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Agiras on 05/20/2012, 09:28 AM - view
idk you, but all the members of your guild i've met so far are elitist [filtered] heads. def not getting my vote

I'm sorry to hear about your encounters. I assure you here at [Rub and Tug] we do not stand for this behavior. Let me send you a complementary rub or tug of your choosing.
Hi Opa's campaign manger here reminding you to Vote Opa for Vanarch.

Here at [Rub and Tug] we do not discriminate. We will rub and tug any age,sex,gender, ethnicity. If you have any questions please contact our PR rep Anbri.

Have a nice day.
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Google search Elin Hentai. Soon to be #1
We are now the #1 supplier of Elin Hentai
Omg look at that butt
Ruktuim on 04/17/2012, 03:43 PM - view
Ruktuim on 04/17/2012, 12:09 AM
Virgin on 04/16/2012, 09:37 PM
Spots are filling up fast! This looks like a great good

I like my goods great

and my greats good

And my Elins black
Spots are filling up fast! This looks like a great good
I hear rumors of Elin Hentai?
I think Skype interviews should be mandatory. I require all new members to have a working Cam so i can see them before I let them into the guild.