM - view
Something harvest/Thanksgiving related?

...I suddenly had this vision of a Baraka walking around in a turkey costume saying 'gobble gobble'.

Wish this could happen!!!!!

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FaerieStorm on 09/26/2014, 09:24 AM - view
People running away from me and saying something like "WTB HEALZ"

that pretty much sums it up.

*beats them with a frozen tuna*