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The difference between abyss's base stats vs. agnitor is about the same as the difference between VM and KNXX gear. It comes out to be about ~2% or so, which...for me, is worth spending just a bit more on a weapon. The gloves and boots, you should be able to just use agnitor.

ilvl on enchanting factors here as well. All of the abyss items that I've seen at +12 matches regent's ilvl when the regent item has a +1% or +2% MW bonus (regardless of the MW bonus of the abyss gear), while it's definitely possible to get an agnitor item with a lower MW bonus to end up with a lower ilvl. Of course, this still doesn't matter much for gloves and boots - although some groups do judge you based on that silly number.
You can block-cancel if you're in defensive stance, but in assault stance - yeah, the animation cancel is usually either evasive roll or DFA.

That being said, one of the main points of a warrior is learning not to depend on the animation cancels. Warrior abilities usually animate relatively quickly, and you're still limited by cooldown, so it usually doesn't save a lot (in my opinion) to cancel the deciseconds of animation for a BD.

I took a different approach - since I'm not willing to gamble, I just bought about $20 worth of boxes (along with buying a few in-game for cheap prices), unloaded them all in-game when they were still expensive, and used the proceeds to buy an icegrip weapon for 34k.
Deathlyz on 05/14/2013, 12:44 AM - view
not really a nerf if they are giving you a new shiny skill thats better but they made it a tad weaker..still stronger then before

You're not making sense anymore =p.
Ah, I got my patches mixed up. Apologies - the post has been revised.


EDIT: Can't type in actual Chinese. Good to know =x. Still, there won't be that many Chinese guilds in a NA-based server, and you'll probably find that most of them will end up in ktera or jtera (there's also a cinese server for tera in the works.) There are Western guilds with some Chinese/other Asian people in it, though, so if you're looking for that...
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Critique on 05/13/2013, 09:35 PM - view
Let's give warriors a healing skill, ranged skill and a charging skill. Then just change all classes to warriors. Balance problems solved.

Do you guys even know what the "warrior buff" is before you post stuff like this?

The warrior patch in KTera consist of the following:

* A buff to warrior DPS in PvE.
* A general nerf to warriors in PvP, especially in defensive stance.
* No changes to PvE tanking.

So yeah, a general nerf to the scary PvP that everyone is concerned about.


Deathlyz on 05/13/2013, 10:31 PM
warrior goals: Be the best tanker, Be the best DPS, Beat all classes in pvp

Right now, warriors are one of the lowest PvE DPS and definitely inferior to lancers in tanking (they can tank, but they have to work much harder than a lancer and has fewer tools). Warriors having marginally higher defense if the lancer doesn't glyph shout for it is not adequate to make them a "better tanking class".

The only thing that the patch fixes is warrior DPS, which, like archers (and priests in terms of support), IS behind the big three in DPS classes.
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Yep. Calculating my damage with enraged and scrolls gives me somewhere around that ballpark in damage, so I guess I don't need to worry about my damage any longer.

Thanks everyone :).
10 edge in 40 seconds is really easy to pull off, but is not usually sufficient. Since reaping slash only boosts scythe by 25%, you will need to do three scythes in this period (counting the damage of reaping itself at 10 stacks) in order for rs+scythes to out damage only using scythe.

No one wants warriors to maintain 10 edge stacks. What they probably mean is to keep edge up until 10 stacks. A warrior that lets stacks of edge fall off is missing his DPS from scythe (a big part of dps).
Ah, I missed that. Thanks.