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I'll have to watch it later to see how I can improve. Thanks! :)

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Ooo Puyallup is where the fair is at! Fisher scones are the best! *drool*

@Rozettt, If you didn't receive an email yesterday titled "En Masse Verification Request", you are okay. :)
Hey all,

I'm trying to track if we are still seeing this issue after this week's patch. If you are experiencing the Agnitor credit glitch, could you let us know?
@Fatwa, Most likely, but I can't make a guarantee for everyone yet. We have a lot of folks registered who didn't include the requested information and knowing who they are (TERA players? What server? etc.) is a tremendous help in planning the event, since there will be space and staff members for both of En Masse's games.

But also importantly, we are trying to make sure that everyone who's registered knows that we are focusing the event on TERA and ZMR and that this is a community meeting for players. That way, all of the attendees will have the right expectations and we won't be disappointing anyone on that day if they were interested in networking, industry information, PR/press materials, etc. :)

@Miku01, It looks like you signed up after all spots were registered. :( Hopefully it will work out in the end though!
Due to high demand and interest, we are currently verifying the registered information for some folks who didn't provide all of the requested information and they've been added to the waitlist for the time being.

Even if you have registered, please check your email to see if you've received an email from us requesting more information. If you have, then please reply ASAP. The requested information is greatly appreciated as we continue to make plans for the event. Thanks! :)
Yes. :)
Please contact our Support Team so that they can help resolve the issue. This isn't an issue that the forum staff can help with, I'm afraid. :(
There are folks who earned the forum ranks and those who didn't. In the long run, consistent and helpful posts should help more than anything - most of our bluest ranked posters are long time forum veterans who have been consistently active. Of course the system isn't perfect but we are considering other options.

Also to clarify, your rank does not have an impact on how we interact with you. The content of the post and the post history are what we base our moderation action on.
Happy to hear the issue you were experiencing is resolved. However, please note that the forum staff are not involved in in-game moderation, and discussing moderation on the forums is against the rules. If you have questions, please contact our Support Team. Thanks.
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