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Like... actual content patch?? Or just a small patch...
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vrale on 01/14/2016, 07:31 PM - view
When in doubt blame BHS. and in the end it's all of us who get [filtered]. gg wp

Honestly couldn't have said it any better. Hopefully the wait til' March isn't too long and the player-base doesn't stray too far to other games in the meanwhile.
Atlantae on 12/16/2015, 07:11 AM - view
100% sure this guy doesn't even do mob 30

half the ppl at mob 30 now have +15, and a lot are from the top guilds.

gl taking the channel from them with ur "new T8"

10/10 for blindly defending this horrible change to the vanguard system

yea pvp is so dead in tera that getting to kill ppl in pve gear just trying to farm with ur +15 tensus is so refreshing and fun. guess u can't beat anyone in similar gear as u. I bet you only do this "open world pvp" when u r in a group with other +15 tensus big tough guys too, and too scared to do it alone.

this is a shining example of what tera has come to.

Yeah it's funny how whenever you ask people on PvP servers about the open world situation, everyone will say it's dead. Yet when small remedies come to alleviate the problem, people come and bring countless excuses. First, it's skill and if they're beat, it's then the gear and etc. This here is pretty much the reason why PvP is so slow in open world and even in queues. Instead of bettering themselves, they just come up with reasons for why they can't compete when they could be working for the gear/skill themselves.

It's just the hard truth and it'll apply with you if you ever play on a PvP server on and outside of TERA. If you can't take it, take it to a PvE server.Talking hasn't done anything for me and it sure hasn't for many others. If you want something or wish to prove a point, go do it. Stop showing off your self-pity, it's a bit depressing to see.

EDIT: Forgot to add - Looking at what others have said, if EME is actually looking into "fixing" this, they should just equalize the amounts gained by other vanguard dailies so not everyone is trying to squeeze into one spot on the server. Even if they add extra channels, what's going on now will still occur if your server is somewhat populated. I think equalization and addition of more channels across the board would be a bit overkill though.
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aepha on 12/15/2015, 02:37 PM - view
No thanks, I have been on this server since launch.

I love OWPvP, but the spots are so congested that people cannot finish their dailies. The channel count needs to be increased to alleviate this, OR the BAM dailies need to be worth more than the mob one. It makes no sense that the BAM daily takes 3x longer and gives the same rewards. The Vanguard change has not fixed the lack of motivation to OWPvP, it has just made doing a necessary task for MWA and feedstock cancerous.

Honestly haven't had this much fun in open world in a while, especially since GvG's have died down. Sure, it might be cancerous to you since you sound like the person who likes to finish things efficiently as possible. However to others on the PvP servers who actually enjoy and don't mind fighting people, it's refreshing. Not sure if it's enough to bring back open world pvp but it's a step in the right direction.
I feel like if you really wanted to help people, you wouldn't flame. Instead, you'd be listening to critique and criticisms from the more well known PvE archers that have posted in this thread. It's cool you wanted to make a second guide for players who might need a bit more than Pomchi's. However, you definitely need to learn to take criticism better.

I spent my time here to show you that there are many other ways to play Archer. You don't have to agree with it, but you have to at least acknowledge that it is do-able since it didn't fail in any previous PvE content - and I'm talking about pre-nerfed of course.

Since it seems like continuing to post just makes the situation worse, I won't bother posting anymore. Hope to also see you as one of the first archers to clear next content.
Tremblin420 on 11/11/2015, 10:23 AM - view
stunn trap for chain skill? you are actually telling me to use a skill that has 30 second cooldown + does 10k damage to use as a chain skill.... are you serious or trolling me?

I severely question your "knowledge" about the archer class if you don't even know how to trap cancel. Do you seriously think archers who run Blaze Stunning Trap actually place down the Stun Trap, placing it on cooldown? You can animation cast it; expending mana, without placing it on cooldown while gaining the blaze glyph. I think the real question is if you're trolling or not...

So you use poison arrow, restraining arrow and ensnaring trap in pve... no wonder ppl complain about archers.

It's fine if you don't want to use Poison Arrow. Not using Restraining Arrow is bad and you better be using Ensnaring Trap next patch.

