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Finished couple commission for Munekage! (watermark requested)

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Finished commission for itoui!
Linaq on 05/01/2016, 01:12 PM - view
after opening over a 100 boxes i got nothing not even an accessory let alone a costume this is just crushing i have been farming from the start of the event and nothing this is just wrong :/ and the things that i did get would have been a lot easier to get in other ways not to mention the useless one lvl up scrolls i got on my lvl 65 char oh and so for not 1 G this event is stupid :/

The same thing happened to me, I stocked up on a bunch since the start of this event and I was really excited about it, but not one box contained any type of cosmetic. Atleast I didn't pay money for them I guess.
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MorningCoffee on 05/01/2016, 02:04 PM - view
It'll depend on the developers. EME influences the game by growing and maintaining the Western playerbase, but the actual future of the game ultimately lies in the hands of the company that can manipulate it.

I don't think we'll get any foundation improvements actually. I would personally love to see the leveling experience be renovated from the bottom up, but it's unlikely that that'll be a reality.

edit: +1 to Tera 2.

I would like to see the game upgrade engines... but I'd be pretty bummed if all my work got deleted.

This </3 to have all characters and hard work deleted from the current Tera would be disheartening even though I'd love to see what they'd do with a new Tera.
Arinova on 05/01/2016, 12:14 PM - view
Sadly, those are images for Project EXA by BHS which will be a whole other game. I'd love Tera 2 but Idk if it'll come soon.

So it pretty much is "tera 2" but not really. That carbon copy elin race though. It's a bit worrisome. I feel like once that comes out, Tera might actually be killed off
jaciopara on 05/01/2016, 11:17 AM
Is TERA 2 a thing? that is actually happening?
or hopeful thinking ;____;
im excited for ninja too tho.

I'd like a source on the confirmation on TERA 2 if it's actually true

I found things like this from a quick google search

but they could easily be fake?
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Ilythien on 05/01/2016, 09:27 AM - view
TERA 2 is the future.
But, the present is beautiful. Soon we will be getting elin ninja, flying mount and WH. I'm excited.

Well it's nice to see that positivity, hope things do get better
With the constant mishaps and disappointments from EME that the players have felt, what do you guys think? This has been one of my favorite games for a while and I'd hope it doesn't actually get shut down due to everything, but I do agree that there's been a lot of trouble lately.
dinners on 04/30/2016, 12:24 PM - view
If RNG box winning rate is this bad, people won't buy it at all later.

EME will make some good profit with this almost impossible one. But, after this, people won't spend more for loot box or even quit the game and move to another new online game.

I feel like people would still continue to buy loot boxes even after these horrible ones, because they're so tempting