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I would recommend a computer with a 760M or above. Assuming that you are convinced with the laptop, the performance difference between the power-grade GTXs (x60+) and the medium-grades (x40-x55) is pretty noticeable even on a laptop.

It is a bit more expensive than the lenovo you posted at $1099, but I would recommend something like the Batallion 101 W355STQ from iBuyPower. There are similar brands from tigerDirect and other companies, of course - but these computers are usually built for gaming and thus focus a bit more on the GPU side of things:

Of course, Lenovo, ASUS, etc. are still very good. Their rigs are usually not designed for gaming, though, so you'll notice that their GPUs tends to be a little more on the budget side. They'll still work if you just want to play at low or medium settings, though you will notice the performance difference.
FlowerPetals on 12/25/2013, 08:56 PM - view
BUT, they put in the same amount of time and effort to run WHHM with you and your group, and as such they should get the right to roll on an item that they can use (even if doing so is horrible).

Think of it like someone saying hateful things in a country that allows free speech. Its a horrible thing to do, but they still have that right to do it and you shouldn't try to take that right way.

That's like saying I should be able to roll on mystic quick scepters or slayer swords because I can use them as fodder, which will save me some money that will contribute to getting NF or buying WH off the broker. I mean, I ran the dungeon and put in the "same time and effort", so why can't I roll on an item I can use as fodder?

Also, do note that most of the people that roll on armor for other classes will not actually use it, owing to the fact that 1) they have to enchant it, which costs lots of money (even going to +9 can cost 20k due to low success rates) for ridiculously marginal gains and 2) if they actually wear it, attentive people will start kicking them from PuGs because that's like a huge blaring warning sign that you can't be trusted with loot rules.

The logic is flawed. TERA would be a far better place if the armor for each class is class-restricted rather than just restricted to armor type.
I'm starting a new priest alt, and am looking into options to try to get her geared. I do have a decent amount of money to spend, though I'm trying not to blow my wallet too much on a new alt (so no buying WH gear) - instead, I've collected enough tokens for steadfast and am looking into whether I should be getting that for the priest, or buying cheap regents and saving my tokens for another alt.

My main reason for getting steadfast is, admittedly, ilvl padding. I want to run WHHM as quickly as possible on my priest, and way too many groups are requiring ilvl 163-165+ nowadays. I know that regent staff is better in every way than steadfast - the only problem is that I'm hoping to use regent armor and maybe gloves as well to give myself as much of a healing boost as I possibly can (since I don't have healing jewelry for the char yet - stupid BoP rings - so I have to rely on core gear and succoring zyrks for healing boosts).

My concern with steadfast, though, is whether I will have enough healing ability to properly sustain heals on a poor WHHM group. I know that priests overheal, etc., but I'm missing a huge % of bonus healing from not having proper healing jewelry. I want to make sure I don't lower my effectiveness too much and not be able to keep up with a standard, unskilled PuG group for WH. On the other hand, if I use regent, I have to +12 the set just to get close to the ilvl requirements of many of the random pugs I've seen, and I don't know if that would be a wise use of money.

I have the proper PvE glyphs for the priest already (except the 50% Mana Charge one - still working on this) and have enough tokens for full SF if necessary.

What would you guys recommend for a new alt priest?
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Soloing Bandersnatch (pointless except for bragging rights) doesn't say anything about a class's soloing ability. Gramted, warriors are probably easier now than when 8 leveled mine.

Berserkers will end a group of mobs in one cyclone. They will quickly dispose of any BAMs they can dash behind, which is all of them except a few odd ones like fangspawns. They also have the easiest time soloing any dungeon of their level - my warrior needs pots to solo Necro Tomb at level or have to be cautious. When I played my zerker alt and the NT queue took too long, I waltzed in with no preparation and took down the entire dungeon with like 5 bandages.

Sorcs are much harder than zerks, of course. On BAM soloing, though, the range completely screws with most BAMs. Fangspawns, for example (bane of melee), jumps around most of the time and runsright into fireblasts. Glacial jump makes many BAMs stop and melee, giving plenty of time to attack. Dracos, too, are trivial - they run around and go into your FB like idiots. Sure, sorcs have problems with argon overseers, but spaceship BAMs and gilgash guardians are very easy for them. Also, Sorc is the first on NA to solo LoT back when everyone is in T12 and are the easiest class for MC.

So yeah, not really for either of the two classes.
Zdzisiu on 11/25/2013, 01:36 AM - view
Def Warrior was one of the most popular class at the game release. And most of them (at least 80% what I know) left the game after changes from one year ago. Ppl loved play evasive tank as warrior was.

This is 100% not true.

Aeriad on 11/25/2013, 03:45 AM
Zerks and Sorcs are the hardest classes to play. Zerks are marginally better for PvE but certainly not Sorcs since they die when a bosses eyelash falls on them.

For PvE, this is also not true. Pre-BAM nerfs, I have had a considerably easier time soloing most BAMs on my sorc compared to most of my melee alts (the only two that were actually harder are arachen and molochs - on the other hand, more difficult BAMs like dracoloths and fangspawns are trivial on sorc).

