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Hello. Things are looking great, some guilds have declared war on us and we are controlling that at the moment. Guild picture later today and mass gvgs. LETS DO THIS!
Actually 2 Priest and 2 Sorcerers!! APPLY NOW http://www.ITGTERA.COM

Dont wait till its too late. Our recruitment will be closed after these 4 spots have been filled!
ty zo <3 , WE REALLY NEED 2 MORE SORCERERS!! Play a sorc and we give you free cookies, ask zoet, she knows all about the cookiez.
Recruiting a few more. Willing to accept group of friends as long as they all apply. Last bump. Guild Hall is filled with so many guild threads now xD
It's amazing how many guild are up. Cant wait for VoT-We Know Drama !!
2 more lancers needed, sorcerers will be loved with free cookies and pie
Thanks zo :3 . We NEED 3 MOAR LANCERS!!!

Really need these lancers! If you are planning on lancer, we have great things in stored for you. Lots of action and guaranteed leveling buddies
More updates on the website, 8 more member spots left for open beta. We are looking for 2 more lancer, 1 mystic, 2 berserker, 2 priest, 2 sorcerer, 1 warrior
Sites been updated. Also recruitment status has changed. We are accepting about 10 more members into the guild for open beta only. then for live, 5 more.