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(edited) said he'll pay me $20 to power level him from 27-60... lolol when he was in Carnival Phantasm.
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Nyarlko in Carnival Phantasm... Me at Anime north 2 months ago...

I have a fohawk right now... lololol
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Hello. I was just wondering if I get my skins. It took EME about 3 days to confirm my PN so it was 3 days late. Mine expires June 4th. I have already purchased or "set-up" a 6-month sub for TERA. Do I still get the skin, because my expire date is after 31st? :(
NZXT Havok :), my cpu is running around 20C
Gorillaz did the whole hologram thing first, Crypton/Sega/Sony just improved the quality. You can make your own hologram if you have a decent project, a mosquito net (I believe), a computer, and a very dark room. There's a video on YT that shows you how to make your own Miku Hologram concert right in your home.
Eat Rice with veggie, and some meat, drink water, but more preferred milk. Work out 3-4 times a week. basically it.
Spanoodles on 04/13/2012, 04:35 PM - view
If I had 2 cents for every thread made about Elin armor modifications...

I'd have 1 whole dollar.

If I had 2 cents from each WoW Player who played I would have many cents.
Currently Working at McDonalds part-timer :D, can't wait to start my career in 4-6 years. College here I come.

Well that was cute though.
Raclen on 04/13/2012, 02:30 PM - view
You should all be ashamed of yourselves.

Why? Enlighten me with your opinion on this subject.
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