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sevensevenohfour on 07/03/2013, 10:23 AM - view
;.; one debuff at a time!

Combattive Strike overlaps debilitate, unfortunately, so a warrior DPS still adds nothing to queen. The main difference is that debilitate stacks for 9% while CS is only 4.5%, so using a lancer tank in place of a warrior tank nets 45 points of additional endurance debuff.
Has anyone else noticed the totally unnecessary nerf of MCHM? removed inmunity to debilitate and combative strike??? somehow i saw that coming already. lets hope EME can be smart for when that update arrives and dont apply that nerf. i like queen the way it is and it doesnt need any nerfs.

That's rather hilarious. I understand why they stopped at CS, but it feels like BHS is giving a huge middle finger to warrior tanks.
A few weeks after AC/MC were first released, a bunch of friends and I decided to try it out. Back then we still only had weekend nexus and Agnitor costs about 19k credits for the weapon, so I was the only one in the group that has a T14 weapon (also the highest ilvl at 151). Most of the group was decked out in +9 T13 gear since that's what everyone had back then. We were also the three worst DPS classes at the time: berserker (back when they couldn't do any damage), archer, and warrior with meldita being practically immune to traverse cut.

End result? We were able to easily kill every boss except Meldita. Meldita himself wasn't the problem - we just didn't have enough AoE DPS to clear out the spawns in time. Nowadays, if you have a single slayer, zerker, or sorc with decent gear, the spawns cease to be a problem and meldita becomes trivial.

Ultimately, ilvl 154 is plenty enough for ACHM. However, you will find that most players excessively overestimate the amount of gear needed for any dungeon (I've seen player expectations for BTHM jump from 149 to 154 a few days after QoA was released), so the "safe" item level is probably 157.

(Also, the first boss isn't a problem. You don't need anywhere close to +12 weapons to do enough damage to it before the ground from filling up with poison).
Espei on 07/03/2013, 12:49 AM - view
The Elin ones are bad... why are they wearing socks (leggings?) with their swimsuits...?

IIRC, there is also a castanic swimsuit that is almost identical to the current torpedo swimsuits, except with fishnets added on top.

I suspect Japan is involved in these incidents.
It might be a good idea to make all of the agnitor rep gear (T13 and T14 - T12 optional but doesn't hurt) be eligible as template in the mean time due to the current lack of BG template replacements.
I am just curious - now that these have been reverted to level 58 dungeons, what drops in these? Is there anything that warrants running these dungeons (other than just for the fun of it, of course), or are they all superceded by the spire equipment we're handed before heading into pathfinder?
sevensevenohfour on 07/01/2013, 12:09 PM - view
If I remember right, zerkers not being wanted had most to do with the lancers being the only other heavy armour class, and them wanting to have exclusive right to the plate drops. So it'd be "kick that zerker or good luck waiting hour+ for another tank lancer and one that actually won't mind a zerk lololol"

That wasn't the sole issue, since archers were also getting the shaft quite often in those times despite wearing leather. Here's an old post with KonpakuYoumu estimating the zerker's DPS back then (note that at this point his zerker is in full +12 dreamkeepers) to be about 60% of a poorly geared sorc.

Zerkers had the lowest DPS of all the classes back then. Obviously it's different now, but this combined with the heavy armor issue is what led to the berserker's "unwanted" status.
This is just a guess, but it might be related to the 50% increased damage that warriors used to take from normal mobs (leading to silliness like a stance wars getting one-shot by 26k damage from fake Kaidun). They might be reducing that to something a bit lower.
For the less skilled players (who aren't verbally abusive) I usually find it easier to adapt to their behavior. Taking a few examples from this thread:

Players that pull mobs separate from the tank: I usually let their HP drop to critical, then aim a healing circle at them. The idea is that they hear the low HP earning and flash, realize "hey, maybe I shouldn't do this", and follow the tank next time.

Players that run in circles: I'm usually moving when I aim focus heal, so I sweep my crosshairs in the opposite direction that they are running. This will catch them in the lock on. After that, I'll turn my camera to lock the tank and fire the heal. Focus heal is multidirectional so these players are not a problem.

Players running out of range: I usually focus heal people before they have the chance to do this, but if they are so far away that even focus heal can't lock on, then they are probably safe from the boss as well. Thus, I ignore the player until he gets back in range (on the radar) and quickly focus heal lock him when he gets into range.

People that dodge heals: In general, I find this happens the most when I mistime a heal. If a DPS has to choose between gambling whether my heal or the boss will hit them first, they'll use their next action to jump away. If an archer or sorc us in melee range of a boss, they will probably be jumping out at first opportunity as well. Regardless, I use circle heal only the melee is well positioned and unlikely to make a sudden evade; most of the time this means getting close to the boss, which is a-okay.
Of the ones you listed, Castanic. The 1% additional crit on back is really good.