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I have never seen anyone complain about binding sword. You do realize it has a long, interruptible cast time and an obvious animation to go with it right? You can even iframe to avoid the pull after you take damage. It's legit one of the easiest skills to avoid in the game.

I've been able to use Binding Sword really well most of the time against enemies that are far away from me either I initiate my KDs like that by using Reaping Slash afterwards or get closer and use Rising Fury, then I go ahead and Backstab.

I have to be honest, but Backstab won't help you out too much if you can't finish your combo or KD chain with 9-10 edge Scythe. It'll be able to initiate a combo, but if you use it first you'll most likely lose your edge due to the enemy being able to run away. Getting a 9-10 edge Scythe is really important to kill your opponent.

Backstabbing first is asking an enemy to put your edge count to the dust. Even if you manage to KD them before their Retaliate is up and with another move after Backstab is used, then you'll most likely run out of KDs or they may get out before you get to use a 9-10 edge Scythe on them.

It's better to have them in a stun than in a KD status.

I'm not gonna say that whatever I posted is the best way to go on with Backstab and how it can be used very inappropriately used by other players. I know not everything I said is accurate, but to some extent they do hold some importance. I'm still learning how to play a warrior and a slayer in PVP.
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There's been a couple of players that just go straight for a combo knowing that their opponent will be able to get out of it, even warriors do it. I made this same mistake in PvP and was never able to catch them until I got out of the Backstab first mentality as a warrior.

It's already hard enough to keep someone in place unless you know how to read out where they'll go to next, but to go straight for a combo is a bit much.

Before you go with a combo, you have to pressure your opponent to waste their evades or try to knock them down with a skill that does not auto-aim. Save your auto-aim skills to make it easier to confirm your Combos.

Some classes may have an exception to this as they may have multiple auto-aim skills, for example a warrior has Charging Slash, Binding Sword, and Backstab. That doesn't mean you should go with the ones that stun first, use it as a follow-up instead. Even I'm still learning how to PVP as a warrior and slayer, I realize how important it is to get a KD with a non auto-aim skill first. It may be a headache to try to do this, but if you do this then it'll be easier to combo your opponent afterwards. I usually use Binding Sword > Combative > Reaping Slash or Binding Sword> Rising Fury > Blade Draw for an extra edge count.

Find out what skills staggers or KD your opponents, so you'll know how to make this method work in your favor and watch for if they're auto-aim or not.

For any classes that can block have an advantage because they can cancel unnecessary animation in certain skills that could render a combo obsolete without block. You will also be in a better spot to punish successfully blocked attacks due to ending lag in some attack animations and block-cancels nearly being lagless.

Hope this will help some people become better pvpers.
*forum bug
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Updated the guide to include general rules for an entire team to follow instead of it applying to specific classes or groups.
This is a for fun thread! I'll start the thread off by posting mine.

Now show off your inner tankiness!
If this happens again, I'll actually be motivated to cap out my gunner and slayer because of how I'll have my BC capped out for my warrior in 1-2 days.

I actually got 80k BC in one game before when I won off of a recruitment match.
I guess with more dungeons being removed, I'll have to do less dungeon grinding achievements.

The flight system = BNS's glide system? Does this mean the featherlight potion is obsolete at this point?

Archer Traps for PVP will be invisible, so we'd might as well adjust graphical or CPU related effects for the optimization guide posted on TERATODAY.

Overall, my reaction to the patch is kinda meh. Not too disappointed or too excited.
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I like what the castanic in Habere says about the Mysterium Researchers(the one who gives out the repeatable trace of fear quest). He states what seems to be underestimated in real life. It's good to learn about stuff, but most of the stuff we learn past high school usually ends up being unused depending on what kind of career path we're going for.

I don't exactly remember what he said, but he said something in between this line: " I'm the best around this region when it comes to producing advanced material, and don't compare me to those Mysterium guys. They only read books, but it's application that matters."

Since this forum is related to NPC dialogues, then I thought I'd share my opinion about one NPC in this game.
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Well they're ugly and bad designed compared to our old forums as far as user interface is considered.
I never was a fan of simplistic design and have always seen it as easy way out if you can't make a proper one (either because of lacking skill or resources). It isn't bad, it's almost decent and yet it means it falls far behind this forum. It looks like it was made by someone who just ended 101 design classes. Ideas behind it are imo pretty obvious - maximize working area, minimize clutter, highlight functionalities. The result is bland simplicity, unstructured form making things hard to follow, colour palette breaking highlights cluttering everything unimportant, in your face oversaturated everything (eye-poking white text, blue everything, "new" notifications, etc). Most important cue's like greying out read threads are missing. I remember that at first old forums looked heavy and i thought blue text would be annoying to read, but with time i've found whoever designed text colours knew what they were doing and the space is very well used to separate and structurize things. New forums? Jumping to new posts in thread is either impossible while logged out, otherwise user has to figure out he needs to click the "time" text which works from some places in forum and doesn't in others. It seems to be the same but honestly it's completely different. But most user will probably just get confused and click player profile. They tried to make info clearer and more visible but in turn they made it less and worse. mark as read in some places is visible in some it's hidden. Post date now doesn't include date without hovering on it. The time itself is localised and provides no reference whatsoever so you can't use it when talking with other players.
The "replies and views" part seems to be lighter but only takes more place and in fact doesn't even count things properly. The lack of any brackets and line shades makes it hard to visually navigate around posts.

