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They broke as hell
thekor on 05/02/2016, 12:06 PM - view
"Because any healer i ask will tell you that they'd rather go up against starfall in +12 dread than against a warrior in EQ. So following your logic making it unEQ will actually make it pop faster." -Plague

How does that make it pop faster may I ask? 2nd off your logic is broken if you think unequalized would fix the problem of people kicking and being just plain idiots you'd be dead wrong that problems exsited since [filtered] unequalized has existed it also took alot longer then now to get in que so I don't see how it would take less time now explain to me how if it didn't work then it's going to work now? Again it would simply kill pvp off.

Not sure if you're not reading my points right or are just raging a bit too much about this.
Point about the VM2 days long queue times.

Where the times so long because there were no healers queuing? (because right now we have about 4 different healers queueing at the same time maximum)

Or was it because there were a lot more DPS queueing? (so the simple DPS to Healer ratio was just a bigger gap)
thekor on 05/02/2016, 11:50 AM - view
Plague not to be rude but you've brought the same argument over and over again and again to the table when people have already pointed out the flaws in it. Biggest flaw of unequalized gear is it will kill pvp plain and simple. It will not fix the attitudes of players as you have tried to argue that it would it will not encourage people to shift the blame or their own failures off of themselves. that fact will remain the same whether gear is Equalized or is Unequal.

Fact of the matter is most people will not que unless they have maxium gear if they are going up against other teams geared supeirorly to them or worst case scenario people say [filtered] it and don't que at all because of the non equity of 3v3s.only the maxium geared people will be queing meaning that 3v3's become a BG only for the maximum geared and rich players.

it will exclude a large population of people and only those with the best of the best gear willl win. In the end 3v3's becomes a BG only meant for the geared and I would think by now it's been shown that most of the time gear does not =skill

3rd fact is again with unequal gear the classes who are already unequal will have a stronger advantage then before only annoying more people and again effectivly killing off pvp.

The only reason why most of the time skill < gear. is because the majority of players currently has no skill. They just like to think they do.

For some reason you seem to think that people will only queue once they got BiS gear.
However the thing about 3's is that youre in control a lot more about whether you win or lose than say Fraywind or CS. Meaning that the good and geared teams will actually rise in ranks, which means the lesser geared newbie teams will simply fight their own type of teams most of the time.

edit for your 4th fact:
Oh so the lack of healers is the only problem? Because any healer i ask will tell you that they'd rather go up against starfall in +12 dread than against a warrior in EQ. So following your logic making it unEQ will actually make it pop faster.

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had a 3page reply to Sylviette, but forums ate that post and i'm too tired right now to rewrite it. sorry maybe tomorrow
shortened version =
Yes people will blame gear. but they'll blame gear instead of the actual player.
As for EQ team 3's. people will queue for just one. We currently don't have the population to get constant pops in 2 different versions of team 3's. And it will most likely just be the EQ version because all these players are starting with no gear. so why would they gear (this is, assuming they'd do team's at all. because like i said they have no reason to leave solo right now)

Mobius1 on 05/02/2016, 11:05 AM - view
Having unequalized will not cause these players to get better. It will cause them to not queue for it at all.

And the others that do, will just complain about how they lost because of gear, so it changes nothing as far as what you are hoping for.

And you're underestimating social pressure here. Crusade will make you want to do this for your guild.
As for the ones complaining. eventually they'll get gear in there themselves. Yes they;ll still complain about losses against better geared teams. But the thing is, there will be a lot more teams this way, both worse, equal and better geared ones.

Updating EQ gear again sounds good in theory, but most pvpers want to use different builds. As well as i just dont trust EME or BHS with balancing stuff like this. I mean just look at the current EQ gear
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Aeriad on 05/02/2016, 09:46 AM - view

After Vm1 solo 3's never used to pop when it was unequalised, even at peak times you'd be waiting well over an hour. And it was way more toxic than it is now everyone kicking for gear.

That was the whole reason why they made it equalised. The only reason why it popped during vm1 was because everyone wanted their 1200 gloves and boots.

Absolutely not how i remember it, probably a lack of healers then cause healer queues were instant

As for the reason why they made it EQ, it's because ktera made it EQ. lets not make up silly reasons about that.

