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The leveling was kind of painful, especially around level 40. This game took me 4 days to max a character 1-60 of almost 16 hours per day. WoW took me 2 Days 13 hours to get 1-85 according to my /played when i dinged 85. So 2 days 16 as compared to 2 days 13 on WoW which doesn't seem like much until you take into account WoW is 1-85, not 1-60. I also racked up plenty of AFK time on WoW where as I played basicly straight and logged out before going AFK on Tera.

So personally I think there needs to be a way to shorten the leveling a bit. This could be accomplished by the BoA system WoW has, or some sort of "skip" if you already own a max level character.

Something on KTera site looks like the latter but i could be wrong as I understand 0 Korean.
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Going for 3k- on Frost Reach.
Do want.
Ask yourself, "Do i want this mount?". If you answer yes, then get it. Just make sure you have no regrets if you decide not to get it. It'll be another 1-2 months of farming dailies if you change your mind.
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Elin I think are great but EME will likely destroy them with censors.
Baraka just makes me giggle.

Call of Duty is worse than TERA.
60 Slayer/ Zerker here.

For a straight forward answer, Slayer is the best melee dps class in the game. Based on Ktera they also currently do the strongest single target dps at high iLvl. Berserkers are on par with warrior dps which is just below sorcerers, however nearly every boss fight at end game is in some way very unfriendly to the berserkers' slow/ no dodge playstyle.
Can't tell if troll or just fanboy.
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To be more accurate, NA Tera is a handicapped version of Tera in comparison of KTera. Every feature that Enmasse has removed functions as keeping players busy. The whole purpose of MMO games is making people busy. If they are not busy, they will try other games. Since Enmasse destroyed their own initial reputation, NA Tera will fail in the next 2 or 3 months in my estimation.

Perfect. All of the vanity/ fun stuff that made TERA what it was, has been removed by EME. At first I just sighed and moved on figuring it would be ok. However once you hit 60 and mow through the end-game content only to sit idle for 2 weeks not doing content that should have been there on release, you realize how much they butchered the game.

TERA is losing subs. This is a fact, not a bash.
Pretty lame OP, find a guild/group to run with or wait a month for all the casuals to ding 60.