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kiting against a warrior that just backstabbed you is the worst thing you can possibly do. chances are they just chunked for you for 50+% hp. your kiting is literally helping them as you arent really putting any pressure on them while their backstab cd is coming back up. Warrs don't need 10 edge to win 1v1s.

regarding archer, the problem isn't with most average archers. It's with the few actual good archers where you often have to blow so much [filtered] to get to them or they pepper you with radiant/pen arrows, rf and salvo staggers, that when you do get them you don't really have anything left up so they can get a salvo/rf confirm into kick cheese. The problem isn't kick though, the problem came when they added iframes to breakaway bolt.

sorc complaint is bull[filtered], you should be complaining about how they buffed warp barrier to allow skills/movements during the effect, not about stun traps.

arcane barrage complaint is bull[filtered], you should be complaining about their amount of self peel, not their 1 big damage skill.

ground pounder problem isn't a 1v1 problem, brawlers are very easy in 1v1, it's large scale where they become an issue.

Didn't expect to see this again but okay. Idc about Sorcs defensive ability, this game is about landing an opener and following it up, opening abilities should not be easy to land, this include jaunt into stun trap.

Arcane Barrage is just too powerful, Gunners need damage on their other abilities to, I don't block anything from Gunner except CC and AB, if I'm AC I face tank everything except AB (if possible) because it's irrelevant, they kill you based off amount of AB's hit, no amount of other abilities landing is gonna change the number of AB's required.

Ground Pounder isn't a big problem on it's own, it's easy which is annoying and it's got ridiculous range that doesn't match the graphic but these are things that are easy to deal with, the issue is that if you get enough AS that extra range and easy to hit starts to matter because you can't avoid it, If a Brawler has enough AS Ground Pounder is guaranteed to knock you up. It is a problem in 1v1, maybe not in duels, but anything that allows you to get the AS required such as alliance 1v1s, or 1v1s with buffs, 1v1s in the middle of Fraywind with AS buffs, you can't avoid it after a certain point.
I don't get it, you lose all the time? Is that the point of this? I'm not even in this screenshot so not VoT in a nutshell, just some nut low hp on VoT.
DivineRemnant on 04/28/2016, 10:14 PM - view
1) This is perhaps the only skill I agree on being annoying. A warrior can easily 100-0 you if they know the class right, a simple stun lock is all they need. However, they are getting nerfs in PvP in the very far future, and this is why you 'hide in the crowd' as a healer, at least, in massive raid groups. You gotta get someone to peel off you if it turns into an issue. Since it's a stun, tenacity/GS/Thrall of Life/Other skills counter this, in a way. Use these to your advantage.

2) This skill was nerfed by a small factor, as in stun duration is 33% less. It's 4 seconds, what can possibly go wrong? :D In all seriousness, this skill is definitely annoying, but I've yet to see a sorc who can 100-0 in the duration of this skill before a healer heals themselves or something.

3) There are invisible traps everywhere, and you're arguing about close quarters? Although a good archer utilizes this well. Still, the animation isn't that fast, and you can tell when they are doing it since there's really no animation like it. The speed is already ping dependent, and only the second hit stuns. If anything, they should make the first hit stagger the player. Who is "they" again?

4) Arcane Barrage isn't that much of an issue for me, only thing annoying about it is that it sometimes desyncs or has a late stagger effect, I really just don't like the stagger that much. It should still be easily dodgable.

5) Brawler's 3rd combo attack would no longer pull people towards them in a future update. I've learned to just be happy with this change :). (Don't forget priest can use Arise to cancel brawler airborne.)

The Warrior's leash works the same way as priest pull, it won't work through slopes or walls, and since it's similar to Close Quarters from archer (in the way of having 2 casts), it's easily avoidable.

Eh I always find it annoying how quick the rest of the world is to just ignore 1v1 PvP entirely, the game may not have 1v1 arenas and perhaps the player base is mostly garbage that can't do [filtered] 1v1, but I mean it's still in the game, and it is the most important thing to balance around since it is the most accessable PvP for any player. Backstab is free wins in 1v1 up until a certain skill level, in which while it stops giving free wins, it does allow you to kind of inflate your own skill, so even though you may not be as good as some Mystic player, if you have good enough gear and they don't play it perfectly, you win the 1v1, same goes for warrior vs other classes to an extent.

Sorcs can one shot me, a Dreadnaught above average endurance Lancer. Note: I'm not saying I do get one shot and that's why I'm here on the forums complaining, just that they can, give a Sorc a low skill 4 second stun like that and they will get that fire blast from behind off and have a chance to one shot.