Good, you're getting my point!

40% Blaze on Pen > 30% Blaze on Pen, you're correct on that. However, 30% Blaze on Radiant over 0% on radiant (because of FD glyph) is better.

Yours: 40% Pen || My Suggested: 30% Pen, 30% Radiant

It's true you lose 10% blaze on one arrow but you're gaining 30% on your second highest damage skill. If you try out the glyph now, you'll see the difference. It's really night and day. Again, the damage on Arrow Volley and Poison Arrow is quite similar. AV has a slightly higher base but the DoT makes up for SOME of the damage, even if it doesn't scale.

Edit: My point is that AV isn't bad. However, I'm explaining to you that Poison Arrow is definitely not as useless you say; especially if you sit down and talk/think about it. It's been successful in every end-game boss so it's hard to call a successful build useless.
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Web Arrow is pretty bad, Poison Arrow and Restraining Arrow is fine. What's your rotation? That'd probably give me more insight on your argument.

My rotation gets every skill off before RoA is back off cooldown. If anything, there is a need for filler skills such as RF and maybe AV. Also, it's a bit ironic you speak about importance of glyph points when you suggest others to glyph FD regen.
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Tremblin420 on 11/10/2015, 11:12 AM

First of all, in PvE, NEVER EVER use Basic Attack, Web Arrow, Poison Arrow, Restraining Arrow, Incendiary Trap, Slow Trap and Ensnaring Trap. If you use any of these skills on PvE, for whatever reason (even for fillers), you are just wasting everyones time using meaningless skills that do 100k-300k damage at best.

This is probably the largest misconception I've seen by a lot of Archers. In addition, you've exaggerated your numbers quite severely. 100-300k? Yeah, maybe if you're using a level 40 bow. Three of those listed skills can easily do 1 mill and more, equivalent to the coveted Arrow Volley skill that many Archers suggest. Incendiary is a filler skill when you don't have any cooldowns and happen to be in melee range; Restraining is pretty much instant-cast dps when you can fill it in when your rotation has .5-1second left and Poison Arrow is essentially an equivalent to Arrow Volley - I'll elaborate.

Many archers argue that Poison Arrow is terrible because it locks you into animation. However, Arrow Volley itself locks you in animation while also requiring the player to do a 2-step cast; the notification to lock on and the confirmation of selected target(s) to release the arrow. Compare that to Poison Arrow - point and shoot. With equivalent end-game gear, both skills pretty much have the same cast time and damage.

Now, look at the possible glyphs and benefits you gain from casting each skill. Arrow Volley grants 40% on Pen while Poison Arrow grants 30% on Radiant. With the recent buffs to Radiant Arrow, it's now and always been our second best skill behind RoA. As a result, it's best to get your Radiant off ASAP. With an already quick cast-time, a blazed Radiant is nearly instant, allowing you to get a quick salvo cancel breakaway for powerlink/damage into a blazed Penetrating Arrow where you can now rinse and repeat. When comparing it to the rotation/cohesion with Arrow Volley, there is much left to be desired. 10% is just simply not worth it.

To wrap it up, Restraining Arrow is alright, Incendiary is meh but in no way useless. Both Arrow Volley and Poison Arrow are perfectly fine. Archers have been using both for Queen, ABHM, SCHM and the joke that is currently TSHM.
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Thanks to Kami for hosting this tournament and everyone else for coming together and participating!

If anyone wants, here are mine and Whipsaw's VoD's of our Semi/Final matches.

Xaioli -

Semi-finals- G1: http://www.twitch.tv/xaioli/v/24651461
G2: http://www.twitch.tv/xaioli/v/24651461?t=27m33s

Finals- G1: http://www.twitch.tv/xaioli/v/24652197
G2: http://www.twitch.tv/xaioli/v/24652197?t=43m02s
G3: http://www.twitch.tv/xaioli/v/24652197?t=1h15m14s


Finals- G1: http://www.twitch.tv/undercutter05/v/24649886
G2: http://www.twitch.tv/undercutter05/v/24648681
G3: http://www.twitch.tv/undercutter05/v/24650740
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