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I Like the new forums but it was kinda hard to find the cide thing onn the new one. I had to use old forum to find it lol
Minazuki on 04/24/2016, 07:15 AM - view
Learning more than one language always help on making some creative and unique names~

I personally agree with this. I love using japanese names for my characters that way if anyone has my name in japanese, there are so many diffrent ways i could spell the name and make it sound the same, or if its a one word name just create a cool last name no one would think of.

oh and im back to the forum after so long, nice to see people still talk
Not me are you sure your clicking with left and double clicking
Have any of you ever wanted to climb something big to stand on top and take pictures, or like my little sister try to climb floating rocks in the sky? And you cant get up by just jumping well here how: For those of you that don't know how to make your character walk press the num / button to make your character walk this usually insures u wont fall off of those items u try to climb. I used this method to climb up into a tree till my body wasn't visible from the outside. Since i knew most players did not know about this i would turn on out law with my gunner or sorc and kill people from inside the tree, It was hilarious to see when they type in WTF who just hit me. You guys should try it out :D
Its a shame too see people fretting about a race locked class ant never look at the true beauty of Tera.
I personally love climbing around in Tera but my screen isn't as good as his so pictures don't come out that clear. Bye the way posting new thread now about how to get to higher places in Tera to get awesome pics! plz come look
Look up Wipeout
Never got the helmet but it would be nice for them to add more things to do with federation bills besides fashion or growing an enormous head. I hate it when i have 300 federation bills spare and don't need an expensive mount
Sounds like a great idea
Inamorata on 12/22/2015, 07:57 AM - view
True, some races could get a bit more love. The new brawler would fit nicelly into an Aman, male or female quite well. Though BHS trend of race lock seems to be here to stay.

Amani would loook great as Brawlers now that i think of it. :D

Oh and yeah the 'innocent girls' in kill bill kick [filtered]
Believable on 12/26/2015, 11:26 PM - view
Simply disagreeing with your opinion doesn't make them ignorant. Now how about you accept the fact that people have heard you rant again and again through at least 3 threads. We get it, you don't like it.. Get over it.

I Agree with Believable. Because most people disagree on your opinion doesn't make them ignorant or stupid. Just stop whining and DONT play the class, really that simple. Stop posting threads non stop about your dislike of a class. You were out voted just LIVE with it