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more big crabs with spikes flying out of walls please
wow... i would definitely buy this, and i dont usualy buy anything.... ninja + sexy = $$$$
how does one get such a thing
I agree this game has above average casual playability.. and if ur out for a few months those who are at the top aren't like a billions light yrs ahead of you.. you can always catch up if you wanted to. Also this games enchantment system is hands down the BEST i have ever seen in any MMO thus far
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there are already a lot of elins, but now... there will be even more elins.. elins everywhere.. more than ever before.
JasonTERA2 on 01/19/2014, 07:59 AM - view
That's why they keep more than 70% of mana for the entire dps time. KTERA ppl call these archers "Noodle archer", which means they are eating noddle while dps'ing.

simply brilliant
How come mystics cannot Titanic Wrath themselves no more? Is this a bug? If this was intentional then I am very angry that mystics got yet another nerf
Don't be surprised I have friends who wont give tera a try at all... it is thanks to games like LoL; which have lowered the attention spans of millions of people and making it impossible for them to play MMO's. They cannot commit to ANYTHING now... led alone get to the max level of anything over 30..... the majority of people are like this and it makes me sad... gotta love steam games... (not)