Old forums had some issues that had to be fixed:
1. Drama status system that made people b***hurt and fight and make drama.
2. Search engine seemingly based on random generator.
3. Poor posting history organization with posts and not threads.
4. No place where you could see if there are new posts in threads you care about.
5. Poor info on what text formatting tools are working
And that all got fixed in new forums, furthermore they include:
6. Notifications, with @name mentioning.
7. More tools to track down important topics.
8. Even richer tools and utilities for post creation including markdown, simple html etc. Although it looks like they still haven't figured out what they want to turn on ....

The thread tracking and notifications when somebody replies to you is alone what puts new forums on a higher position than our old ones. But it feels like we had to pay a leg and an arm for it.
Furthermore, while status system was a toxicity generator, complete lack of downvotes is IMO always bad. It dumb how they took downvotes and status away but introduced hard gamification basically reintroducing the cancer. I don't thing they'll put back in the disagree button but i'm pretty sure sooner or later they'll turn back on all the leaderboards etc. crap that's present in core systems. I'm surprised they've pushed new forums out in such a bad shape ("good enough lol"). They tell you to post your concerns but in reality that's just PR talk "you have influence and you're helping" most if not all of current issues were known before release and they couldn't care less, they have their own bugtracker. The only reason they read some of what you write is because they want to intercept any sh**storms.

No you won't get char status because EME doesn't own the servers, they're physically in a completely different location and it's less than likely they'd be able to make them get info from their inhouse databases let alone secure the connection etc. properly. The server/class specific forums merge ain't that bad. Most of them were completely dead, you can see people making posts now saying "bers forums were dead but useful now they'll get spamed by reaper forums" when most of the posts in reaper forums were made more than a year ago lol. The issue was subforums were dead and people preffered to post class specific stuff in general not only for traction but also because most of the time class specific things are discussed in reference to other classes and it makes it pointless to post it somewhere where other class .. umm.. "mainers" won't look.

Overall, new forums present some modern well implemented tools and are created with equally modern standards in mind but look as if the finishing and defining parts were laid out by someone terribly incompetent.(Nice backend but lousy frontend). I think i just have problems getting over the fact old forums were designed by an artist and designer and new ones by just an aspiring designer.

I think the main reason they might be removing downvotes is amount of abuse the things takes all the time. There's people who just want to state their opinion without being offensive or complaining about anything. It's like people can freely downvote you for being a helpful forumer. In the long run, the downvote and status system is becoming more obsolete because of random haters just downvoting people for no reason. The friendliest person could end up with the hostile status.

Again, I'm only just stating my opinion about this in a respectful manner. I personally think this system has taken too much abuse. I personally like the old forums, but they should revamp it in a way that the status doesn't have a permanent toll on you. The status system should probably be a seasonal thing so no one is put in the forum with a permanently bad reputation.
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Same thing happened to me, but it must be really hard for them to take anyone in with inappropriate gears and no experience in this dungeon. For the most part, I've been reading around as to why everybody is complaining about this dungeon.

Even from watching YouTube videos, the dungeons looks very time consuming even for 1 boss. The bosses also get extremely difficult to fight as wipe mechs and HP go through the roof. Also, the drops in there are not so good considering the fact that there's a low chance for you to get Starfall gear according to everyone. (I really can't have a say on it since I haven't ran it yet. I hope I can give it a try at least once.)

From what I can get on about this is:
1. Upper Floors is the only part of it that's rewarding atm.

2. You need a ticket to enter the upper floor which you have to get from the lower floors. I heard that it takes about an hour to clear the lower floor because the bosses have a f***load of HP, but it gets much worse in the upper floors.

3. The amount of time it takes for you to do Dreadspire is already ridiculous, but for them to require you to get a pass for the upper floor every time is unacceptable if it already takes next to an hour to go through LF.

The content is difficult for most people, so at least make a leeway for them to get back into the game quickly, so they don't get discouraged every time they wipe on one boss in the upper floors. Difficult content is supposed to encourage people to get better, not give up. Most people are giving up on it mostly because of how time consuming it is.

For the most part, I'd recommend finding a guild first. Guilds are always a good way for new players to learn how to run certain dungeons and you'll most likely find a static party that way. Static parties usually translate to better dungeon and team progression because everybody will nearly have the same experience when they actually clear new content for the first time.

Don't rely on instance matching for Dreadspire or dungeons more than or equal to Dreadspire's item my.

Inexperienced players aren't given much mercy in these kind of dungeon beyond the 390 threshold to either players or the bosses.

I just joined an instance matched party for KDNM not too long ago and much to my surprise none of the DPS had the proper crystals equipped despite having +12 weapons. The only noticeable damage that was even in the first boss fight was my scythes.
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