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Hello, everyone!

Yesterday we announced that TERA’s first official expansion, Fate of Arun, will be launching on December 16! We’ve been working hard to bring Fate of Arun and want to share our preparation plans with you below – It’s filled with in-game events and we will also share more information on Black Friday sale and the Fate of Arun packs.

TERA on Steam

Along with the arrival of Fate of Arun, TERA will become available on Steam on December 16. Using Steam for TERA is purely optional and you can continue playing TERA as you always have without any changes/action. For more Steam-related information, please check our Steam FAQ here.


Fate of Arun Preparation Events

With the launch date for Fate of Arun announced as December 16, we know everyone has Fate of Arun preparation in their mind. So we have planned the following events to help both new and veteran characters to get ready for the expansion – including double XP days, Ultra Hyper Fire Turbo Time and Velik’s Blessing weekend! We’ll be sure to announce more details (such as exact hours) as we get closer to the date.

Velik's Blessing buff weekend: November 27 - December 1 morning

: Velik’s Blessing will increase every character’s maximum stamina to 135, double the daily quest limit for elite and standard accounts, and give you 25% extra hunting XP.

Double XP period: December 4 - December 15

: You will get double experience for all of your kills! Get all of your characters ready for the level increase to 65 with the double XP days!

Ultra Hyper Fire Turbo Time – select hours on December 13 and 14

: One of our favorite events of all time, Ultra Hyper Fire Turbo Time will return to TERA on the last weekend before Fate of Arun! Become the supreme ruler of the universe during this time with 80% skill cooldown reduction and extreme MP regeneration!

Also on December 16 and just in time for Fate of Arun, we will be opening the Wintera Snowfield! Winter Snowfield is a 10v10 snow battlefield where your character engages in a snow fight! You will earn tokens that you will be able to trade with a variety of items.

Fate of Arun and Black Friday Item / Store Plans

Starting yesterday, all players who log into TERA before December 16 receive the Northern Initiative Pack for free. Our Black Friday sale will be from 9 p.m. PST on November 27 to 9 p.m. PST on December 1. Fate of Arun packs, specially created to help prepare the characters for the expansion, will become available starting on November 27, with a bonus weapon skin during the Black Friday hours.

Northern Initiative Pack – Free to all players who log into TERA before December 16

• Armored White Tiger (1 HP restoring permanent character mount, speed 280, untradeable)
• 40 Greater Charms (10 Enduring/Infused/Power/Keen each to give combat buffs)
• 30 Panaceas (15 Arunic and 15 Combat Panacea potions to restore stamina)
• 60 rare campfires (30 Hasty and 30 Charming campfires)

Fate of Arun Packs - Available starting on November 27

The following packs are designed to jumpstart your Fate of Arun preparation. With wintery mounts and various boosts for your characters, you will be ready to face the archdevas! As a Black Friday promotion bonus, any Fate of Arun pack purchased between the Black Friday sale period (9 p.m. PST on 11/27 – 9 p.m. PST on 12/1) will include one free Black Heart weapon skin (character, tradeable).

Fate of Arun pack I - 2995 EMP

: This pack is filled with items that a new character or a player would find it very useful, such as the additional character slot, 280-speed mount, bank expansion and 7-day boosts.

• Sleipnir (1 permanent character mount, speed 280)
• Additional character slot (1)
• Bank expansion (1)
• 7-day 100% XP boost (1)
• 7-day Reputation boost (1)
• Limited time bonus: Black Heart weapon skin (1, character, tradeable, pack must be purchased between 9 p.m. PST on 11/27 – 9 p.m. PST on 12/1)

Fate of Arun pack II - 5995 EMP

This pack will have a Sleipnir Edition and a EX-TRM Edition.

• Sleipnir OR EX-TRM (1 permanent account mount, speed 280)
• Level 58 scroll* (1, tradeable)
• Spellbind Box (x2)
• Twice Cured Loot box
• Strongbox Keys (x20)
• Limited time bonus: Black Heart weapon skin (1, character, tradeable, pack must be purchased between 9 p.m. PST on 11/27 – 9 p.m. PST on 12/1)

Fate of Arun pack III - 14995 EMP

: The ultimate pack. It features multiple account-wide items that all of the present and future characters of the account can enjoy – account-wide Sleipnir, Snowdrift, EX-TRM and dyeable Steampunk costume. Along with the items from previous packs, it will also contain the Pocket Popo Party Pack, with Totes and Cheeks inside (character pets).

• Sleipnir (1 permanent account mount, speed 280, not tradeable)
• Snowdrift (1 permanent account mount, speed 280, not tradeable)
• EX-TRM (1 permanent account mount, speed 280, not tradeable)
• Dyeable Steampunk costume (1 permanent account costume, not tradeable)
• Pocket Popo Party Pack (1 Toes and 1 Cheeks, character)
• Spellbind Box (x2)
• Twice Cured Loot box
• Strongbox Keys (x20)
• Level 58 scroll* (1, tradeable)
• Limited time bonus: Black Heart weapon skin (1, character, tradeable, pack must be purchased between 9 p.m. PST on 11/27 – 9 p.m. PST on 12/1)

*The level 58 scroll will boost a single character’s level to 58. For example, if a level 50 character were to use the scroll, it would be instantly be taken from 50 to 58. However, because this was designed for a veteran player, the character leveled up will only have the skills learned and will not be provided with any equipment or gold.

Black Friday Sale Items – From 9 p.m. PST on November 27 to 9 p.m. PST on December 1

What were you hoping to see on our Black Friday sale? Weapon skins? Costumes? Mounts? We’ll include all types of items for your characters to look their best when you venture into the dangerous world of Northern Arun in the new expansion! The sale items will see significant discounts and we will have some face accessories, consumables and loot boxes containing rare costumes on sale as well.


We have less than a month left before December 16, and it will be here before we know it! With the back-to-back in-game events, free Northern Initiative pack, Fate of Arun packs, Steam launch and Black Friday coming up, we want everyone to enjoy the exciting times leading up to our official expansion launch. We will continue to do our best to provide the best TERA experience for our community. Thank you.
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As Counterpoint said, please contact our Support Team.

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TERA: Fate of Arun arrives Tuesday, December 16. Even if you're not ready to explore TERA's "lost continent", be sure to log in between now and launch to receive the Northern Initiative Pack, absolutely free to any and all players!

Want some more info on the free stuff, the new zones, the new level cap, or pretty much anything else related to Fate of Arun? Come get all the details at the Fate of Arun web page.
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