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BHS stopped giving a crap about immersion looooong ago.
As above said though, changing channels may work. Unless you're in one of the big cities, then aim your camera at the ground and don't look at anybody.
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Sounds to me like they're talking about Ninja, buuut if not.. Male Castanic Necromancer, please.

I could dig that..

Aaaaabs mmmmm
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Shrek is love Shrek is life

But that's Fiona.
The drop rates people speak of are not surprising. But this also gives you an idea of the greed behind both Sanrio and EME. ;)
Butyeah, the box droprates have been getting progressively more and more terrible since what.. Watered Silk? Blackguard? No idea which one came first, but both are terrible as well. I'm not touching the Hello Kitty crap.
I'm so glad I don't like or give a crap about Hello Kitty.
Mi Corazon!

I don't generally like Elin, but she's gorgeous.
I've gotten 2 G's out of.. so many boxes.. S.. I have 8 of and have used plenty already.
That was masterful.
Fyrmount, near Firebase Intrepid.
It's original location.
Needs more G. I've seen a whole 1.
The buffet of crap in the boxes however, has me wondering if I should even bother with them anymore, though.