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Same issue , iovation not available.

Also tried to use contact support. Not working either.
Same issue here. After 6 hrs Maintenance.....
SAme issue, here, Contact support link broken. And iovation stuff too.
Apparently from the tests, Shining gloves gives u more defence. If you are a dps, you might consider having a SF Glove. And just use boots and belt shining.

For etchings, A full HP build could have some sense. Since the HP recovery on motes is greatly increased not to mention, that Motes heal x% of your total HP. So each mote could easily recover 40k+ with a full HP build. Its worth making a try. The crit resist, you will make it with your new jewelry basically.

If you already have SF+15 gloves, then by all means keep it. And see how it turns out. Eventually you can craft your gloves last and focus on your belt, boots, accessories (Shining) first.

Regardless of what you do, SAVE all the feedstock you can. Since Shining, is T9. And dismantling feature will be removed after May 10th.
Or HP Etchings, since the motes are a x% base of the total HP.

Example, if you reach 200k HP, you get 40k Back for each mote you drop. Also by consuming your own mote, the healing recovery factor will increase 5x after the patch on may 10th.

Thrall of life wont be abe to be targeted in the future.
Right on. I should double check before posting. I opened 10 and yes it drops current mats for Starfall gear. Must have been done recently, as in the recent past, it dropped Victor gear and stuff related to very old patches.

My bad. Thread closed.
Dear EME,

The Battle Chest received from daily Fraywind BG win, are 3 years outdated. Can you please fix them. Its about time this had to be addressed. Please, fellow players, make comments about this. The more people sign up, perhaps the better the chance we actually get a change.

Thank you very much in advance
aeee98 on 04/26/2016, 04:47 AM - view
Unless someone is dreaming:

5 people is enough to fend off a full 20 man zerg on the ladder with the inner tank (unless of course said 5 people are all level 30s and you are against a full dyads team then you probably already lost anyways.) And with that said if 20 people attempt a rush, most decent people would have already noticed that it is missing everywhere and would fall back, or even delay them by "tagging" them in battle by damaging them (sorcs for example do this best with hailstorm, archers with lots of traps + RoA).

Why wouldn't I call a 5-1-5 if that is the case? That is because if you are really looking at a 20 man zerg, a 4-1-4 strat would have called for 1 side to move to the other, making it 1-1-7 or 2-1-6, which already is enough 100% of the time (unless of course as what I have said earlier, people with pve crystals start trying to do 500-1k damage a hit with basic attacks). Even a 10-5 dual ladder split 5 SS would be handleable by a 4-1-4 if coordination of the people below the ladders knows what they are doing.

Also, I assume that your offence time is 5-7 minutes (which is really a decent time). A 5-1-5 start would mean 9 attackers at mid and outer. Assuming all of the 20 people managed to get past the outer ladder (which should happen due to most ladder climb strats being faster than a siege to defend.. The easiest option off the list for the leader is to get mid > innergate > stone for win. (which will theoretically be on average be done in 4:45 in the best scenario) If you have a clear time of ~2 minutes, I would have just called 10-1-9 instead of a 5-1-5 because they will have to climb to even have a chance of winning. If time taken is more than 7 minutes, a ladder call is very unlikely unless they know they can't win via out sustain. Tl;dr 5-1-5 or more is never needed unless 2-3 minute clears.

When I mean that you didn't play enough CS to see this, I mean it. There are no fixed rules in CS, but many commands won't make sense to the general gameplay, and from those commands that are viable, there are few which do only work in very specific situations.

You are most likely got votekicked not just because of your command though, but the crystals you have. People tend to distrust players who don't even have a basic pvp setup (anything lower than cruxes or just pve niveots which are way worse than pvp cruxes). Trust is important in a 20 man raid game, and you have to earn it by knowing your game and your gear.

Couldnt have said it better
I am one of those that belief that if you have a skill, why not use it. All classes have powerful skills, so why cant a Mystic use theirs? Or any other class for that matter. One thing is, if it is a common rule among players to not use ToW, but quite another to be annoyed if they DO use it I dont see a problem with it. Just avoid stunball. Period. You can also stun the ToW.

Just deal with it. When I duel players, they jump on my traps. Am I gonna cry? No. Its just the way it is. Should I complain that the opponent has better ping than mine? Sure. Can it be fixed? No. So why the hassle. Its not like we are in Korea with everybody at 10ms.
SF Chest and Weapon, Shining Gloves and Boots, Belt, plus shining accessories.