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Hello. Things are looking great, some guilds have declared war on us and we are controlling that at the moment. Guild picture later today and mass gvgs. LETS DO THIS!
Actually 2 Priest and 2 Sorcerers!! APPLY NOW http://www.ITGTERA.COM

Dont wait till its too late. Our recruitment will be closed after these 4 spots have been filled!
ty zo <3 , WE REALLY NEED 2 MORE SORCERERS!! Play a sorc and we give you free cookies, ask zoet, she knows all about the cookiez.
It's okay castle. I will accept you for who you are. Just because you are being yourself =D. When should we continue our counseling class for you? I have a comfy chair and a view outside for you to express your troubles, I can help you. =D


As some people know, Berserkers are really amazing in TERA PvP/PvE wise. Game changing is what our guild considers you to be. If you want to experience Berserker in the most exciting ways, then ITG (Internet Tuff Guys) has a home for you.

We are a PvP/PvE Semi-hardcore guild. We are very interested in organized PvP here in VoT and we got your back 100% in any OWPVP encounters you randomly run in to. We need you brave berserkers to get in that battle and smack that giant axe onto your foes and protect our ranks. You are very important ! We have many guides and tips for you and you won't be running around having a hard time finding a party.

We are looking for players who are willing to learn the ways of the zerker and be a part of a mature guild with a relaxed atmosphere. JUST BE YOURSELF! We are open minded and dont judge. We care about your attitude, your drive, and your entertainment. WE WANT YOU TO HAVE FUN! You want action packed PvP of VoT? We will deliver as we have many plans for GvGs, tournaments with useful prizes and random PvP encounters with that [filtered] who ganked you when you were a lowbie, and gain payback :3. We are planning to like our many world bosses and BAMS. If your interested in the political system, be a part of it and succeed!

If you are somewhat interested, please visit our website , fill out an app, and you will get a response in a timely manner.

(We are also recruiting other classes as well, visit the site to see what our status is).

Hope to see you!
Hey there. Internet Tuff Guys is looking for lancers. Heres a thread I made about needing lancers for our guild Here

Any other information check out our site:

Good Luck on your search!!
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Internet Tuff Guys, very drama free. We have many ways to eliminate it without being much presence in the guild . It very possible to pull this off as I have many times in other guilds i ran for different games in the long past. Just check out our site:

Good luck on your search!
Recruiting a few more. Willing to accept group of friends as long as they all apply. Last bump. Guild Hall is filled with so many guild threads now xD
hmm think id like to see that. I love how everyone is coming up with things to make the community more fun. Glad i choose VoT. Who cares about starting ques? I care for late game.