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I don't have a update on the max level instance dungeon rewards, but we haven't forgotten. Will update when we more information becomes available.
Hello everyone,

Here are this week's topics:

TERA Loading Issues or Seeing Consistent Game Freeze

This is an ongoing issue that we are working to improve with our developer. This is an issue that is impacting TERA in all regions and is of the highest priority. For the latest update, please see our pinned thread here.

Storm Season

Dreamstorm Availability

We are monitoring server performance during Dreamstorm and will make adjustments to the current schedule according to our data and player demand.

Dreamstorm for Healing Classes

We have proposed some improvements to the system based on player feedback and we will be sure up update everyone with the update.

Missing BuddyUp Program Rewards for Level 65

The Moonlight Party Dress that you receive by choosing this option once reaching level 65 with the BuddyUp Program is currently bugged and does not give the item. This but will be fixed following maintenance on September 1. Those players that have received the boxes thus far will receive a replacement, to be directly delivered to Item Claim. There is no action required on your part.


Q: Will we get Rootstock/Pondfaire/Bamarama back now that the summer festivals are over?

We're hoping to bring this event back for the Fall season. Stay tuned for more details on this.

Summer Festival and Agnitor Reputation NPC's

We're looking into re-instating these NPC's so that our players can use the tokens/credits they've acquired/saved. We hope to hear back some details soon.

Text Size Change for the Greetings

This is a confirmed bug that will be fixed in an upcoming patch.


Previous weeks:

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Thomastic on 08/28/2015, 12:11 PM - view
I'm quite sad you notified us this late; I never had a chance to prepare flight whatsoever from Sweden in two days. Bummer.

Hey, sorry that this was announced so late. Because this is a very casual happy hour event at a bar, we think it'd be most suited for folks who are already in town for PAX Prime or who live in the area. Hopefully we'll get to have you in town next year. :)
CupOf on 08/28/2015, 11:22 AM - view
Just to make sure, I don't need to have a ticket already or pay an entrance fee? I just want to be prepared. I wouldn't want to make the trip for the traffic and scenery.

No badge, ticket, or entrance fee required. :)

You do need to be at least 21 years old or older with valid identification (driver's license, etc.) though.

We will provide a free drink ticket that you can exchange with a drink of your choice, up to $10 value (you can pay for the cost difference if you'd prefer a fancier drink) and some snacks/food will be provided as well (but not individually ordered).
This is really well written, thank you for sharing. I've seen a lot of great feedback on this topic and I personally liked Squishy's (it was in another thread with a lot of pages) and your comparison points quite a bit. We've been aggregating and forwarding our community feedback, and would like to improve the Dreamstorm experience as well.

It also brought back a lot of memories for me, thank you. :) (My palms get sweaty just remembering the times I summoned my group a bit too late.... I felt so bad. And having a raid leader who gave clear POI instructions was so wonderful. *swoon* And a shoutout to all who did the 2 a.m. Nexus on weekends on CH.)
Less than 6 hours away from now! :D

We are still working for improvements on this, we have experienced it within our office too. It also seems to happen on some days and less so on other days on the same computer.. We've been forwarding all of the information we can get and are working with Bluehole. I know it sucks and we absolutely agree, we'll continue using this thread to update everyone.
(Folks, either contribute with a constructive post in a guild recruitment thread or move on to the next topic please. Also a reminder that bumping a thread is against the forum rules. Thanks.)
@Gunning, Congratulations!! We'll drink to that on Friday, even if you can't make it.

@Zok, Free drink/food at a relaxing bar > cake is all I can say! ;_;
Will be fixed on Tuesday.