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WHHM is not always a guarantee. Most of the LFG pugs tend to have item level requirements or otherwise require experience, and it can take a long time to find a particular piece of WH with only three pieces (+2 more if you are lucky) dropping per run AND beating everyone else in your class to the loot.

If you already have regent at +12, then skipping steadfast is recommended (or, if you want to pad your item level, get the steadfast boots to +9). If you're starting off as a fresh 60, doing Kezzels and WHNM for steadfast first is a very good idea.
nastyduck on 09/26/2013, 09:12 PM - view
90K for a weapon LOL, most people who have this gold can do WHHM in their sleep or Cashhop people. Thats not good salesman, thats just pure greed.

The prices seem pretty fair to me, in-line with what people actually purchase the WH items for (note that the WH weapons listed at 150k are pretty much never sold - a pair of C&C intense swords have been on the broker pretty much forever).

And being able to do WHHM in their sleep =/= actually being able to get the gear easily. For example, I'm running close to 20 WHHM runs so far, and lost every roll on warrior swords and chest so far; if someone doesn't have a committed static and is just damn unlucky in pugs, having a paid "static" where they can guarantee getting a piece of gear is seriously invaluable.

That's not to say that I will be using this service, although I wish Warmth the best of luck in this :).
Ayi on 09/26/2013, 05:01 PM - view
Speaking of which, what is the best way to get steadfast for an alt anyways? Probably going to +9 it and do some PvE hehe.

Generally, buying it is the quickest if you have the money. I don't know about prices on PvP servers, but on TR, it will run about 100k for the entire set.

The only other way is a mix of the two token methods - farm up a bunch of argon tokens (Argonia) and molten tokens (from KG) and use them both to buy various pieces the gear. Molten tokens are faster, but since you can do both at the same time, might as well do so =p.

WHNM is the third method, but of course not good for gearing alts.
When I woke up this morning and saw this event, I instantly withdrew all 20 of my saved elite strongbox keys and sold them all on the broker before going to work.

After the 1000x alkahest event, I simply concluded that these strongbox events have too low of a probability to realistically aim for.
Dungeon-wise, you can cross parry anything that doesn't one-shot you outright. Anything that one-shots you outright, lancers probably can't block, either. For all effective purposes, cross parry = lancer block.
ChaosDemon on 09/26/2013, 02:26 PM - view
Believe what you want. But I'm in it more for the PVP. My ultimate goal is to make my main the best she can be. I will not become outdated.

This thread happens to be about people believing that non-masterworked steadfast is better than masterworked regent, not about PvP, strikeforce vs conjunct, or comparing the two sets in general. You are bringing Ayn Rand into a discussion about apples and mocking people for liking Tolstoy when it's not even the topic of discussion in the first place.

However, to correct your blatant misconceptions about crit multipliers:

ChaosDemon on 09/26/2013, 02:26 PM - view
Sorry to break it to you but once you roll crit damage to .30 your getting about a 30% damage boost once you crit and if you crit a lot like I do your going to be having huge RNG numbers flying around.

Since we're talking about PvE, did you know that crit damage multipliers are additive? Assuming that you have only the default crit modifier, your crits are now doing 2.3x instead of 2x the original damage for a boost of 15%. Since most of us have crit multipliers of somewhere around 6.5x-8x, the .30 boost to crit is marginalized even further to only a 3.7%-4.6% boost. Because hard damage multipliers are much rarer and much lower, this is actually worse than the flat 6% that regent will give you.
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The occupy wonderholme quest never seemed to be worth it for me. Right now, WH gear is about 100k or so on the broker. A single mark is currently 70-80k and you need multiples for the weapon and armor. At the current rate, it would be more worth it to sell the marks and buy the WH equips rather than using them for the upgrade.
catscats on 09/26/2013, 07:25 AM - view
If you compare regents and steadfast twin swords, the only clear advantage is the 5% behind damage. That 5% is nothing compared to 20% higher base attack on the steadfast.

I'm not comparing +12 regent and +12 steadfast (I think someone tested this and concluded that the steadfast is 5% better). I'm comparing +12 regent with the +6 and +9 steadfast that people used to pad ilvl to the arbitrary 163-165 that people are asking for. The difference between the two, then, is two lines of bonuses (steadfast does not have a +0 line), 18 power from the gloves and weapon, and the missing skill bonus from the armor. If the steadfast is less than +9 (163 ilvl breakpoint), the difference is even worse.

Mayhem vs +9 steadfast is even more of a "no contest".
With the new steadfast gear having such (unwarranted) inflated item levels, I've very often seen people now recruit for various dungeons based on a number close to their own ilvl - so, someone with poorly enchanted steadfast might end up asking for ilvl of 165 for WHNM or KG, while someone with only a few steadfast pieces might end up asking for an ilvl of 163+, as if assuming that someone with ilvl 163 is going to actually be better geared than someone with ilvl 161 most of the time.

None of these numbers make any sort of sense whatsoever. Ilvl 163 is achieved through someone getting full steadfast to ~+6 or +7, while ilvl 165 can be achieved with full steadfast to +9. On the other hand, full +12 regent/mayham/VM, despite being statistically better than +6 or +9 steadfast gear, will only cap the player at ilvl 162 (usually 161). A lot of these players will end up rejecting full +12 people at item level 160 or 161, while filling their parties with new players with non-masterworked steadfast gear just because they fulfill their arbitrary item level requirements. ilvl would make some sense cross-server, but these are people recruiting for players in LFG - they could see and compare the guy with perfectly rolled regent and the guy with non-masterworked steadfast, but ilvl is still the only thing they end up seeing.

I'm not really complaining or anything (I tend not to want to join these kinds of parties regardless), although I think we need to somehow educate most of the TERA playerbase on what actually makes a piece of gear effective. Right now, I'm seeing quite a number of people abandon their +12 regent and mayham sets for shoddy non-masterworked steadfast just to pad their item level, while actually lowering their overall effectiveness in PvE.
Catatonic on 09/24/2013, 04:18 PM
Can WHHM be done in a full party of Dreamkeeper +12? Would be interesting to see how that run went. T13 is a dead horse, while it was enough to clear MCHM, it would be a real challenge to complete WHHM with it.

I haven't done it myself, but since there's no DPS checks, I don't see how it would be difficult to beat WHHM with dreamkeeper. There isn't a single boss in the entire dungeon that is a DPS check (the shield phase is not a DPS race if totems are killed on time, and even with the ogre, you can simply wait for the 6 stack debuff to fall off).


V: There is no DPS check on Jack. His buff does not, in fact, go above 6 stacks - if it gets to 6 stacks, it will fall off after 10 minutes instead of rising more and his speed will reset. I've actually entered with a party with poor enough DPS before that it actually happened.

I don't believe dreamkeeper will make shield phase impossible, either. I have seen him hit upwards of 20-something stacks and the totems were still very much managable, especially with totems taking only one hit to kill. At 24+, the DPS doing totems would have to stand next to it, but they should still be able to clear them.
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