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It looks like puke and there is nothing wrong with this forum.
I like the voting system, it illustrates the how vain people are when they complain about it.
Hello Kitty restaurant. Pay $100 and get nothing but fortune cookies.
The low drop rate and lack of no rng purchase option were poor financial decisions. A lot of people are going to ragequit over this, or at least ragequit the EMP store.

I have to say too that the vast majority of decisions made by EME in the last year at least have been poor financial decisions. Lucky for me I left the game.
people aren't happy with the droprate. retroactively reimburse people who purchased hello kitty items from the emp store with extra boxes or emp.

add option for purchasing the rewards of rng lootboxes outright with a 5-20% penalty in cost. I.e. if treeshark said hello kitty smartbox/reward should have a 1/50 droprate from rng lootbox, divide cost of rng lootbox by 1/50 and then multiply result by 1.05%-1.2% to determine the emp cost of buying smartbox/reward outright.

thanks for joining me on today's post on how to add things to a game without making a lot of people ragequit. and thanks to eme for the laughs, i'll be going back to chocobo racing now.
Why not remove the game? We can keep the teleport corner in highwatch so people can teleport there and look out into the infinite expanse of a deleted tera. Once a year a bamarama bam can drop from the sky and keep on falling down past all the onlookers.
Flippers produce nothing. I'm glad I quit this game and went to one where you can't dominate the market by flipping and where people aren't so dumb as to defend flipping. Sickening community.
BrofessorX on 04/26/2016, 09:46 AM - view
ive never seen a gm event but i always hear they have happened. so lame

GM events are participated in by probably less than 1% of the game's population. DS is a dungeon which everyone could do, but probably less than 5% of the game's population even bothers to run regularly, because 1. the loot sucks and 2. it is too hard for many players and players with high ping. Neither GM events or DS are relevant in Forsaken Island Online so you're all wrong for even posting in this thread.
They should make housing for loyal ($12,000+) players. House items like mirrors can start at 1 billion emp each.
It's not just "useless models", it is mainly buggy UI, followed by poorly programmed effects like many recent classes' abilities and desolarus line phases.

And you say BHS doesn't have to set a standard, well, a lot of people will quit a game that turns the computer into a heat source while not giving much eye candy in return. I've seen games with much better graphics that stay at 60fps while I dip down to 10 fps and sometimes average 30 fps even with OC'd CPU gobbling up electricity and a GPU that is only 30% utilized. This game causes fps stutter even with TOTL OC'd CPU's, and many people have to resort to tweaking files to get some semblance of playability regardless of hardware.