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It seems that after the initial few days, every wonderholme HM party is sticking to a "one warrior only" rule. I've seen parties that double up or sometimes even run with three berserkers, slayers, archers, or sorcerers, and occasionally even ones that run with no warriors period, but having two warriors seems like something that is universally shunned by everyone. This is despite the fact that most parties fail the shield phase not because of inadequate DPS, but because someone missed a totem (I've run plenty of 2 warrior parties, including on the first day when no one has the new gears - none of them failed to do adequate dps on the shield phase).

I'm just curious on what is causing this sort of thing to happen. It's not like WHHM is that difficult of a DPS check where you want to minmax your party compositions, and warriors still do adequate DPS. Yet, people still stick to this rule and would favor waiting longer or taking in an inexperienced sorc/zerker than an experienced warrior.
Last minute entry time! Peanut butter and jelly!

Thankfully the contest is in PDT, so I was just barely 1 hour and 45 minutes before the deadline =D.
This is like "Wallop" all over again.
AkizukiRyou on 08/16/2013, 06:25 PM - view
Why do you want any of this. Its just more wallet destroying RNG boxes. The good ones will ALWAYS be RNG.

Some of us wait until other people spend the money, and buy the results with in-game gold hen they reach their lowest price point.

Thus, for some of us, it's hardly wallet-destroying in the least.
I just killed two twin sword argon (argon overseer) BAMs and got a SES to drop.

I assume that either I'm blindly lucky or they're dropping more often now.
It's not possible to tell, in my opinion. I've just recently led a very underleveled team in CS against a considerably more PvP-able opposition - this is made very obvious by the fact that a single airship drop was able to smash our center pyre defense in 1 minute. We still managed to win because of superior tactics, because I didn't scream at people, and because one or two members were experienced enough to know when NOT to listen to the leader.

Ultimately, even with a severely disadvantaged team, you can still win against a more capable team with some organization and tactics. Even if your team has like 15:125 k/d and the other team has 125:15, it doesn't matter if you break their crystal while they get stuck at inner gates for 5 mins.
My experiences with EME CS has been very positive, and is in fact one of the main reasons I still play TERA casually. The only other MMO publisher I've experienced with CS that can compare is Trion. In a field where every other company is either slower, less human, untrained, or (usually) a mix of all three, EME's prompt service is definitely a blessing.

EDIT: Oh yeah, I should give an example. This was back before the F2P period when we still had a ton of servers (Dragonfall, Blightwood, etc.) and there was still a bug with soulbound items changing who they were bound to when enchanted. I had a pair of boots bound to a level 12 alt this way, and when I petitioned customer support, they deleted the defective boots and worked with me to get a new pair of boots with the exact stats and enchant level of the original boots. The process took a bit, but they were very patient and courteous along the way.

Since then, I filed a few tickets for errors related to bugged quest items. There was literally a ticket where I submitted it, took a one-hour nap, and woke up to find it resolved.
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Veris on 08/19/2013, 08:23 AM - view
Do your job and you'll be in the top percentile on the score board. Don't do your job and you'll be at the bottom. See how that works?

Surprisingly enough, very much not true. There are plenty of things in Corsairs that help your team tremendously (even more than adding an extra body to the center pyre team), although each of them will land you at or near the bottom half of the scoreboard. These include:

* Diversionary Tactics - If you can continuously keep, say, people respawning at outer pyres occupied on your for 30 second intervals, you have just disrupted an otherwise continuous stream to your defenses and massively helped out your team. You probably will end up with terrible K/D stats and low contribution, but you just added like 3-4 life bars to your defense team by giving them intermittent periods where the assault team is not receiving reinforcements.
* Harassing Outside Tanks - I've seen entire games lost by teams that stayed on mid wall and failed to control the outside tanks. When uncoordinated people get into these they are generally low threat, but they can cover ladders and make ladder defense useless, shoot down (or otherwise render useless) turrets in the center, and allow the enemy team to effortlessly cap mid pyre if left uncontrolled. If you are outside harassing the tanks, they are now doing none of this.
* Center Crystal Teams - If you're healing the people trying to break center crystal or trying to break the center crystal yourself, you're probably getting 0 assists from that. If your team kills the center crystal, you are doing your job in every way possible.
* Inner Ladder Defense - Self-explanatory.
After the alliance update, it seems that on occasion, if I use /reset from any dungeon, it brings me to the alliance HQ instead of just outside that dungeon like normal. Thus, /resetting, say, the Bastion lighthouse for the dailies would take me back to Allemanthia instead of just outside.

It's not a major issue, but it has been a pretty big pain in the butt lately. Does anyone else run into this issue?
Windrel on 08/13/2013, 08:41 PM - view
You won't get much sympathy from this forum community unfortunately. Fact of the matter is that EME gave no warning or heads up that players with any infamy would not be allowed in the new area. Whether you have 10 or 9999, you cannot enter. Quite disappointing.

Infamy can be worked off though, so if you have 10 infamy, just kill 10 balder mobs and you're set (or leave yourself logged on for 10 mins).

Of course, this means that people with 9999 infamy is pretty much hosed, although that brings into serious question as to how they managed to rack up that much at once (since a level 60 killing a single level 1 that decided to troll Kaneria is still only 590).
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