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Hey guys, I'm Stay from TR. I will be hosting a 1v1 EQ PvP Tournament on _____ (Date is TBA). Please read on and come support us and our pvp community on this tournament!

-Equip the provided gear for the tournament, bring your own crystals.
-Skill buffs are allowed but no healing buffs or any other type.
-Charms are permitted
-Consumables are banned
-Noctenium Infusion are banned.
-STAY within the circle grounds, do not start fighting out of zone.
-Violation of these rules and/or banned skills requires a re-duel.
-Violation of 3 or more rules/banned skills you will lose your spot in the tournament immediatlely.

Brawler: Invigorating Rage
Sorcerer Mana Volley
Reaper Shadow Reaping
Lancer: Iron Will, Second Wind
Archer Feign Death
Slayers: ICB, Exhausting Blow
Warrior: Deadly Gamble


*This Ring in Ebon Tower Teleportal*
Summons, Scrolls, POI, will be provided!

At 5:00PM EST, I will start forming a raid of the participants. Ebon Tower scrolls will be sent to all participants + there will be priest summons during this time. I will organize the people, prizes and start randomizing the bracket. Once we have everyone, The bracket will be released online (just refresh the official Event Thread Post//this post). We will start off the dueling by introducing our first pair of participants and each round will be the best out of three.

First Place: 100k Gold
Second Place: 80k Gold
*All Participants will be recieving 1,000gold*

I will be hosting a quick intermission game before, during, and after the tournament. Word plays, tera lore, brain teasers, you name it. If you win a mini game you'll win tons of gold! So come participate and cheer on your favorite PvPer!

Our List of Participants/Subs

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I HOPE Everyone has been practicing :)

5/7/2016 UPDATE!
CS raid starts from 20 people, 15, to 10.. PLS BUY NEW HAMSTERS ;-;
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Guild website looks so naisu. (warning: there's boobs so more reasons to check us out)
Hey guys, thought I'd share these videos on YT. It seems to be a guild event or tournament for PvP.
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Magma and Pillar stagger that's about it

You can glyph magma to eliminate the cd, and have that nice double or triple stagger sometimes xD
Waw dis guild looks so naisu
Outskirts a few people here and there, you will see quite a few Vocaloids, Champion and Avengers here and there and also random guilds.

Alliance is pretty dead, EU is the strongest in alliance atm because FTC isnt pushing that hard (we won a few times couple weeks ago but it's not consistent) and IO is dead af.

Don't expect too much PvP anymore from here on out
Sign Ups have closed *all participating players will receive an in game parcel post tonight with details on what happens next!