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I basically stopped taking TERA's lore seriously as soon as Wonderholme came out. There cannot be any lore-friendly explanations for that anomaly of an instance.
I definitely don't think what Flip did was right in this case. Back when I was in IO, there were plenty of exarchs that jumped through the room in rankings (there was someone that earned 2k contribution points in the 4 hours before Saturday reset), and no one made too much of a deal over this. While I admit it sucks to have an exarch that tosses policy points into the gutter and doesn't ever activate gold enchanter, it's still no reason to be hostile against everyone trying for the top alliance spot - most of them are actual players that aren't working against the alliance rather than faceless spies.

That being said, this entire thing feels like a lynch mob - at least with whisper chats being posted TWICE (and the second time by an alt account, no less). There is far more to this story than just "IO is tyrant", but the picture is being thrown around just for shock values for people that do not know the situation on TR just to lynch a bunch of players. It feels almost like a PETA advertisement to me, and seeing some otherwise very mature members repeat all of this vitriol in alliance chat is rather sickening to watch, even if I'm not personally interested in alliance.

Alliance is supposed to be fun. It's supposed to be a system within a game, not some serious business where you have to police other players (in Flip's case) or resort to lynching people on the forums (in the OP and certain FTC people's case). What happened to playing TERA for fun? Why not spend all this residual energy actually PvPing people rather than backhanded attempts at sabotage or suspecting everyone and controlling the top ten places in the alliance?

Why not go back to actually respecting each other for the competition rather than all of the vitriol being thrown around?
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I'm playing in the ESO early release right now (or rather - I will be playing it once nighttime hits and less people are registering names so I have a bit more free time to customize appearance on the names I've already reserved).

ESO is a very standard, old school MMO. While it does not necessarily have the active combat that TERA (and Wildstar!) has, it's only a tick against the game if you cannot stand tab-targetting. There are a number of people that are perfectly okay with FF14 coming from TERA despite that game being the most blatant tab-target game out there; for me, I mind it a bit less, though I could definitely see how other people would place much more importance on it.

The game is not very innovative, though it functions excellently as a single-player game with rewards for exploration. For me, I'm mainly playing it because I already pre-ordered and can't take the money back anymore, though I do expect (and hope) that it will give me my one month worth of entertainment. If that's all you are looking for in a game, ESO isn't bad at all; the story and exploration elements are comparable to Skyrim and will keep you entertained for a while.

I question how ESO will perform in the long run, of course. I don't doubt that it will probably crash once players start reaching the end-game (that doesn't really exist), so if you are looking into a MMO that can last you for a while, ESO is probably shaky.

Personally, I'm looking forward to Wildstar, while I continue to try to figure out how I can get rid of lag on BnS China.
A slightly more accurate assessment of the classes:

Do you like to cause MASSIVE amounts of damage?! Pick a sorc!
Do you like to heal the [filtered] out of everyone and be the king of buffs/debuffs? Pick Priest!
Do you like having lots of CC in PvP? Pick Mystic!
Anything that I do not agree with = minority players whining and ruining things for everyone else.
Anything that I agree with = majority opinion, EME must listen nao nao NAO!!!3

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that the majority of players probably do not give two-thirds of a care whether the death charger is in the shop for 280 or 275. Most of this is basically people projecting their own opinions as the majority and screaming at EME for "bad customer service" when things are swinging toward the other group.

Not that there is anything wrong with it. Bias is a part of basic human nature, after all, and I'm probably just as guilty of it as anyone else.
Mr1ply on 03/28/2014, 07:08 AM - view
just wondering if you can provide some clarity on this? i didnt happen to check their mount speeds...but if their 280 i dont see the issue. Are they being lowered below 280?

The mounts were 280. I suspect they are being changed to 275 like most other in-game mounts since they were changed to that speed after TERA became f2p (though nexus warhorse stayed 280 for a while longer due to a bug). They probably wanted to give away the post-F2P versions of the mount rather than the legacy versions that were only attainable when the game still had a monthly sub.
zebaz1988 on 03/27/2014, 12:30 PM - view
That is not free. And it was actually 5 gifts of 20 dollars each, making it 100 dollars before tax as far as i remember.

Five gifts of 10 dollars each, actually. The valentines boxes were around 1200 or so EMP, so with the bonuses from the larger package you'll squeeze by at $10 per box. I know I bought 10 of them with the $100 EMP package to get the account Ember with 550 EMP to spare.

Were they up to 80k now? The last time I checked on TR they were still selling for a grand total of 30k each. That was a week ago, though, so they may have inflated now.

EDIT: They are currently 46k. That's about $40 if you can still get the 10:1 rate, so still very manageable.

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Dyeable Rida was never a part of a loot box. They were given to you for free if you buy and gift $50 worth of the valentines day formal package (you can gift these to yourself on another account to get the boxes and the uniform).

They should still be available on the broker for 30-40k though. Just sell $40 worth of EMP and you should be able to buy one on the TR broker.
This looks like the unlocked size changer limits that Espei mentioned in the last TeraToday update.

In which case, they are out-of-combat only, just like our current size changers. You don't have to worry about them.
Honestly, though, I see crashing slider prices as being good for TERA. Allows the newer players to pay what we once paid for them instead of the inflated-to-death prices that the previous generation of event hijackers are now charging.

If the sliders can fall right down to 3k, all the better.