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counterpoint on 05/25/2014, 01:48 PM - view
I think the problem is that the rare ones really are pretty rare in those boxes, and also that people don't really want to "settle" for the lesser ones (since they bind on equip). So the stratification between the uncommon and rare is pretty huge (uncommons are under 10k on some servers -- it's like silver medal; no one wants it ;p ), and basically the gold price for the rares is eating the whole cost of all the RNG. It actually wouldn't surprise me if the actual amount spent/rare this time is close to $60.

We'll see what it's like by next weekend.

It's not just that. Mounts and costumes have limited demand - not everyone is going to jump on the latest ninja costume or black wolf mount (stamina-restoring or not) since they don't really impact gameplay. On the other hand, these things have stats, so the consumer base suddenly jumped from "costume addicts" to "pretty much everyone on the server". Since supply is still limited, it will take quite a while for the costumes to drop back to the reasonable point of 40-50k.
fpsnoob on 05/27/2014, 01:45 AM - view
I don't see how you could possibly run everything on preset 5 with that laptop. I have...

i7 - 3630qm
16 GB 1600 mhz ram

In pretty much every way my laptop is better than yours (except for the GPU being a 6 series, but still a 675MX is way more powerful than a 720m) and yet the only time I can have stable fps on preset 5 is when there's pretty much no people around.

TERA is a lot more CPU bound than GPU. I'm running it on a GTX 780 Ti Classified Edition (basically, factory overclocked) and still get 40 FPS in most of the more populated areas/15 nexus because I haven't overclocked my CPU yet. Granted, I do run at max preset and max background details, but still.

The 3630qm is 2.4GHz iirc, so TERA will probably run slower for you because of that. Background applications could make a difference as well.
JigglyWigglyx on 05/25/2014, 04:46 AM - view
I lol'd, what auto locking? their attacks are hitscan and have only one auto locking skill which is useless

I guess if that's your only disagreement, then you concede that you can't argue against/agree with most of my post?

What I mean by auto locking is different from the lock-ons that sorcs get. Auto-locking means that you don't have to aim as precisely as, say, lancers do with their leash; if you aim in the general area of where your opponent is and isn't wildly off, the arrow will move and track them. This applies for pretty much every archer skill from the basic arrow to RA and PA. Considering that you can choose when to release your charge, this is not at all difficult to do - archers have a VERY easy time hitting people.
Let's dissect your argument, then.

JigglyWigglyx on 05/24/2014, 06:31 PM - view
wear leather armor, and have teleports to get out of bad places, which makes the squishy argument irrelevant. If they wore cloth armor then you'd have a point.

This is a silly argument. A class's defense is a product of their armor and their endurance, not just armor alone. If reapers wore heavy armor and have 1 endurance, they'd still be one-shot by anything despite wearing heavy armor.

As it stands, reapers have 38 base endurance with no damage reduction in PvP. Sorcs have approximately double of that, and has an additional 31% additional damage reduction in PvP. Thus, reapers will take more damage than sorcerers in PvP.

They also, like sorcs, have zero movement on any of their other skills. Without the teleport on flash step, reapers would be completely screwed by roots and slows.

JigglyWigglyx on 05/24/2014, 06:31 PM - view
Compare that to the archer. Archer has 1 iframe, does less dps, is slower due to a lack of teleport, the explosive back does not have an iframe, and is slow. The only one close range stun which has been nerfed.

Sure, let's compare to archers. Archers have the easiest time aiming at any target in PvP due to their mechanics and the auto-locking, meaning that unless their target can iframe the exact second your attacks are released, they will be hit by the arrow. In contrast, most of a reaper's "higher dps" is heavily range and chain dependent. Sure, they have their heavy hitting combos (like every class), but wonky range mechanics ensure that most of them are not easy to hit on an opponent that knows your class. Have you ever tried using the PvE death spiral -> grim strike -> sundering strike combo in PvP? Unless if your opponent is actually AFK (or marked by a warrior), no one is going to ever let you land that. Without chains, grim strike and sundering is slow as molasses, and double shear deals half the damage; such DPS.

Archers have more defense. 6% PVP damage reduction and a boatload more endurance on the same armor type means it takes far more hits to take you down than a reaper.

Archers have rain of arrows. I think both of us knows the utility of that attack in any instance of mass PvP.

If I focused on archer advantages and reaper's defense and arbitrary range, then I could make a similar article about how archers are OP and reapers are underpowered. As is, you're focusing on iframes and ignoring every single disadvantage (limited skills, obvious animations, chain reliant, lowest defense in PvP) that the reaper has. Warriors, too, have lots of iframes and mobility, but take that away and you have a broken chassis of a class with the lowest PvP damage in the game. Like warriors, reapers are balanced because of their advantages; they are worse than archers everywhere else.
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That argument is a bit silly. Of course you won't make huge amounts of money if you actually spend the 5k gold on pp potions. If you did, then everyone would be buying them and crafting forever, and it would be as if the PP limit didn't exist in the first place. The argument would make sense if PP didn't replenish on its own and you had to buy the pots to craft at all, but that's hardly the case.

Profit is equal to sale price minus materials. Stuff like runes and steelbloods are items that you can sell on their own in the broker, so any mats consumed will take away from your profit. PP can't be sold; you can't take your PP, bottle it up, and sell it to another player. You also naturally acquire PP without even needing to do anything. Therefore, counting the PP spent against your crafting profits make no sense at all.

If you ration points instead of heedlessly spending them on pp potions, then there is indeed a profit to be made in crafting now. With just the PP from one account (and that's after artisaning on three crafts over three characters), I've made 50k on bloodhound gloves and boots so far - or rather, I would have if I didn't give 6 of them to guildies for no charge.

I also made a sizable profit in alchemy (selling for double cost) on the side. Compared to the old system where droughts cost 14g to produce and sold for 13g, and the weapon and armor crafts were completely useless except for spamming crafting quests to craft NF, and I would definitely call it an improvement.
It does not appear to be a bug. Soul reversal seems to be specifically designed so that it would punch through immunities, as it could stun the likes of Jack and Bander.
It also staggers Bandersnatch. It's not a full stun, but is still useful for interrupting the Bander KD phase thus rendering KDs obselete.
I probably need a meaner-looking face.

I named my reaper Sapphire. It's just one of the names I have on hand.

@Gus: 9/10. You put a lot of thought into the name :).
Wildstar's name reservation is far, far worse.

I guarantee you this.