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Good evening,

I'm pulling our official response from 1/23 here.

TERA on Steam

Q: Is there an update on when TERA's coming to Steam?

We are still working to bring TERA on Steam. We initially wanted to time our Steam with our December Fate of Arun patch, but we needed to get the new subscription framework in place to give us more flexibility before we could launch Steam (This framework change happened in early December.) Once we had that piece, we prioritized our game content update which in turn pushed the Steam launch back a bit.
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We'll look into Corsair's Stronghold healer issue again. Thanks.
Good afternoon!

Here are the topics we have been discussing this week:

Tier 6 Feedstock Supply

Q: The supply of tier 6 feedstock is very poor compared to the supply of other end-game-related consumables. Are there any plans to increase the supply?

We are aware of this concern but it’s only been a few days since the patch launched. While there are no plans to increase the supply at the moment we are keeping an eye on the feedback you are providing us.

Safezones in Guild vs. Guild

Q: Areas that were safe during a GvG have changed. Is this intended?

The intent is to create a fiercer battle between guilds during a GvG. The remaining safe zones during a guild vs. guild are dungeons, quest instances and Skycastles.

Losing Fame in a GvG Draw

Q: If a GvG ends in a draw, both guilds lose all wagered fame. This can be a bit unfair for the guilds that work hard to compete.

Initially when the new GvG system was introduced in Korea, there was a concern for alt guilds griefing other guilds. But this is rare in KTERA. We want to see how this works for our community and welcome feedback on the GvG draw conditions.

Change in Item Name: from Scroll of Savagery to Scroll of Cruelty

Q: This change was not noted in the patch notes. Was this intended?

Yes. Cruelty is used to define items related to crit power and it was named incorrectly before. This also means in the future, the savage cruxes will get renamed too. While these changes may be a bit confusing at first, it lets us be more consistent with our localization efforts.

Fashion Coupon Templates

Q: There were some fashion coupon templates that were not included in this week’s patch. When will we see them?

Visionmaker, Agnitor, Conjunct, and Noctenium templates will arrive with Dreadspire in March. If you are referring to others, please let us know. (Specific names/screenshots would be very helpful.)

Using Alt Characters/accounts for Crusades

Q: What are En Masse’s thoughts on alt characters/accounts being used in Crusades?

Currently our stance is that if the alt characters/accounts are being used to legitimately in Crusades, then more power to you. However, if you are using the alt accounts to feed fame to the main guild, then the fame will be removed. Maybe not immediately, maybe not even in a day, but we will get to you. :) If you suspect a guild is doing this, please report them to Support.

Winter Scarves

Q: Only two of the scarves we’ve seen were released this week. What happened to the other ones?

As Tonka mentioned earlier this week in this post, there will be non-cash/emp related methods of obtaining those scarves. :)


Known Issues

We're tracking them in this pinned thread.

Previous weeks:

- 1/23/15 Stuff of the Week
- 1/30/15 Stuff of the Week
- 2/6/15 Stuff of the Week
- 2/13/15 Stuff of the Week
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Good morning,

I'm sorry to hear that you are experiencing increased ping, it's always frustrating when all you want is to enjoy playing the game. :(

The best course of action that I recommend is to contact our Support Team with these information. This allows us to investigate and track down where the issue is occurring and then the appropriate action can be taken to help improve or resolve the issue. Thank you.
(While we command you for trying to receive feedback from the community you are a part of, let's move this to Off-Topic as this does not focus on TERA or its community. Thank you and good luck with the search.)
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2. It is bad form to derail a guild recruitment thread. If you have issues, please take it off the forums and guild recruitment threads.
3. No personal attacks or inflammatory comments on the forums please.

Let's carry on, shall we? No warnings will be given after this point. )
(Moving this to Off-Topic)

- The Gold Hunter boost from the elite bar provides 6 of 1-hour boosts, not 12.

We plan to fix this on Tuesday and later we'll send some gold boosts as well.
The updated list consists of:

- Bathysmal Rise's teleportal does not list which selection is the normal mode or hard mode.
- Some keybinds/shortcuts don’t seem to be working: Z (for alliance) and J (for crafting). >>> For now, please access these features through the menu.
- No information is shown when a broker negotiation is initiated until clicking on "Negotiate".
- The Idoneal weapon box is not being granted by meeting the previous requirement (completing a specific Vanguard achievement).
- Some descriptions of the chat color options are switched between normal and minion monsters.
- Reports of warrior/lancer/berserker blocks not blocking as much, etc. are being looked into.

- Scroll of Savagery is incorrectly named as Scroll of Cruelty. >> More information on this later.
- Corsair’s Stronghold teams seem to have different number of healers. >> We've received conflicting reports from the initial report that no more than two healers were assigned to one team.
- Fashion Coupons are not included as the IMS rewards. >> We've received reports that they are indeed included in IMS rewards.
- Archer issues with Final Salvo, Rapid Fire, Arrow Volley and the triple crit glyph on Radiant Arrow. >>> We could not reproduce these after testing, we could see the effects occur.