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OK you are right maybe it is not bad have heartbeat sale for this chaep in the store but then jennye still u are so mean and hurt my feelings u DONT SAY SORRY
Jennye keep respond to my thing, i will be more mature person and ignore HIM.

i had to buy it because my RNG is very bad and my roll always lose, ds is super easy yes i know this of course. i had to buy because people think i cant do FIHM with dreadnaught+12 and dont even let me prove to them my skills, even i try to ask very nicely and be super friendly "no" and sometimes, i see this people in their dungeons they are SO novice... only they have excellent items but their skills is so last years.

dont be mad at me because i say jennye go hell, i only made contribute to feedback for our dear wonder producer my honesty opinion but then jennye come and VICIOUS attack me verbally. it is not constructive he is just a poison and thats why. i didnt start the drama but then i am more mature person now so i will ignore him. he is SO mean and then say to me "thats why i have friend and you dont". well, if i have to be nasty mean person to have friend, then i rather dont have friends. my soul is mine to protect i will guard it
ok u fix your problem u want to sell the robe but how do u fix your bigger problem is your personality you are a bad evil person and only you gossip and judge and hiss your poison to others and you deny my freedom of the speech you are not american you are the terrorist and try to take freedom and love from other people you are the poison


and GOOD u dont play mystic anymore becuase u dont have a talent for magic
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jennye you are mad becuase nobody wants to buy your mystic robe crafted by jennye i dont like crafted by someone else i want craft it by myself and u dont understand my life because you have guild dont judge independent player until you walk 1 mile in my shoes get materials from dungeons is 20x harder for soloist than for you

also i hope u enjoyed my curse of confusion go to sleep now and then take my thrall

unlike you, i dont sell my soul to other persons guild. my freedom my choice to protect it, i dont like other people tell me how to play my game. producer ask for my feedback? i give him my authentic honesty opinion you least can do is respect that for me but instead you judge me and give me your bitterness, you are same same as everybody else... poisonous snake you are nasty not a real elin princess, you are poison snake.

my mystic is real magical angel you are just a poison
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NO! please dont sell desolarus heartbeat in killing spree shop for that cheap.

I was ready to do FIHM for heartbeats and i even invested in dreadnaught +12 but the community is so vicious and unfriendly that i was unable to find a group of decent players to run with, they were all like "i cant even do it in +15 so what makes you think you can learn it in +12 dreadnaught?" they didnt even give me a CHANCE to show my skills so i did use instance matching and got to fight the first boss, i didnt think it was very hard but it was too hard for my teammates each time. i thought i would be able to learn the whole thing i used to do ACHM for fun and solo ACNM for fun with ilvl 158 sorcerer and ive gotten shandra maniac title with 158 ilvl and i was so ready to learn FIHM but the community was just so incredibly unforgiving of +12 that i just decided to buy heartbeats so i spent so much money buying heartbeats from sellers (i participated in the dungeon and did my work and didnt pay myself so i paid bonus) and now you are telling me i could have just gotten them by doing 3v3 oh my god this is making my face red like a tomato and not the happy kind like the mortified embarrassed super sad kind

yes on increasing the cost of enchanting box from bellicarium

dyad structure should be more expensive in my opinion i agree that 100k was steep but 25k is too easy please make it 50k instead i think that would be so perf like, amazing perfect price

BUT please dont sell the heartbeat for that cheap please please please dont devalue my hard work... please, reading this just made my heart sink and im so bogged down that this might happen please dont cheapen my heartbeats after i spent so much money preparing for my starfall please dont do this to me please please please ive already been beaten and bogged down by my fellow players please EME dont do this to me... my heart can take a beating from players but this is too much to be forgotten by EME

MERCY!!! mercy... dont do this to my heart... my inside will explode
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Please nerf brawler 3rd counter attack range and ground pound range the radius on those effects can be reduced by 50% and this class is STILL nerf worthy ADMIT IT BHS... just admit it... shhh...
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EME your killing brawler's to much by nerfing them so many times and yet their not getting any buffs.

yes, its true: people who are really dedicated to brawler class (like myself, because i like her unique style.) can still accel in pvp becuase we trained hard and just pure outplayed our enemy's, but its time to wake up now. you need to stop nerfing us.

first example: we cant even block in pvp anymore you call that fair? and yet your gonna nerf us more? gg. i use to be able to kill other class's in .5 second now it takes me .75 second this starting to become a bulls h i t
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this is what theyre spending money on?

w h a t t h e f u c k

just delete fraywind canyon
thrall is as good as the mystic that summons it

did you know people used to say not to use thrall of protection in 3v3, because "it will wake up the enemy"?

pro tip to noob mystics: there exists a skill called command: follow and you should use it
OK dude this thread is hilarious
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