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After the alliance update, it seems that on occasion, if I use /reset from any dungeon, it brings me to the alliance HQ instead of just outside that dungeon like normal. Thus, /resetting, say, the Bastion lighthouse for the dailies would take me back to Allemanthia instead of just outside.

It's not a major issue, but it has been a pretty big pain in the butt lately. Does anyone else run into this issue?
Windrel on 08/13/2013, 08:41 PM - view
You won't get much sympathy from this forum community unfortunately. Fact of the matter is that EME gave no warning or heads up that players with any infamy would not be allowed in the new area. Whether you have 10 or 9999, you cannot enter. Quite disappointing.

Infamy can be worked off though, so if you have 10 infamy, just kill 10 balder mobs and you're set (or leave yourself logged on for 10 mins).

Of course, this means that people with 9999 infamy is pretty much hosed, although that brings into serious question as to how they managed to rack up that much at once (since a level 60 killing a single level 1 that decided to troll Kaneria is still only 590).
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I was just wondering - is there something you can do with keys that you acquire in your own faction map (by bombing enemies)? There doesn't seem to be a quest for this (at least not that I can find in the Iron Order base), so I was just wondering if there's an actual purpose for it or whether it's just to mess with the other alliances.

I think this issue could be solved very easily by just having different Alliance PvP timeslots for the PvP and PvE servers.

It's pretty obvious that the PvP servers would want something close to 24/7 - for which I say all the power to them. For the PvE servers, though, stick with a more time-limited approach and maybe split the vote in the OP in two - one for PvP and one for PvE. There's no reason to bunch the two together when you can just as easily separate the two groups.
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Just want to say one thing: assists and healing numbers, like kills for DPS, are not always a good way to measure how much a healer contributed to their team.

Just today, I had a pug game where we were going with a conventional break the outer door -> center approach. A couple of us tried to ninja the crystal - mostly to try to get the defending team to move more people inside - and did some damage before the defenders ejected us. Then, a small team of 4 of us decided to use an alternate strategy and go straight for inner gate while the majority of our team is tying up the center pyre defenders. We had a healer with us; that healer got maybe 2-3 assists at most from a few stragglers the defenders could spare to send at us in-between the mid pyre defense and guarding inner ladders.

What happened? We broke the inner gate in ~3 minutes while the mid pyre defenders were still preoccupied with the rest of our team. They only had about six defenders in the crystal room at this time, so our strike team marched right in and took out the crystal. I ended that game with the most horrid k/d ratio I have ever seen in a game (2:8) with low assists, and most of that team probably had low stats due to not being where the bulk of the action was, but our little strike team breaking the middle door was what allowed us to break the crystal in less than 7 minutes.

Everything considered, if that healer had the mindset of "oh no, I'm not following you guys - I get better stats healing the top group" we might never have gotten this plan pulled off. However, because we had that healer there, the defense couldn't just kill us with some rogue cannon shots and had to split themselves paper-thin between mid pyre, gate, and inner ladders, so our little strike team strategy was able to work out in the end.

I guess what I'm saying is that there's no real way to gauge contribution in CS. In the same way that the guy with the 1:12 k/d ratio might have been the greatest contributor by running distraction, a healer with low assists and/or healing numbers might have been the greatest contributor by allowing an unorthodox strategy to actually work. Even if we had healing numbers put up, if I was that healer that helped the strike team in the aforementioned match, I would be giving myself a pat in the back instead of going "what? Only 40k heals total? I'm totally not contributing anything at all."
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Swagtusk on 08/07/2013, 10:10 PM - view
Now suppose that you fail. You spend 15 minutes and do 0 dmg to the crystal. During the other team's siege phase, they will have the same range of strategies to employ like you.

This isn't quite correct. If you, as an attacking team, spent 15 minutes doing 0 damage to the crystal, defense becomes significantly harder for your team because you have to be perfect at it - if a single opponent manages to slip through the cracks and deal 1 point of damage to the crystal, you have already lost. Thus, to be safe, this means possibly three defenders per inner ladder and much fewer on outer defense, or possibly skewing your defense in other ways to prepare for certain strategies that would have been much less of a concern otherwise.

On the other hand, the defense team only has to do 1 point of damage to your crystal within the timeframe, so they can afford to split their forces as much as they'd like. A single warrior that breaks through the two defenders on a particular ladder is pretty much instant loss for the defense team. They can also leisurely break doors with just 5 people and do other things they would never do if they were attacking first, since even if they break the outer door at 9 minutes, they'll probably still have enough time to rush the ladders and deal that 1 point of damage.

In other words, if you spend 15 minutes doing 0 damage to the crystal, the other team has already won. Such a leisurely win condition gives them so many options that would otherwise be ludicrous if they were attacking first instead.

On the other hand, attacking first always means a lot of guesswork. Since you never know how good the other team's counterattack will be, you have to make a ton of decisions - do you spend the extra 2 minutes breaking the outer door? How easy will it be to take and hold the middle pyre? Can you afford a team of 5-10 people rushing the inner crystal if they may only do X damage and contribute nothing to seizing the outer wall? You may choose a riskier and more easily defended method, or take longer to guarantee seizing the crystal; either way, you have to make a gamble.

When you defend first, though, you know exactly what options you have at the start. Did the opponents do X damage to the crystal? Maybe if the X is low enough it might be worth it to blitz it and separate the party. If you have 10 minutes, you have enough time to break the outer door, etc. Sure, if it's 5 minutes it's likely a defeat for your team, but 8+ minutes is often uncertain, and pretty much any strategy can still work. I've seen some people come up with really clever airship feints and give us a heart attack even though we were almost sure of our victory (attack first, 5 minute crystal). Some of these strategies are pretty much outright gambles that would have wasted a huge amount of time normally, but becomes viable because the attacker already knows they are in a desperate situation.
Healers are just like DPS or tanks. Some of them are good, some are okay, and some are just terrible. Some are willing to try to improve themselves, and some are self-absorbed and stick to blaming other people. If you are a subscriber of Sturgeon's law, feel free to use 90% as the dividing line.

Such is the nature of MMO players.
Makios on 07/10/2013, 04:16 PM - view
lol @ warrior players bashing the OP for saying the truth.

I made a huge post calling BS on the OP's "facts". Until you could prove that what's written on actual patch notes are wrong, maybe it's a good idea to think about which posts you agree with (hint: if a post says "lancers are OP because they can fly), you would look pretty silly agreeing with it).
OriginalAmorphous on 07/09/2013, 07:28 AM - view
Yah its 250k with scythe and no i don't have that glyph. It's the one you get from a dungeon right? If so then no i don't.
Everything else to your questions yes.

If there is one glyph that you get from Sirjuka Gallery, get that one. Changing nothing else, that glyph will boost your scythe crits to over 300k.

Scroll of savagery is a huge boost to scythe's damage. It adds 1.34 to your crit multiplier, which ups scythe damage to ~400k or so in your case.

You don't have +12 gloves. That is a sizable boost in power when rolled correctly. It can account for a sizable increase in damage numbers. Power charms help greatly, also.

The rest is on your teammates: priest buffs, debilitate from lancers, and TN/energy stars will all boost your damage. Warriors that hit 1 million are also probably using canophora potions, which add another 12%.
Is the 250k damage using scythe? If so, did you have the SJG glyph to increase scythe damage?
Are you using scrolls of savagery to increase your crit damage by a factor of 1.34?
Are your crystals savage, acrimonious, forceful, and focused?
Are you using power scrolls, and if so, are you at high stamina?