Archers are dumb because as a ranged class they should be about kiting and such, but not only can they do that but if you get in close range they are even more powerful than at a far range, there is plenty a skilled player can do to an unskilled archer to deal with this move but lets say you got a Slayer vs Archer of equal skill, or worse the incoming Ninja class (no Tenacity of block) you spend so much to close the gap because you're sick of the one sided ranged fight, but when you get up close you have to fight the third best melee class. If this was any other game this wouldn't happen, I mean I don't gap close onto an Ashe in LoL just to lose 1v1 as a Fighter, Melee should beat range if they can get to them, that's what allows ranged classes to be so powerful without just being overpowered.

Arcane Barrage is more on the user than the receiver, stuff like this disgusts me, losing should happen because the player is bad, not because their opponent isn't bad, putting so much power in an ability like that is just dumb, and it's kind of dumb that everything else a Gunner has is Lancer level garbage, I don't play my Gunner much, but when I do I never really thing of scattershot as damage, I use it to put people in combat and to counter regen while I wait for AB/CC to come off CD. Gunners have so few skills, they shouldn't all be useless with exception to 1 or 2 high impact skills that just straight up win you the game.

Your Brawler solution is not even addressing the issue, Can't really Arise if they have enough AS, that or you mean an allied Priest, in which case again you ignore 1v1 again. I encounter Brawlers everywhere, Alliance (I play solo) Corsairs, Fraywind, and never has Arise been used on me to counter the quake. I can do it myself in stuff like Corsairs, but if the Brawler just killed 30 normal mobs and you don't have an AC around, they get a free kill, since there is only 5 ACs per alliance, most people don't got an AC around to save them from the bull[filtered] that is an AS stacking Brawler Quake.
ebonystallion on 04/29/2016, 08:08 AM
i'm afraid to have to tell you that he's NOT actually a Troll. He is - in fact - just that bad and stupid.

Okay while I'm not trolling here, in that specific thing you posted I was actually, I mean I could probably beat that guy if he's using level 60 gear, but I didn't really wanna duel and it gave an excellent opportunity to [filtered] talk Lancer damage. Rather than saying "Meh I don't feel like it" and get called out and such, I can just say "My class sucks so much [filtered], you'd probably win even with low level gear" I was trolling because [filtered] Lancer damage, it's so bad.
ebonystallion on 04/29/2016, 08:42 AM
Yeah because that totally doesn't already apply to every single CC in the entire game. Just to that single spell. gotcha.

Stun Trap has a higher duration than other CC, that's fine, it makes sense that doing something dumb like walk into a trap should be more punishing, or if you pulled off like a Stun Trap - Leash coordinated combo that'd be pretty deserving of the long [filtered] stun. (With exception to Binding Sword which is just dumb)
NikuroTega on 04/28/2016, 06:31 PM - view
Obvious troll is obvious.

I didn't know Brawlers could learn Earthquake by buying the TM from BG merchants or getting it from ABHM as a rare drop.

I meant Ground Pounder, I always just cal it the earth quake, So it's name isn't fresh on my memory.
I just came from that Thread which was mostly just a bunch of Lancer and Brawler hate, and while that list was super biased and wrong, the idea to bring to light and discuss overpowered skills so that En Masse can see what players think and then ask bluehole for nerfs is a good idea, one I have been executing poorly for a while now. So let me lay down the real overpowered skills.

1 . Warriors Backstab - This takes no skill to land, let me clarify SKILL, as in effort, not as in knowledge of terrain or anything, we're talking pure Mechanical ability, like how you can miss a Void Pulse but not a Backstab. Backstab doesn't miss, it gets predicted and avoided, or you just do something absolutely moronic like aim up hill. This wouldn't be such a massive issue if it was like Flaming Barrage or something weaker, but this is a high impact attack, this is a long [filtered] stunning gap closer that ampilfies damage by 126% due to crystals. This is what I refer to as Low Skill - High Reward, and it is the worst thing in competitive online games. The bane of PvP (Let me be clear, I can block a backstab, and many more skilled than me can deal with this despite it's low counter play, this is not about how well the best can deal with it, this is about true balance, this [filtered] needs to be fixed)

2. Sorcerers Stun Trap - As with any game that has traps, especially CC traps, the ability to summon them on an already CCed target and then have them go off on that target is ridiculous, the solution to this is very simple, give it a lower cast time and cool down but increase the time it takes for this skill to activate, or if possible just make it so if you're within the cast range of a stun trap you become immune to the stun for like 3 seconds, giving anyone time to escape it unless they were slept. The dumb part of this is Sorcerers just summoning it on any melee who goes on them, or worse jaunting onto someone and casting it and while you can argue that it can be blocked or iframed, that doesn't make it less stupid or unfun. This ability is just very poorly thought out.

