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The same reason why I would like Measured Slice to show up when its on cooldown; so i can see exactly how time I have left to perform other skills during it's cooldown. I'm sure there's others out that that understand what I'm trying to say.. I'm very elaborate when it comes to cooldowns and being precise on my skills. But from the looks of it no one knows how to change it back to pre-patch.

Now I will be stuck looking down at my over crowded hotbars constantly... every second of every minute. cry*
but do they pop up when they are on a cooldown? and if so how do i fix mine then...
Before patch Overhand strike use to pop up everytime I used hearthrust or knockdown strike or any other skill.. EVEN WHEN IT WAS ON COOLDOWN. After patch it doesnt show overhand strike at all... only when the cooldown on it was off...having that little icon pop up and showing the faded timer helped A LOT because you could see exactly how much time was left befor you could use it again. Doing knockdown strike and having Measure slice icon come up showing faded timer is important as hell.... now It doesn't show [filtered]...This is a sad day for me...
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Before patch whenever you used skills the icon would pop up showing what you could chain regardless of being on cooldown, and regardless of putting skills in the chain window. Now after the patch it won't show anything UNLESS it is in the chain skills window! It would be all fine, however, the chain skill window for Slayer doesn't show all my skills. It doesn't even show Hearthrust or Knockdown Stirke, or any of Slayers key skills! only just a few..

I hate having to look down at my hotbar all the damn time... so how can I get fix this back to the old way!
You should take a break for a while it will do you good. You will realise how TERAs combat compared to other games has spoiled you and given you much higher standards with todays MMOs when it comes to combat. It is just that unique. You can always come back and pretty much get right back on track where you left off. The great thing about TERA is that it is a great casual MMO. When new patchs come out you can pretty much pick up easily on how to progress without much trouble. That is, if you've been through a couple major patches. So, yeh take a break man
Huge fail by En Masse, I believe someone from their team who was in charge of putting this patch out thought that we are still in Wonderholme Patch... or just didn't think at all, or even care to research where our current content stands... and so they put in this random crap without thought... so anyone care for Herpes Treasure Boxes?
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a brilliant idea for an event... but not so brilliant reward for players time and effort....
turn preset to 0 and low pc view distance and slide real time optimization to 3
I've had mystic buffs and high crit rate on my warrior and still not even crit scythe an entire boss fight...
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i can't believe you need all this math to figure out power build is best with mystic and crit build is best with priest... isn't that.... so obvious. (=_=''