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I do truly love playing Tera. I have played more MMO's then anybody should in the past 12 years. Tera is the first one to keep my attention and loyalty for so long. (since Beta)

I just feel that I need to get this out and see if anybody agrees with me, or i'm just dumb and angry.

The Valkyon outfitters is a really nice cash shop. There isn't a single item that makes anybody overpowered and virtually everything there can be sold in-game. Today we have been given the options of having some really cool new masks and the head feathers which is totally awesome and adds flavor to the game.

I'm really glad that there updating the shop so quickly. But what really chaffes my [filtered] is when the server goes down and I patiently wait 2 hours to leave a raid group. I understand that things happen. It's an MMO and alot of work goes on behind the scenes that nobody can really understand. But an hour and a half later I am placed back into that same Nexus raid and unable to leave.

I cannot imagine how something like this is possible to be unable to leave a raid, and on top of that be placed back into the same one an hour later against my wishes.

Please for the love of your players who have been with you since the beginning and those who are coming to the game now! Fix the issues that we already have. We will all live without the fancy masks and the cool head feathers.
I know a pretty good solution.

EME undoes whatever it is they put in the game until it's properly tested.

From a priest perspective =)
So I completely uninstalled the game and re-installed hoping it would work.

Now I am downloading the game at 60 !!!!KBS!!!!

My wife and I both play Tera at the same time no issues. I could download 10 gigs of smut while playing Planetside 2 and have no lag.

This is breaking my heart.
Sad face nothing is working. Not even hiring somebody in front of lowes to restart the program for me the past 45 minutes.
Arturous on 08/11/2012, 10:04 AM - view
Landrief on 08/10/2012, 05:30 AM
I also heard there is a 10 minute cooldown after doing one? I maybe wrong through.

Based on all current and previous indicators, EmE will probably set it up so if you go with a premade group it'll have a 2 hour cooldown, but if you use LFG it'll only have a 1 hour cooldown. 10mins? When has EmE ever allowed us to do something so soon after having already done it? Do you even play this game?

Holy [filtered] balls Arturous! 6 pound 1 ounce baby jesus is crying RIGHT NOW because you thought of this and your completely correct.

There going to put PvP que's on a timer just like the dungeons. NOOO [filtered], if there is a CD on some PvP? That will be the last straw for this guy. I cant take anymore CoolDowns and PvE for PvP gear.

CourtNny on 08/10/2012, 09:06 PM - view
Minea on 08/10/2012, 09:51 AM
It will be cross server (like Instance Matching System) and our current goal is to have it available for 24 hours. Right now we are working on a few adjustments to make sure it is not too easy or too difficult to earn the rewards.

Regpuppy on 08/10/2012, 09:56 AM
Why argue more? Minea already said they're trying for 24/7 with a matchmaking system :P

I read "24 hours" not 24/7
Not trying to over analyze here but I wouldn't want to put any words in anyone's mouth.

I agree, he didn't really tell us anything at all.

Look at the game we pay to play for right now. Do you really think were going to go from a total of 6 hours a week of **PvE** content for PvP gear, to 24/7 PvP battlegrounds?
11th fail today trying to go from +5 to 6 using superiors each time.
I love Tera and wont stop playing anytime soon.

But I wont promote something that's broken =)
RNG = Rage Quit

I HAD around 50k gold into RNG. Then the new patch came out and the T13 is now the price that T12 was.

So instead of me putting all this work into getting +9 T12 and feel accomplished. Every single person who didn't put that effort in, now has +6 T13 for less money then it took me. And i'm not complaining about money. It's my time invested into my character that enmasse has took from me.