3. Archer Kick, Archers aren't particularly strong in the overall game right now so this one goes kind of unnoticed, how can you complain about Archers abilities when the general view is that Archers suck, don't nerf something already viewed as weak. Fact is Archers aren't that weak, they aren't on the level of Gunners and so they serve no reason purpose as a ranged class in this game, regardless though weak or not Archers kick is dumb, they play like a melee class, land the kick, easy to do now place stun and explosive trap, jump away and use a fully charged Radiant Arrow on them as they retaliate (since the animation prevents dodging) all this for something relatively low skill.

4. Arcane Barrage - This is obvious, too much damage for something so easy to hit and to make it all worse it'll always crit. I am a Lancer with Endurance instead of AS on gloves, I've got such a tanky build in Dreadnaught but equal strength Gunners 2-3 shot me if they actually get this off, which is easy to do because despite it's slow travel time it's easy to get around blocks with and has a massive detonation radius. I'd say just take a [filtered] ton of damage away from AB and add it to other Gunner abilities.

5. Brawler Earth Quake - This ability is fine most of the time, 2 staggers then a knock up, take 2 hits and then iframe the third, plenty of counterplay and if you fail it you get punished as you should, the issue comes with the fact that this scales with attack speed, so if you get enough those staggers will make it impossible to iframe the knock up, it's also been said that the range on this is worse than a Morgana binding and I agree on that too. All they gotta do is make it not effected by attack speed and lower the range.

Dishonorable mention - Binding Sword, it's not in serious need of nerfs, especially if backstab got nerfed, but currently you can no skill pull someone off their trap and then stun shout or backstab. A low skill Giga no matter how inferior is just not a good idea.

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Okay so of all of these, only like 3 of them have any merit.

Obviously Backstab is bull[filtered], no counter play as you said, you can't realistically avoid this without block and all the skill of this ability is on the person getting backstabbed. So if you suck at this game you can play Warrior and as long as your opponent isn't outrageously lucky or good, even then good opponents won't predict backstab if you use it at a bad time, so it lands anyways.

Bullrush does cover too much distance, add in the left click right click mobility (Essentially Brawler Skating) and you get too much mobility, but there isn't much you can do to fix this, at least with backstab you can put it on CD when it's pressed and the problem would be solved for the most part.

Lastly the earth quake, Brawlers earth quake is annoying but for the most part has enough counterplay, the issue comes when you get too much AS, due to the fact that each quake is a CC, normally you take the first two quakes and iframe the third, but the second stagger quake can set up the knock up quake if you have enough AS and nothing can be done about it, so it's a massive AoE knock up. What they need to do here is make the ability uneffected by attack speed.

As for your heal hate and shield hate, there is nothing wrong with either of the heals you mentioned or Iron Will and the only real problem with Kaias is the fact that a few classes can't break it (Lancer, Mystic, Priest, and in some cases Berserker) That said, Lancers and Berserker already need buffs and Healers not being able to kill each other isn't the end of the world.
At the very least merge LoT and VoT

Valley of Tears
It's blockable, and iframable but the issue is, Warriors can't actually miss it, it's like a lock on but even easier, it'll only miss if they use it on you while you're blocking, iframing or if they use it on poor terrain.

I have learned two tricks to dealing with this skill, but they really aren't enough considering how bull[filtered] of an ability it is, low skill high reward.

Anyways the two things you can do are.

- Put your back to a wall, if they backstab without room for them to go behind you then it'll fail.
- Jump (This is considered BM by some, but it's honestly no where near as BM as backstab) (still not recommended as it'll KD you, turning backstab into KD rather than stun is great if you plan to run, but otherwise it's not good)
Hopefully this doesn't become 65 only as well.

That is what killed Kumasylum, it was a likely BG before it became 65 only, so many whined about it being available for low levels but that's what let us play it, once it became 65 only it was doomed. This battleground looks promising though, and I like the level it becomes available at, so we got a level 10, 20 30, and 65 BGs.
Luckily I was in between BRNM runs.