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Welcome back! Hope you are having fun in TERA. Feel free to leave your server/character name to find more people to team with you! :)

The TERA Guild Finder is live!

Now you can search online for a guild that fits your play style and suits your schedule.

Have a guild already? Guild Masters can also use the Guild Finder to look for new members!

Need to get up to speed in a hurry on how the Guild Finder works? Check out the forum thread!
I'm pulling this from our previous post here:

Q: How much each category weighs in the Crusade system is not known. Could we have more information?

This is something that we'd like our players experience first hand, so the information won't become available. It is also in line with Bluehole Studio's thoughts.
Greetings and happy Friday!

Here are the list of discussion topics:

Crusade Guild Mount Rewards

Q: Some of the 2nd and 3rd placed guilds in the Crusade system did not receive the reward mounts. Is there more information on this?

Initially we communicated that the top 3 guilds in each league will receive the mount rewards. This is incorrect. We honored the top 3 guilds for this season (all qualifying guilds should have received their reward mount this morning), but going forward, only the top 1 guild in each league will receive the mount rewards.

Please see our Guild Finder thread for details.

Murderous Intent

Q: What's going to happen to Murderous Intent?

As mentioned in the previous thread, Murderous Intent is no longer granted in game as intended and we will be removing it in the near future.

Guild Finder

Q: What is the Guild Finder? How do you use it?

We wanted to provide our players to find a great community that they want to be a part of, and the Guild Finder is a webpage that will allow the players to search for recruiting guilds and the guild leaders can register their guilds to recruit new members. We hope that finding a guild and recruiting people will become easier and more productive! :)

For more information and details, please check out this forum thread!

Community Activities and Events

Q: Can you share more information on what events are coming in the upcoming months?

We've just launched the Guild Finder and we've been planning the community activities for the next coming months. We're looking forward to Easter, TERA's anniversary and of course, the Skyring Slam! We also haven't forgotten our new community portal that will replace our current forums - we did run into an unexpected circumstances but we are moving along. :)

Chat Bugs

Q: There are several chat bugs. When will they get fixed?

We've been investigating these bugs on our end and our QA team was able to reproduce the issues by multiple means. We are reporting all findings to Bluehole Studio for resolution.

TERA on Steam

Q: Is there a status update on Steam?

We continue to work on Steam and our goal is to bring TERA to Steam in Spring. :)


Previous weeks:

We fixed some incorrect item tradeability this morning. As for the chat bugs, we've requested a fix.
All of the guilds should have their mounts by now. :)
We're encouraging the caiman egg thieves to appear around Easter for some eggscellent hunting fun. :)

Also want to clarify, we share our plans but as always, they are plans and are subject to change. (We'll share the next months' plan sometime next week.)
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This maintenance was scheduled last night and we weren't able to message it out as well in advance or in as many ways as we would have liked to. Sorry about that.

*brings breakfast for everyone to share*

3/27/15 12:40 p.m. PDT

All qualifying guilds should have their reward mounts (the type depending on the league) by now.


Hello everyone,

We have some information to share regarding the guild mounts rewarded to the top winners of each Crusade league, and on Murderous Intent.


Guild Mount Reward for Top Guilds in Crusade Leagues

Initially we communicated that top 3 guilds in each league in the Crusade system will receive a guild mount (temporary for guild members and permanent for the guild leader). However, this was misinformation.

The correct information is that the first place guilds in each Crusade league will receive the mounts:

For the top guild in the Cutthroat league, the guild leader will receive the Glorious Black Lion mount (permanent) and the Brave Black Lion mount (temporary). The guild members (except the guild leader) will receive the Glorious Black Lion mount (permanent) and the Loyal Black Lion mount (temporary).

For the top guild in the Challenger league, the guild leader will receive a Glorious Black Steed mount (permanent) and the Brave Black Steed mount (temporary). The guild members (except the guild leader) will receive the Glorious Black Steed mount (permanent) and the Loyal Black Steed mount (temporary).

This was our misinformation and we apologize. Because of this miscommunication, the 2nd and 3rd ranked guilds will be receiving the Glorious Black Lion or Steed (permanent) mounts based on last season's result, the type of the mount depending on the league. This will be carried out sometime next week, we will let you know when this process is complete and there is no action needed on your part.

Going forward, only the top 1 guild from each league will be receiving the Crusade mounts as intended.


Murderous Intent

Murderous Intent is no longer granted in game as intended. With the season being over and MI being no longer granted, Murderous Intent will be removed in the near future.
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