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Slaying archer Queen


Enjoy and this is the real final farewell now!

Updated 28/04/2016
-Added notes to F22
-Added guide to Queen!
-This is the end...

Hey guys,

Sorry for the long delay in this, I have been extremely busy lately (just kidding just lazy).

I just wanted to say here that this will be the final update to this archer guide. I have kept this going for about 1.5 years now and I feel its time to let it go!

Over the years I have received hundreds of kind words and compliments both ingame and outside game, and it really means a lot to me to hear that I apparently have helped out a number of fellow archers!

I apologise that at times I could not respond to some questions or feedback, but please understand that in addition to this guide, I also run a large guild ingame, have my own real life and of course want to play the game myself too! So time is always limited...

So let me leave off by saying that next patch, I will be retiring my archer, however I may consider trying it out again when the juicy 15% side/back crit buff comes in the future!

Finally the Queen video I added is in all honesty, not the cleanest kill, infact it was almost cancerous with the amount she was moving around, but I felt as a final farewell, it would be awesome to go out with a bang with being on the verge of death several times!

I may add a bonus slaying Queen video in the future, but no guarantees...

Thanks again everyone for all of your support.

Much love,

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Updated 11/04/2016
-Uppers F16-21 added to dungeon guide
-Queen coming soon!
Let me remind EME of a recent letter,


The same feedback in Europe:

Prove this guy wrong...

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Updated 26/03/2016
-Added Forsaken Island Hardmode guide & video

Dreadspire Uppers very likely coming by the end of this weekend!

Enjoy :)
Tera has once again made the same mistakes it has made for years with forgetting to make the hardest content, worthy of our time. We spend 2-3 hours of our time running first through the tedious lower floors, then finally battling away through the upper floors. We spend a good 10-15 minutes fighting each of the final 3 bosses due to their monstrous amount of HP. Then finally after reaching the top of the tower, then defeating the strongest enemy Arborea has ever faced, the FINAL BOSS, we clap and cheer as she comes tumbling down and our well deserved efforts have finally paid off.

The loot chest opens, and to our amazement, we are awarded hundreds of.......Desolarus tokens! You know, those things to trade in for things which we already have because we just beat the final boss???

But wait...we have a 10ish % to get VM6 weapon/gloves! Oh wait, after this terrible drop rate, we still have to split it 5 way after...

So lets cut straight to the point. In the past, EME have been nice enough to listen to their valuable player feedback and improve drop rates to what they should have been. Remember BRHM drop rate changes? Or RG before that? The point is, we need to raise our voices and EME need to be aware of how dire this situation is. I do have faith that EME will do the right thing and understand that this absolutely needs to be fixed.

Raise your voice here:

But rather than having a little cry, lets be helpful and list a few suggestions to help out shall we? What exactly should be rewarded for killing Queen?

Here are some of my suggestions (not all at once, just a selection would suffice):
-Add nocteniums
-Add Goldfinger tokens
-Add deso hearts/boxes
-Add T9 Feedstock stacks
-Add consumable drops (health potions, goddess blessings)
-Add alkahest drops (premium perhaps?)


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Hi everyone, hope you are all enjoying the new patch! Been having a LOT of fun with Dreadspire! Just some small updates here. I'll get around to making some videos for upper Dreadspire and FIHM in the future when I got time.

Updated 06/03/2016
-Updated belt slot for gear
-Updated Glyphs
-Akeron's Inferno guide removed
-More useful links added
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- Level 65 priest buffs to solo any content.

- Grief protection from outlaws

How do I become your buddy?

1. Go to your character login screen (Mount Tyrannus Server)

2. Insert one of the following codes: Pomchi#0549

3. Launch the game

4. Add the following character to your friend's list so you know when I'm around: Pomfuji

5. Come say hi :)

See you ingame!
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Hi all,

Just some small updates here.

1. Noted that you should take up incendiary trap empowered glyph when there is a mystic in the party as the debuff does not stack until next patch (in which it will not stack with warriors then).

2. A nice high speed manoeuvre filler combo of 1 kick > incendiary trap > backstep > ROA.
The single kick actually speeds up the trap placement, and the backstep cancels the animation of the trap and puts you in perfect position for roa. Note that you can even place the trap in front of the boss and as long as you are behind the boss and looking at his back, it will still trigger a back crit. Just be careful when your backstep is on cooldown and only use this when you know its safe to do so.

3. For the rich kids who double brooch, if you know that you are in a high DPS party which can kill a boss faster than 3 minutes. Pop your empowered brooch at the start and switch to quickcarve before you enter combat. This will then allow you to pop your other brooch at 20% boss HP damage when executioner damage is going to be near its prime. This will save you from the RNG of feign death and the slight dps loss doing so too.

Hope this helps.

Out of those, you will only need:

- RA
- Explosive Trap
- TB x 2

This will give you 5 extra points for...

- Ensnaring Trap