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I wish I still had summer vacations D:.
Excellent guide :).

Do you have any plans to cover any of the other BAMs that drop vitriols, btw? Namely, argon overseers (the two swords one) are typically pretty good for melee characters, while gilgash guardians in Helkan District are good due to their sheer number of spawns.
Regent prices are still pretty high, so it's about akin to getting a vitriol every 2-3 runs of MCHM. For absolute end-game gear, that isn't really bad at all.

The low drop rate for vitriols are also beneficial to the economy in other ways. It keeps a lot of people (not just the people crafting VM, but others as well) farming bams, which increases supply and lowers the prices of other essential items like SES, CCB, and crystals. Before vitrols became in-demand, an anarchic crystal or a green crux could cost up to 500-700g each, with crystalbinds (the regular ones, mind you) being priced at 300. That was before-f2p money too, so they'd inflate so much more now.
I've just bombed about 30 MES trying to masterwork a pair of dismay boots with no successes. I know that the mayham set from KN20 was supposed to have a much improved MW chance, although after this display, I'm not entirely certain that the same bonus applies to the KN10 dismay set.

Can anyone confirm whether it's this, or if I'm just among the unluckiest MW-ers in the world =p?
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"After that, there will be a new 20v20 battleground coming in late June."

I see. I guess I misremembered the lights, then. Apologies.
I've actually had the reverse of the bad healer stories in one of my alt's groups a few months ago. I was queued for SM on my sorc, and there was a priest that, for the entirety of the dungeon, reminded us that healers are the core of the party and we must respect him, etc. He made us wait every few pulls while he's "resting for mana" (he didn't seem to realize he has a mana recharge and a mana infusion skill), constantly berated the tank for "pulling when he's low on mana", and was generally acting like a primadonna to the entire party. I was almost tempted to snap back at him a few times and remind him that tanks are the rarity in TERA, but as the tank was new and required a ton of healing, I ended up enduring it for the sake of the rest of the team.

It really does go both ways, though. There are plenty of blame the healer moments from DPS that couldn't dodge, and I've also seen plenty of healers (mostly at lower levels) who still treat TERA like other MMOs where healers are king of dungeon queues and get angry over the smallest things. My take is usually - if a DPS ever tries to pin the blame on a healer, I'll stand up for the healer (or if I am on my priest, just endure it for the sake of a complete run). If a healer ever pulls that crap where he gets angry and just refuses to heal the party, though (and it's a non-endgame instance), I'll switch to solo mode, finish the boss, and make sure that he knows exactly what's on my mind at that moment in time.
I remember that during the earlier days of the event, the last light was supposed to point to the implementation of 20 v 20 battlegrounds (with the community managers pointing out that the class balance patches will be added around this time) rather than the TERA event.

Is there still plans to implement the battlegrounds and the balance fixes within this month, or has this been pushed back to June or later?

EDIT: Also, does this mean that the class balance patches for archer, priest, and warrior are also pushed back to an indeterminate date?
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- I take a totally different stance than Serenade when it comes to animation canceling. Being a good warrior IMO means knowing the exact second you can animation cancel while still getting the full damage potential of the skill.

I agree with you =p. I was mainly talking about PvE DPS, which I assume the OP is referring to as well (since that's the only spot where cancelling with a roll would be considered expensive). In PvP or when you're tanking (and thus have access to an easy cancel in the form of block), it's very vital to do so.
Warriors are actually relative slow in leveling due to rather poor AoE skills and the low damage point on their attacks, as well as the necessity of chaining to blade draw for significant damage. For the lower levels, archers have the distinct advantage in soloing speed on normal mobs (archer is, imo, the best class to farm canephora potions from lv. 1-9). They are about even in the mid-levels once warriors acquire TC and BD, and once archers get rain of arrows, the scales tip to archers again. Warriors simply do not have anything that really compares to penetrating arrow and rain of arrows in mobbing.

For soloing BAMs, though - once you become skilled in the class, warriors are faster at almost all levels due to their ability to continuously be at the back of the BAM, allowing back-crit and glistening setups to really shine. Archers, while easier for some BAM types, will not be able to do this with consistency; add this to the fact that archers do not have the sheer base damage of sorcerers (the other range class with similar properties) and you'll end up usually finding BAM solos to be quicker on a warrior. End-game, warrior is my preferred solo BAM farming class of the two.

Both classes, at the moment, are at the worst end of the DPS scale unfortunately. People tend to debate back-and-forth about whether warriors or archers have the higher damage output, but regardless they are both lower than the big three (berserkers, sorcerers, slayers).
How I deal with global:

Really, the trick is to not get offended and roll with the punches. I like to think about it this way: if you're with RL friends talking about random stuff in a bar, and the discussion happens to shift to repetitive jokes that are "in" with your group or something dirty, would you scream "omg you immature douches! I swear, kids these days," at them? Or would you keep quiet through a topic you may not enjoy and practice restraint to preserve your friendship?

If you do the former, I really do hope you have some ultra-conservative friends, or you'll end up losing a lot of them =p.
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