Also if your definition of toxic = kicking, then yeah. sure. IMO gear is a valid reason to kick. the same people would generally kick someone without gear from instance matching in pve as well. Or someone without the proper crystals getting instakicked now.
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thekor on 05/02/2016, 06:43 AM - view
3v3 is about skill, composition and who can work better as a team with what they got. (Or it used to be this way before you.. Know 3 certain classes came into existence.) not gear unequalizing it would just mean it becomes a whose geared better type of deal adding only more salt and elitist type [filtered]. You honestly think that's a good idea? I can already see it now *joins game isn't a reaper brawler Gunner warrior (and soon ninja) /inspect gear finds isn't geared as well as other side /kick or the ungearred side just gives up. That would be [filtered] stupid it would not only pist off alot of the majority of players left but it would effectivly make it so only geared healers or dps get spot's. And everyone else is left in the trash can that's not a smart move.

I've seen plenty of players able to play their class extremely well without huge amounts of gear. By allowing what you want to happen happen you'd exclude not just them but anyone whose not maxiumly geared them from having any short of meaning or being able to get top in anything. Honestly every BG should be equalized gear not unequalized because then it becomes more based on whose wearing what compared to who can play their class better or work better as a team.

In theory, yep definitely
Now for reality:
Players won't ever blame themselves, and therefore won't get better until they realize it's them that are the problem.

Hypothetical scenario:

Random not so great at pvp player is in a pvp crusade guild. He likes this guild and the players.
The GM tells people to get rated in 3's

With EQ gear: Player joins match, people don't know who has experience at the start. They lose the round but aren't good enough to pay attention to what was going on everywhere, so they don't know what went wrong, they wont blame themselves, they cant blame gear because EQ, which means theyre either gonna blame Brawler on the other team or the perceived weakest on their team.
They have no time to talk to this weakest link, no time to explain what he's doing wrong in their eyes, so it ends in a quick "U SUCK" and a kick. They know nothing about this player, probably wont ever see him again, and gain nothing by helping him.
In fact, they now know to kick him instantly if they get him again, and they won't even try to teach him because he'll be an ez kill on the other team.

The player then blames his losses on bad teammate RNG, which ofc everyone's been through. So the GM will just tell him to try again next season.

Without EQ: Player joins match. people see he's not geared for pvp. They tell him to gear up before queueing and kick him.
Player gets some info on what to gear as, gets some tips from guildies while he's at it.
The player queues again with gear. He plays a few matches, loses most of them probably. And notices that his teammates are often not geared. He also starts kicking them for not being in pvp gear.
This gets old for him, so instead of kicking the ungeared players, why not make sure you're with geared ones?
Which means getting into team 3's. And they will lose their first matches.
However, just like in EQ, they cant blame gear now,but this time they know the people they're losing with.
Now here's the thing team 3's definitely has over solo.
You talk with your teammates after every single match. and that is where you learn what's really going wrong. There's a lot less rage, people calmly explain what they can do better before they go again. This is where you become a better PvPer

These team players will queue up for soloQ again when their teammates aren't online, which will improve the overall quality of soloq players.

Here's the thing, you guys want what the players want, what's "best" for the players. And i completely understand that. The problem with that is, is that in this case it stagnates the battleground. People don't become better because all they do is blame randoms in their matches.
Honestly can you name a single amazing well-known pvper that started AFTER EQ was made available?
Players won't become (much) better with the EQ gear, which means that all the people we love to see play, the amazing players are the old ones.
These old players will get bored eventually (most already have) And there will be nobody to replace them.

Yes my idea hurts
Yes my idea will probably be a disaster at the first month or so, until you see the first people benefiting from this.
Players will hate this change
But i honestly don't care about the happiness of individual players because of gear. I want to do what the game needs to make pvp something amazing again.

And I know that most of you can realize that if pvp becomes amazing again, the players will start to move towards it again.

EQ gear was made to counter the giant leap in gear from the PVP set vs +15. And most people settled for it. +15 vs PvP gear definitely needs to change, but it won't ever change if enough people are happy with EQ. But they don't see how even something like this turns the game more into a solo game. Finding other players to play with you is a huge part of what makes an MMO great, and EQ is actually making players hate other players more.
Yeeeeeah more bg's is just what we need when we can't even keep half of them alive at the same time.
Mobius1 on 05/01/2016, 11:13 PM - view
All that really needs to be done, is have the equalized gear updated.

As was stated by a previous poster - It used to not be equalized, and was changed for a reason. You make it unequalized, and you will make it even worse.

Solo 3s never had any problems popping though, if anything right now it's the same but people don't see a reason to gear for it.
Which in turn affects team 3s, because if the soloqueuers had gear they'd try making teams to assure getting geared dps on their side
aeyrebaby on 05/01/2016, 09:57 PM - view
almost always the top ratings for skyring are mostly priests.. so i don't see where this whole "healer gear is unbalanced" thing is coming from

Because each game needs a healer by definition, and at the moment priests are generally better than mystics in there (not counting thrall), as well as there being more priests in general