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Awesome another contest I can't join!!!

Good luck though, hope to see some real work of art!!!
Yay another contest I can't participate in ><
I want those succubus outfits (and witch too)! Hopefully we get them for Halloween, last year was just masks (and hair bands which were cool)!

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ShinryuMasaki on 08/26/2013, 03:35 PM - view
It's not just the language, they also collect taxes on what people win outside Quebec! For example, a few years ago some guy from Quebec went to a big poker tournament, I think it was in Las Vegas, and he won often and won a LOT of money. When he came back to Quebec, he got taxed on his winnings, and lost about 50% of the amount he won in the tournament!

Actually the US government took 2.67 million and then the Canadian/Quebec government took a 1.62 million. Since someone living in, lets say Ontario, would also pay taxes on the winning, he/she is still eligible for the contest. Blizzard (sorry, I had to say it) and others company always point out the same thing, language issue... :(

Source for my numbers (french only, gomennasai):
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Quebec is not eligible because of the 101 law which requires that all contest rules (including online) to be written in French!

Bordel de merde, c'est pas dure à apprendre pourtant le français.

Traduction: ( #$#@$# its not hard to learn french)

Good luck to participants, I already own both Elins and the Castanic Figurines so no competition from me ;)
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Quick note: unless they changed it recently, the maximum Elite 1h buff stack is 5/character.

A GM told me recently that there was an issue with the 7 day buff,where other 'same' buffs were not stacking properly, I don't know if it has been fixed, just though I'd let you know.

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Actually 'The Dessert Jewel' is uptained automatically and sends you to Velika, then Seir sends you to Allemantheia, but he already has those done by the quest line he posted, like i said he probably missed the quest either in Tria or Tralion (both in Essenia region). As posted in my first post (re posted by Illyria)

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Zenobia's loss is part of the 'Traces of the Gods' quest line. You automatically get it when you complete the quest : 'Shakan, not stired'

Check out Blessing Basin region (Town: Tralion) for the quest : 'Vision of Destiny' this will eventually lead to the 'Shakan, not stired' quest line, in turn leading to 'Zenobia's loss'. I don't think you need to speak to Fraya at all to get those quests. You probably just didn't see it while you were questing.

Hope this helps :)

you get the quest automatically once you complete Shakan, not stired, the quest line is in Tempest Reach (closest city Acarum as Catatonic pointed)