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Solarenemy on 05/04/2016, 04:00 PM - view
Here is a suggestion. Stop paying attention to what others are wearing. You are breaking your own immersion by focusing on them and not your own gamer play.

If you are paying attention to and playing the game then should barely even catch a glimpse of other players. Maybe you need an option to turn off your wandering attention so you can focus on your game play rather than what other are wearing or riding/driving. Just ignore them and play the game.

If you know the lore then the game is based on the dreams of two sleeping giants so virtually anything is possible to exist in this game and does not have to fit in to a certain time or realm.

I guess I should just ignore my neighbor's barking dog when I try to go to sleep, too!

And what do you think we already do? It's not like i walk up to every person in a school uniform or police car, and rage about it, lecturing them on the merits of immersion.

I guess I should also work on ignoring dumb posts. Guess you got me there!
counterpoint on 05/04/2016, 02:05 PM - view
Yeah, as was said in last week's thread on the same subject, they can't really do this. Each person chooses what their own character wears and which mounts they ride. Given that you're playing a game with other people, you (essentially) see them the way they choose to present their characters in game. Of course BHS is responsible for defining the options, but the choice is still with each person. One person's subjective sense of immersion isn't more important than the freedom for each person to define/customize their own character. There are other related problems and complications, but this is really the main issue, I think.

Frankly, a line should be drawn. I shouldn't have to be forced to have police cars and sirens rammed down my throat, either.

But honestly, this is a pointless discussion, since little can be done about it. For one, the stuff is already here....there's no removing it, nor any turning it off. Also, most the players that are disgusted with it, have long since left, so those that like it this way, currently make up the majority.

But I do think that more non-immersion breaking things should be added to the game, to at least fix things somewhat. Currently the costume choices are just plain bad, for someone that doesn't want to wear majorly OOG or gag/comedy items.
Ginjitsu on 05/04/2016, 01:59 PM - view
Why should BHS/EME add this feature when you and your friends won't be spending any money on cosmetics and mounts since it breaks immersion?

Says who?

Are you saying that people who care about immersion are unwilling to buy cosmetics and mounts?

Most of us will gladly buy costumes, mounts, and cosmetics, that fit into the genre of the game.

Also, people that spend money on costumes, need people to see them. Break immersion, and you have less players sticking around to see them.

There are plenty of things that can be done, that appeal to money spenders, yet do not break immersion.
A simple rogue/assassin type class would be nice. Dagger wielding, of course.

Problem is that they'd get all these AoE dagger moves, instant survive all battles invis, and a self heal.

Prepare to wear out your spacebar even more.
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Blerg on 05/04/2016, 12:48 PM - view
Sounds nice in theory, but without more content more often, increased drop rates would just mean even emptier servers even faster each patch. Once in awhile is fine, but every week or every month is probably too often.

People say this, yet from my experience with other games, it's not actually true.

You lose more players due to a difficult grind, than you do because of an easy one.

A grind does not keep players. A good game keeps players.
I actually agree with this.

Same reason I preferred 10x-20x Lineage 2 servers.

The enchanting system has become way too grindy. +15 should have never been introduced. EME has done things to lesson the pain, but why not just increase server rates permanently?
saiki26 on 05/04/2016, 10:35 AM - view
Jokes on you those backstab hero warriors will still kill you because you are bad at this game. People who complain about warriors smh.

If I'm not mistaken, even my grandmother could succeed at warrior backstab combo. So don't go acting like it somehow makes you good, either.
I guess the best way to try and get first, would be when you are losing big time on a trap team.

If you are Mystic you could focus on trying to destroy sieges with thrall of vengeance.
sheysheysheybae on 05/04/2016, 10:17 AM - view
it's a fantasy game so I'm not sure what kind of immersion you're trying to experience here.

Heh, in the MUDs i used to play, you'd get warned or banned just for mentioning something out of character, in game.

Not that I'd expect that kind of hard core immersion in Tera, but good immersion really helps draw you into the game world. When you break that immersion, it's like dropping a lollypop in the gutter - all that sweetness is ruined by just a small amount of dirt. No one wants to eat that!

Good immersion helps you to be drawn into the fantasy world, and makes it feel more real to you.

And how do you judge if something is immersion breaking? Just ask yourself - "Would one of the NPCs wear or use that?"
Well, for me, the problem isn't with the achievement - It has to do with contribution credits earned.

I've missed max contribution credits many a time, because my team couldn't score a kill. Sure, my 0-0-1 may not look like much, but if I was PvPing the whole game, doing an amazing job, never dying, and healing like a mofo.....I will probably still score near the bottom, even though I totally played better than anyone on my team.

Conversely, if I was a skilled DPS, I could at least have gotten some kills even on a bad team, and gotten max contribution.
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