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I wish I had the source still but it was said that we will not get an event like this. Those events were catered to those regions specifically because of the high number of players that played from internet cafes. That's not the case in NA.
Beserkers are pretty [filtered] till 65. While leveling they're pretty slow and cumbersome. It's definetly a 65 and shine class.

These are the class balance changes we'll get for ninja. Treeshark said in another thread that just about all of these have been confirmed for ninja patch, he also mentioned that there may possibly be more. But I haven't seen anything about a flat base damage increase. The only other zerk changes are listed here

If you want to tank then play a brawler. Brawler will still outdps a zerk of equal skill. But like the other 2039458723949587 threads asking which you should roll, pick the one you like. If you decide you don't like it, make the other one. Leveling takes almost no time these days.
Ok I see more where you're coming from. I'm going to readjust that entire weapon section, because I don't want to put:
Top: 18 crit
Bottom: 9.3% enrage
Bottom: 6%
Bottom: 6.9%

and set bad habits for later. As bernkastel said CF is a weak endgame roll. The reason I had the 9.3% on top and the lower cf 14 on bottom was an attempt (albeit seemingly failed attempt) to allow the newer players, ie schisma, to have less than adequate jewelry rolls and make up that lost crit on the axe. But at a higher level when you have proper crit, crit 14 is the less desirable roll. Ideally if you have the proper jewelry and it's rolled correctly the proper no-vm roll would be:
Top: 9.3% enrage
Bottom: 9.3% enrage
Bottom: 6%
Bottom: 6.9%

Then when you have a vm weapon with that last roll, that's when you could look to bernkastel's note and decide on cdr/crit power/etc.

I see where you're coming from now though and I'll make some changes up in that section to make it more understandable and accessible.
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Your guide provides how to gear up and set your glyphs. There's not much depth, so I'm sad it's only a beginner guide as an expd zerker who wanted to get back to it after a year break. I'm also frustrated at how you still have this as the main guideline in your guide while you discuss in the comments below that you made a mistake about the crit factor in top roll. Not like I agree with ever going crit factor for enraged damage, but this is still misleading people who don't read your comments. I pasted it below.

Weapon Rolls
Top Line
9.3% damage to enraged targets
Increase damage by 6.9% when attacking from behind
Increase Crit Factor by 14
Increase damage by 6%
(4th line is only on visonmaker sets) Increase damage by 9.3% when attacking enraged targets.

It should be 18 crit top, enraged/back/6% bottom for non-vm according to your preferences.

The reason the crit roll is still there and the additional bottom roll of 9.3% enraged is set aside for vm is for people that are just learning about their rolls. While not the mix/max roll, TopLine: 9.3% enrage with Bottom Roll: 6%/6.9% back/and crit 14 is still an effective set of rolls. That additional crit 14 makes up for the jewelry most new players may not have or if the rolls on jewelry and things are not correct yet.

The part underneath that with bernkastel's math and advice is mainly for the more advanced zerks that have that 4th roll and want to min/max. It absolutely should not (and I don't think it can be) 18 crit top line. It should be enraged. If you're speaking about the comments directly after the guide portion I acknowledged my mistake and apologized and corrected the guide at that time. I didn't remove those posts however because I do make mistakes and I am open to critique, feedback and corrections to the guide. I don't want to hide a mistake I've made. I'm not a 100% where you got that 18 crit unless you're referring to the picture I have posted there of my SF axe. In which case I believe you may be looking at my etching. If I do have wrong info I will gladly and quickly correct it, but I just don't think I understand what you're referring too. :(

Further I did a few fihm so far and noticed that orange wipe circle is quick (2nd boss after 50%). You're recommending evasive smash first and leaping strike second. Leaping strike has a long startup and the animation lags in actually moving you. You could see your char leap out of the circle and still get hit by it because it doesn't really move you until near the end of the skill. Lethal strike moves you along with the animation itself, a tap is instant and sufficient to move you out and not far enough to risk coming in someone's circles, much more safe. Leaping strike won't be risky if you're timing it early, but if you're on higher ping and have less time to respond, it's much better to use the less risky skill and use lethal strike to escape them.

On higher pings, (which was not taken into account, I'll make a note about that in the guide), your timing will obviously be different if you do decide to use leaping strike. I, personally, use leaping strike more than anything to evade those circles. Unless someone sets a circle in my path as I'm in the air, I don't ever have an issue getting out. So because of that reason I'm not going to remove that tip because it does work. I will however add a note about ping. I absolutely meant to put lethal strike in that tip, but I guess it must of slipped my mind. It is up in the movement skills section, but I'll reiterate in the tips section.

Tbh though, evasive smash is your absolute best tool to avoid the circles as long as it's off CD.

Thanks for your feedback! I'm gonna make the stated adjustments now.

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The problem with moving to dx12 or any other api (i'd personally want openGL so it'd be easier to run in linux) is the fact that the entire game would basically have to be re-written. Tera 2 is more likely than a complete overhaul and just about unheard of in a f2p title.
I'm not sure if you're new to Tera or not, but the patches come in a way that is typically super easy to guess what we're getting.

originalyosha.tumblr.com- This guy is usually spot on.

NA/EU typically release pretty close to each other Jtera gets it before us and is usually what we use to base how and what we'll get. And of course it comes first to ktera. So in the future look to what jtera got and that's what you can expect us to get, albeit, later down the road.
Everyone is fairly certain it won't come on the 10th because every other patch released a guide a couple weeks prior. Realistically I'd expect the ninja patch to come the 24th or 31st. Spacecats did say the end of may and other than the 17th, 24th, and 31st there are no other dates to release.

I wouldn't bank on the 17th. I'm guessing 24th or 31st.
Mines still working. :D

Edit: Forgot to mention I have the free year from golden gifts
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either keep better company or deal with the consequences of living with scum.

I dunno why but that made me think of a dark nasty heroin den or something with people all jacked up and trying to play tera. XD XD