Zerkers are far better at PvE than most classes. Aside from lancers, they are the only other class that can solo most at-level dungeons with ease.
Buy the BG templates before they went away.
I have no pet peeves. I have achieved +12 Inner Peace.
What's it supposed to do? There isn't a crux by that name in TERA US, from what I remember.
LancelotDL on 11/18/2013, 04:52 PM - view
I wouldn't go that far. Perhaps allow a much longer grace period, but I wouldn't exclude them completely. I think of mmos I played years ago, most of which I had common in-demand names, and I don't feel entitled to them. If I still have them great, but if I lost them.....I lost them to someone actually playing the game. What's fair is fair.

There's a good reason for this.

Firstly, people who leave do come back. A person who was here during early access, reserved a good name, and played to 60 will never come back if their name was randomly lost to someone that joined a week ago. I never went back to Silk Road Online for this very reason; and returning customers are people you want to keep rather than drive away.

Second, it discourages people from ever buying cash shop. Sure, you still have the sellers, but think about it this way. You are a semi-frequent cash shop buyer that is feeling a bit bored at the game, but there's a cute costume that you want for sale. If you know your account and character will at least be kept until TERA shuts down, that costume will have value to you even if you aren't sure about playing, since you can pick up that character again whenever you feel bored. If I run the risk of my character getting renamed to Player38403 if I leave for a bit (thus ensuring that I will never return once it happens)? The utility for it is now lower, and you suddenly have a much lower incentive for buying it now.

It's too great of a loss for any MMO compared to its gains to be implemented.

Rutee on 11/18/2013, 05:03 PM
As for the stuff about 'fairness' based on whoever had a passing thought about wanting a name first... there's no way to actually know that, and it's kind of silly imo for it to even be an issue. Once the name is released from the ancient squatter's account, everyone will have the same chance to get it. In my eyes, that's totally fair.

This entire thread is about fairness, however. It's just stated in a roundabout way.

The reason that the OP (and anyone) wants this change is because they consider it not fair for someone to hold a name when they aren't actively using it. Thus, fairness is at the very center of the discussion. For example, I have wanted the name 'Ruby' on Tempest Reach for a long time now; why would it be "fair" if someone that started two weeks ago grabs the name because he could type it one second faster than me or if he happened to be at home while I'm working at that time, when it was a name I wanted since early access back in May 2012?
zesux on 11/18/2013, 06:24 AM - view
Are there really so many stupid people in this game? I haven't got to endgame yet, but if the players at endgame is still somewhat as stupid as the people who I been grouping up in instance matching then I'm pretty sure I won't be getting there before I quit. Every dungeon I have done in this game so far always had at least one or more idiots, and I don't find the first three dungeon to be that hard to do.

Keep in mind - you are currently in the learning dungeons, with people that are still trying to get used to their classes. This isn't even like the more populous periods where everyone is doing low level stuff at the same time - right now, TERA's low level dungeons are filled with either completely new players that just discovered TERA (who are more likely to be much newer at action combat in general) or veterans on an alt. Chances are, it's the first type.

Once you hit 60s, you're more likely to hit players that don't really care since they are in CW and heals heal for about 50-100% of your HP than players that don't know their class.

zesux on 11/18/2013, 06:24 AM - view
- From time to time there would be this tank, warrior or lancer, that think they can just take any amount of damage and the healer would just heal it off. And if they died, they blame the healer for not doing their job. But these stupid tank don't even block or try to evade any attack. Also, they don't even try to taunt the monsters at all and think all they need is just attack and it would be enough to hold the aggro. And what's up with those attack power from behind crystal? They are useless for tanks!

This is what happens when players are new. Active blocking doesn't exist in most MMOs, so unless they happen to come from Vindictus or DN, they will probably be used to face-tanking. Attack power from behind might be a result of them not having enough money or game knowledge to get the correct ones, also.

zesux on 11/18/2013, 06:24 AM - view
- Sometime there are healers that keep attacking instead of healing. From my experiences, whenever I'm with one of these type of healer, the group would have a lot of death. And they would either blame it on the low health tank for not tanking, or the dps for not knowing how to dodge. Yeah, sure you guys can attack with you have time to, but healing should be your top priority and not trying to do dps. This is mostly toward mystic healer as I see they do this the most, although I do see priest do sometime. Also why do these attacking mystic always put up the Thrall tanking pet?

At low levels, a healer that knows what she's doing will be using triple nemesis on mobs every 7 seconds to increase their party's DPS (which is an attack). When my priest was at low levels, I tend to use slowing metamorphic blast as well since it makes attacks slower and thus me have to heal people less.

In general, unless if I'm concerned about MP (or if it's higher level play and I have to rotate in other stuff as well), I will use TN and auto attack on the bosses whenever I can. In general, if someone can go from almost full health to almost no health and bleeding in the span of a single Energy Stars + TN, it's not really worth the time to keep them alive.

zesux on 11/18/2013, 06:24 AM - view
- These are the type of idiots I see the most in this game! Freaken! Annoying! as People!

When I'm on my priest and I see this kind of behavior, I'll let the offender die once.

Of course, it's easy to lump people together. Occasionally, on lower level dungeons, you will see veteran alts that do this just to make the dungeon go faster. I pull ahead all the time when I was leveling my zerker, in fact - a DPS geared in full +9 and stalwart crystals can probably solo the dungeon by herself, so it does make it faster if he pulls everything at once when the tank is new and overly cautious. Sometimes, it's not always easy to distinguish between these and genuinely bad DPS, so it's easy to overstate the issue.