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aeyrebaby on 05/01/2016, 10:09 PM - view
as long as priests continue to kaia gs res, I will continue to thrall.

well enjoy your garbage sub-900 dps then cause i'm done lol
saiki26 on 05/01/2016, 11:54 AM - view
You complain about a solo mystic thrall? thats nothing the real aids is the sync queue lancer mystic warrior plays.

Giga cascade thrall

Thats the only time in 3s history that I have drawed.

Yeah each 3s match is different obviously sometimes the mystic gets crap dps and you handle thrall then kill him ez but it's not fun. Then of course there's the time you get a mystic on your team and either he thralls out the gate and you win and the mystic has all 3 kills or he thralls it expires and then mystic gets blown up not doing anything and you lose because thrall was his only plan.

yeah not EVERY mystic abuses thrall but i'm pretty sure there aren't more than 2 mystics that even do solo 3s that are actually good enough to contribute as much as a good priest and make a match interesting without using ToW at all.

regardless it's not fun or balanced, makes me just want to stop queueing once those scumbag mystics start popping up in q.
Gyokuyou on 05/01/2016, 09:31 AM - view
Theres even a (supposed to be) combo with it, which is backstab + hearth thrust (theres even a glyph that speeds the cast time for heart thrust)

Actually i'm gonna explain this one lol.

That's a pvp glyph for the ancient "backstab > stagger > kick > HT" combo. use it with kick cast speed and ht cast speed from kick glyphs and you get a really fast HT after your kick enabling you to (hopefully) land ohs and mabye even MS after.

Worthless trash glyph now though for a worthless trash pve hero class.
Yeah we know slayer sucks, we know...

Tbh fam, just give up and roll brawler/reaper/gunner it's not worth the trouble.
Sawao on 04/19/2016, 10:15 AM - view
People play the class they find most enjoyable more often than the class most beneficial. You can't really change that.

yea thats why like 70% of the whole game rn is brawler, reaper, gunner.
PlagueFWC on 04/29/2016, 04:40 AM - view
Making solo skyring unequalized again should fix both this problem and the warrior 100-0 combo

just sayin

nah i'd rather not fight the same garbage +15 sf brawlers and reapers or try to kill triple cdr priests on a slayer or archer sitting in gear from last patch thx tho. if solo 3s were uneq i probably wouldn't even log this game tbh.

they could just remove thrall from 3s like it already is in other BGs but BHS/EME probably forgot 3s exists and they sure don't look at the pvp subforum so this'll never happen.
all these salty downvoters lol bet u think bringing a brawler or reaper into 3s is totally legit and doesn't make it just an overall unenjoyable exprience for everyone as well as making you look like a total idiot. like why are u queueing 3s at all if all youre gonna do is thrall and either let it onesot the enemy team or get soloed by an archer cause youre a terrible mystic that cant even keep yourself alive let alone your team.

Kirine on 04/29/2016, 05:02 AM - view
I-frame the stun? It is pretty easy, the 2 balls are moving very slow, and the projectile is very visible.

not always possible theres just too much stuff that can happen. you can get giga'd into thrall, brawlered into thrall,warr backstab into dstance aids kd/staggerlock into thrall, double slept into thrall. all of these things aren't possible to prevent 100% no matter how good you are even if you know it's gonna happen. and then once you get past thrall 90% of the mystics that will just spam it out the gater are so awful that the other team will just get bodied you because they're not getting healed or cleansed at all and the match ends with nobody having fun you being on queue cd.

stunball isn't really the problem here its the thrall hitting u for 120k hp a hit, and theres always the chance you'll get that same mystic on your team and he wont do anything after thralling while some brawler eats you alive.
CAn we stop pls ty.

not even gonna name names but right now im just seeing the same 2 mystics queueing nonstop and thrall spamming. don't heal don't do anything just stunball thrall and pray for oneshot because thrall doesnt load for half the people playing this awful game.

it isn't fun for those few of us left that do still q 3s and nobody thinks you're good because you can spawn thrall, you're a joke tbh and should be spam kicked by the whole 3s community till you quit.
Joff on 03/28/2016, 09:48 AM - view

Problem with vanilla tera was that there wasn't much to endgame pvp. The whole voting for exarch thing was the stupidest thing anyone in the history of games has ever come up with. Instead of competitive endgame pvp the system promoted... being nice to people and getting their vote? It was seriously the stupidest thing ever.
Do vanilla pve (where open world bams required an entire party to beat and dungeons were challenging) and then some kind of pvp where skycastles and alliances are meaningful, plus decent arena pvp and you'll have a decent game. Oh and keep the stamina npc at outskirts.

Vanarch wasn't that bad and there was actually way more owpvp back in those days than there has been in the past year. Vanilla launch tera was pretty bad for actual pvp though since most people had almost no clue what they were doing and it was mostly just people of all levels zerging, that was a pretty big mess

A VM2 patch server would be pretty good. That patch was great for pvp, Alliance was very alive, People actively camped and fought over ibams with multiple raids, everyone was queueing 3s to try and get bloodrave or 1800 gloves, and fwc popped constantly because strikeforce/bloodrave/conj were dirt cheap and fairly competitive against vm2. VM2 patch lasted a REALLY long time before reaper release but people didn't leave the game back then despite no content for a really long time because pvp was active, profitable and fairly balanced compared to now. If i had to pick any patch to go back to it'd definitely be either VM2 or Bloodrave patches.

The problem with a rollback server like that is that it wont bring back any of the people that helped make the game fun. Also staying on the same patch like that would cause problems with the game economy in the long run i think, prices on mats and stuff would be all screwed up after a while and it'd need a reset or something..
Yeah you're right my mistake.

I'm really gonna miss this game tho, It was tons of fun the first couple of years.