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Thanks for the encouragement guys. Haha. And you're right, I shouldn't be getting hit as the Priest.... but just in case, I don't want to be shmooshed :)

I'll have to find some friends to go with. But yes, I used to do MCHM and it was rough then. Good to know WHHM isn't as bad ;P

Wow, thank you for such a quick response! It's a relief to hear I would be capable of running WHHM, I have only gone into NM because I'm stuck at the ilvl160 and groups usually recruit 162+ So I'll start running that for the Chest and Weapon!
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Hello everyone!

I feel like such a noob, but I would really love some advice from my fellow Priests! Since I am pretty much playing solo, I feel like I need some help. I recently just started playing again. I had stopped playing around the time the alliance patch went live, before all the new dungeons and gear sets came out. I've felt pretty overwhelmed with all the new changes, but I've been keeping up with my UTI and JT dailies so I can buy fodder as well as doing the easy dungeons for Zenith treasure chests. However, at this point I am pretty unsure of how to go about gearing up.

This is the gear I left with, and what I am still currently wearing:
+12 Insight (Abyss weapon)
+12 Regent Chest and Gloves
+12 Conjunct Sandals
2 Hyderad Rings
2 Wind's Whispers Earrings
Heartshare Pendant with Healing
ilvl 160

I know there is the Steadfast pve gear, but I've read and heard mixed ideas of Regent vs Steadfast... and where I already have two +12 Regent pieces should I even bother with the Steadfast? Or should I go straight for the Wonderholme gear?

As far as Strikeforce, I only need one more Dreamstriker Ore to make a complete set of armor (No weapon). And this will obviously force me to break my +12 conjunct sandals. Is Strikeforce worth masterworking? And aside from Vision Maker and Night Forge, is there anything better?

I also know my weapon seriously needs to be upgraded, lol. I know I should probably aim for the Cubit in the long run, but what should I upgrade to for now? Oh and accessories, should I just work on getting the full Zenith set?

Sorry for all the lame questions and the wall of text, I just don't know what to do with myself! Oh, and it's probably worth mentioning I only have about 42k gold :D I've been saving everything though like MES, Alkahest, etc etc.

Thank you for your help in advance! <3
Valley of Titans was one of the original servers from the game's launch last year. It was probably the most populated server at any time during the game's lifespan in NA. I'm guessing what you may have read was during that time. However, after server merges and the game going Free to Play the original VoT was lost. The current VoT was added later, when Mount Tryannas was pushing it's capacity (There was only one PVP server available at the time).

IAMSHAUNIE on 05/20/2013, 09:57 AM - view

If it is true, is it actually as populated or more populated than the others but the addition to how much it could hold has made it appear to be less than the others (being medium instead of high)

I don't think that's true. From what I know, the current VoT isn't as populated as MT. But like LostTank has mentioned, there are benefits to being a part of a smaller community. It just depends on what you are looking for.
That was brilliant, the Lion King 2 song made it even better. Bravo!
Pretty much everything...
New costumes would be exciting!
It's all a matter of opinion.
Oh, this is very interesting! I think I'll be leveling up my berserker now!
It would make the PVE servers a little more interesting! Hehe.