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If you were a part of a party and are using your support rotation, then you have contributed more than your fair share in DPS (I believe ES+TN+Buffs increases party DPS by about 50%). There's no reason for that archer to demand anything more for "carrying" you if he is also resorting to a party for alliance BAMs, nor should you ever feel ashamed.

After all, alliance BAM parties are made because it's much faster to complete the quests with 5 people than it is with 1, so if you've contributed more than your share of DPS to the group via buffs and debuffs, where's the "carry"?
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When you starting earning disposable income, you'll realize that some people like to spend money on things they support that are sadly too often overlooked in the F2P industry, such as faster updates compared to foreign markets. It's why Kickstarter is so popular nowadays, after all.

It doesn't matter whether reaper is fun or not. I'm willing to give EME money because I like their business model and consumer interactivity despite hardly really playing TERA nowadays, and I'm willing to throw more support if they do things like amazing support and speedy updates. A lot of other people in this thread, I'm willing to guess, are in the same boat; and if my $100 can entertain me for a week, it would be money much better spent than some of the other things I've bought in the past.

Games like Diablo 3 didn't even last that long, after all.
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If we really do get Reaper on the 20th (or sometime that week) I will be so impressed with EME that I will drop $100 on EMP on the spot.
I came into this thread expecting four, bank tabs filled with rootstock alcohol.

I am disappoint.
I'm all for teaching new players the ropes. That being said, if the archer really is bragging about being able to take aggro and getting into an argument over something silly (like keen vs. power charms) like OP said, it starts falling into a gray area of "is it really just a new player, or someone who has an attitude"?
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When Mystics were the preferred healer for MC, a lot of priests complained about how they were unwanted and received a bunch of buffs that pushed them way past mystics.

I don't see why they can't do the same for Mystics now that it's pretty evident that priests are preferred for everyone except maybe zerkers. A stacked debuff on Sharan Bolt that stacks for -12% and overrides Triple Nemesis would go a long way towards doing this.
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Warriors are just sucky when it comes to tanking, in fact I find myself tanking better in offensive stance just for the way better damage.

I don't believe this at all. Please elaborate.
Personally, I would prefer if, instead of constantly re-referencing MCHM, they could actually make the newer dungeons harder (or add a "very hard" mode to them). This would actually be very easy to do, since a lot of the current dungeons are deemed very easy because of the following:

1) Lack of one-shot or excessively deadly mechanics.
2) Way too easy to recover from mistakes.

For instance, WHHM could be made very challenging if they changed the spin attack and tail poison to a unmitigable one-shot (must be dodged), significantly increased the damage of the small poison circles (maybe 30k damage to geared players + 10% max HP per tick), made the petrify a one-shot, increased his secondary aggro rate, and made it so that priests and mystics cannot resurrect anyone in the dungeon. For added fun, have the petrify for tanks be a one-shot as well instead of a cleanable effect. It might not be quite MCHM (with its tons of debuffs), although it will still challenge players enough to force them to play with skill rather than just mash through it.

If they could do this and add a "final mode" to future dungeons with the true top gear (that is only 5% better than the second-best), even if it's not quite MCHM level, it would be much better than expecting everyone to constantly come back to one dungeon.
They stack.

"Cannot stack with crystals that have the same effect" means the crystal does not stack with itself. Namely, if you tried putting two focused-type crystals in the same weapon, TERA won't let you. Stacking 3-4 different critical crystals (Savage, Acrimonius, Focused) is pretty standard in most DPS crystal setups, in fact.
TR being down is an outrage. It has costed me precious minutes that I would not have spent on TERA anyway due to being at work!!!

Thus, the workers will rise!
We will not compromise!
For we know that EME owes us all a bag of rice!

Long live Lenin! Kill the czar!
We salute thee, sickle and star!