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I do truly love playing Tera. I have played more MMO's then anybody should in the past 12 years. Tera is the first one to keep my attention and loyalty for so long. (since Beta)

I just feel that I need to get this out and see if anybody agrees with me, or i'm just dumb and angry.

The Valkyon outfitters is a really nice cash shop. There isn't a single item that makes anybody overpowered and virtually everything there can be sold in-game. Today we have been given the options of having some really cool new masks and the head feathers which is totally awesome and adds flavor to the game.

I'm really glad that there updating the shop so quickly. But what really chaffes my [filtered] is when the server goes down and I patiently wait 2 hours to leave a raid group. I understand that things happen. It's an MMO and alot of work goes on behind the scenes that nobody can really understand. But an hour and a half later I am placed back into that same Nexus raid and unable to leave.

I cannot imagine how something like this is possible to be unable to leave a raid, and on top of that be placed back into the same one an hour later against my wishes.

Please for the love of your players who have been with you since the beginning and those who are coming to the game now! Fix the issues that we already have. We will all live without the fancy masks and the cool head feathers.
We could use some more priest in Timeless =P

Were a laid back mature guild who's main priority is to enjoy the game!

If this sounds like something you'd be interested feel free to apply VIA the guild list, or msg Plyfbird or Plyfkittykat anytime in game.
They did add new servers

Problem is, all the new players are naturally creating on the high pop pvp server =)
ooooo they could offer some kind of super incentive to make new characters on the OTHER pvp server =)
I'm been here since beta as well. I was just saying people WANT our server =P
It's only MMO gamer nature to join the pvp server with a high population already established. VS the new pvp server.

So our server is like a hooker on a saturday night with 50% off. Overworked and in need of a shower.
Maybe it's just me... but our server is the only that goes down? lol
Well it's the first day of pay to play so there are a million people squishing through there servers.

Where are all these little free guys going? To the high pop servers =)

So now our server is in flames at en masse lol. (more then it already was) Just give it 2 weeks when they are all 60 and the nexus pop has increased 2X or even 3X. This is only the begining of a dark road.