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Double drop would seem a little excessive, but the bg credits, definitely. Especially since next patch, VM7 mats will cost a [filtered]ton of credits.
Bumping because a response about this would be great...
Why y'all downvoting innocent threads like this
How salty are y'all
Dang the mistakes are real
Confirmed, I lost my elite though it's supposed to be active another 9 days. Got mine through a voucher, though.

Edit: Restarting client and launcher brought it back, so if you lost your elite prematurely, do that first.
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This has been a problem since VM4; if two players on the opposing team leave party in 3's by kick or dropping, it causes insta-draw, causing rating loss for both parties. Can Enmasse please correct this so elo isn't affected by it? It's pretty annoying to get queued in after god knows how long to just lose rating without even playing a match...
Protip: play short-range and cast HB-7 summon immediately before Burst Fire for 100% crit chance.

And it's already been said in the first reply; crit gunner always produces more dps. The crit damage from Mana Missles, Bombardment, and Time Bomb make such a significant difference over power build boosting Arcane Barrage and Burst Fire. Gunner "can" do power etchings and still produce decent damage, but you'll never maximize your dps potential unless you do minimum 3 Corvette and use double Keen with crit inners and standard balanced rolls on jewelry.

Just ask yourself this; would you rather do about 1mil damage more on AB/BF each rotation, or make Time Bomb and Mana Missles crit more for an extra 7-8mil dps? Even Blast/Scattershot/Arc Bomb almost do more damage overall if you stack high enough.
Sounds like op has been getting queues with Priscilla lately
GlitchyTrash on 05/01/2016, 12:49 PM - view
Um plague, starfall is getting a damage buff, and shining chest is shown to be slightly worse than dread... So not exactly more balanced gear :/

Yes, this is true initially. However, the pvp damage reduction on the boots have been removed and placed on the chest, making it on par with other pvp chests again. But +15 Starfall will still be on par with +15 VM7 due to the rolls the new gear doesn't have.
It's not his imagination; before I was getting 4-6 Goldfinger Tokens a run, every run.