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A mature, heavy Roleplaying guild based on the Celestial Hills server. Our first and foremost goal is to enjoy the game. Whether that is through RP, PvP, or raiding is up to you. We hope to establish a close-knit bunch of members who know that they can depend on each other. We also strive to be an active and integral part of the Roleplaying community.
Just a few things I noticed while in Beta.

This was posted before, but I too, had the problem were my character would get stuck running in a particular direction. Most noticeably when I tried to speak to an NPC. Usually after some button mashing, she'd finally stop. But occasionally I had to log to reset her.

When I tried to teleport from base tower to the other locations on the Island of Dawn, the game would crash randomly. I had no other crashes during the beta, only during a teleport. This happened about 3 times.

Not sure about Tempest (thought there were only two servers?)

Myself and some others from the RP community will be on Arachnaea. I know there was talk of Dragonfall, but that seems its going to be quite populated.

If you go to Arachnaea, I know /join RP will be up and running as well.

See you around maybe :3
Victorious on 2012-02-10 19:11:07 UTC
I am actually rather disappointed with how poorly organized this has been going so far. Some people say Arachnaea, some say Dragonfall....I don't know what to DO!!!!!!! ARGH!~

As long as all the RPers end up the same server during Open Beta, I think we are alright.

Ill be on Archnaea as Twyce for closed beta.
What the topic says. Where are screen shots saved to? Thank you! :3
Boo no edit.... An addition to my previous post... It sounds like Dragonfall is the "unofficial pvp" server, not sure what that will entail and if it even means anything at this point. But something for us to consider, I guess.
I think this brings up another question... What server will the RPers be going to?
Yay! <3 This. Site looks great! Hope all that intend on RPing in Tera, at the very least, come and sign up for Council of Seven. 8D
Anyone know if we can create chat channels? If so, maybe we could create one like TeraRP for people to find each other in game.
I thought at the start of Aion the RP community did pretty well picking servers (that weren't tagged) for themselves. IIRC there was a vote/survey and all that fancy stuff to help establish where the community would go (Lumiel represent!). Before the game started to tank horribly, the RP community on Lumiel actually was pretty prominent and active.

Regardless, would RP tagged servers be nice? Sure would and I'd love to see them. Will it totally wreck my world if we don't get them? Not at all.

Even without two simple letters designating a server, we can still make a great community. It just takes a bit more work on our part.

tl;dr RP servers would be ideal, but certainly not needed.