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I don't know yet, but I may be able to find out later today. If so I'll reply back. :)
The servers are up! (I see you on them!) :D
As much as we'd like to keep Blast from the Past too, this is not something that we can prevent/stop, I'm afraid. :(

(Please, let's use the active threads and keep away from petitions/petition-like threads. Thank you.)
Oh I can't believe I forgot breakfast. I'm just drinking my first sip of coffee, that must be it!

Also I took the personality quiz: http://www.16personalities.com/free-personality-test

Good morning!

Here is a picture of an upcoming concert I took yesterday morning on my way to work. I thought you guys might like it. :)

How is everyone so far? We only have one week left until the gunner launch, so we are quite busy around here! I'm still torn on what I'd be doing, I want to work on my mystic + play gunner + want to play with a friend from 60 to 65... So I will need to decide very soon. But who knows, maybe I won't have much time to play at all for a little bit after launch. :)

If you have qualified for the 2 weeks of free Elite Status promotion after last week's Friday (April 24), we will be delivering them on Wednesday, April 29. This was delayed today.

For more details on the promotion, please check out the news post here, you have until 11:59 p.m. PDT on April 30 to complete the tasks!
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This has been changed with the correct time of 11 a.m. PDT on April 28. Thanks for catching this. (You may need to clear your browser cache to view the correct hours.)

Let’s get ready to rumble! En Masse Entertainment presents Skyring Slam 2015, TERA’s second annual PvP team tournament, starting this Saturday, April 25 and wrapping up Sunday, April 26.

Starting at 10 a.m. PDT both days, watch with us on Twitch as 32 teams bring their A games in hopes of taking home the first-place prize of 3,000 EMP for each member of their team. En Masse’s own Tonka will be providing the play-by-play—and the color commentary—for all of the action, so be sure you don’t miss out on even a minute of this weekend’s excitement!
Happy Friday and Skyring Slam hype! :D

Here are this week's topics:

Smart Dyad Niveot Structure

Q: On Thursday, we had multiple server crashes due to the Smart Dyad Niveot Structures. What happened?

Using the new Smart Dyad Niveot Structure to combine three Niveots to create a non-existing Niveot caused server crashes on April 23.

With the 2:30 p.m. PDT maintenance on Friday, April 24, we fixed the Smart Dyad Niveot Structure. After the maintenance, using the Smart Dyad Niveot will work as intended. However, using any of the 11 Niveots that does not have a corresponding Dyad will result in a random Dyad.

These 11 Niveots are: Fine Noblesse, Fine Anarchic, Fine Dauntless, Fine Stalwart, Fine Soothing, Fine Squelching, Fine Domineering, FIne Mutinous, Fine Acrimonious, Fine Backbiting, and Fine Hunter's.

May 5 Patch

Q: Outside of the new class, what other update are included in the May 5 patch?

Some of the changes include: archer class changes, UI update, Island of Dawn quest tweaks, Ascent of Saravash will be added for level 32-34, party bonus XP increase, Blast from the Past will be removed, repeatable quests in Bastion of Lok, Labyrinth of Terror and Ebon Tower will be restored, instance matching buffs will be removed, the option to party match without a tank will be enabled for leveling instance dungeons, aggro gain for lancer and warrior skills will be increased, Vanguard Request Window will be available starting at level 13.

Drops in the Endgame Instances

Q: We haven't heard much about the end game instance dungeon's drops lately. Are there still tweaks being made?

This Tuesday's patch decreased the amount of scales from Nightmare Fulminar and the amount of dyads from Nightmare Fulminar and Nightmare Darkan. We'll continue working on it, but in the meantime we have been focusing our efforts to make sure we are making the preparations for the May 5 patch with the new class, TERA's launch on Steam, and other community events (tournament/anniversary events, etc.)

Gunner Class

Q: The new class name doesn't seem to quite fit the class. Is there a chance that this will be changed?

We have selected the class name to be clear and descriptive of the powers/skills she uses. At this time, we have no plans to change the class name as it is too late to coordinate all of our efforts to launch the class. In the future, we would be open to getting community feedback earlier should there be a new class.

Character Number Limit Increase and Slot for Gunner

Q: What will be the number of character limit per server with the introduction of gunner? Will a free character slot be available with the new class?

With the introduction of gunner, the character limit per server on patch day will become 13. (There was misinformation on our part last week, so we want to make sure to clarify that it will be 13.) There will be a free character slot, but the details on when/how have not been finalized yet. Please stay tuned.


Previous weeks:

Our anniversary is May but we'll have more information soon! Right now we are extremely busy with this weekend's tournament and making sure the preparations for the gunner go well. *hugs the barrels of coffee in the office*

We did have a few precelebrations start already though, including the free EMP gift to paid Elite Status subscribers and the free 2 weeks of Elite Status. :)