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Yep game is already dying.


Log in do dailies log out.


Log in, lag horribly due to terrible engine, do dailies log out.


Log in do dailies log out.

Well maybe people aren't logging in because of D3 but I don't care to find out. Game was fun but the novelty of it is gone, now the hard truth sets in.

Diver on 05/17/2012, 08:20 AM - view
Ozruk on 05/17/2012, 07:59 AM
If you think it's too expensive then don't use the service.

What is the problem?

Reading is hard eh?

Yea I lack the reading comprehension required to understand why people are mad over and optional service that provides no ingame advantage.
If you think it's too expensive then don't use the service.

What is the problem?
They are implying people with jobs can afford to buy things.


Skillmare on 05/08/2012, 04:14 PM - view
This is a PVE game... why are they forcing PVP on us...

I'm on VoT and I wish they'd leave 8 channels in the game. It's so annoying to have people try to kill me as I level.

If you don't want to PvP when why would you roll on a PvP server? It's so simple.

The best part of ganking lowbies is when you can say "LOL U MAD???" and they understand it.

PS: I didn't like the PvP ruleset so I rolled on a PvE server.

1% here
I live in Canada and Shaw is a great ISP. I never have problems, I pay $60 for 250GB 25down 2.5up

The problem is Shaw is only in western Canada so all the eastern guys have to use [filtered] ISPs like Bell and Rogers.

also no contracts u jelly?

edit: you don't get dinged for going over your limit either
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Actually it is. You thought people would politely ask you if you want to battle with them? You thought their "e-honor" would stop them from ganking someone far below their own level?

If you only want to engage in "fair" PvP, then roll on a PvE server and ask to duel people.

Crying about being PvP'd on a PvP server.

Big customers get discounted rates.

Welcome to real life.
Game balance.

Game balance everywhere.

Why is it "game balance" that I can't annihilate every melee class from 30m away?

Eh you will figure it out eventually.