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Thank you for your advice, that guide is great too :)
Thank you for your answers! It looks like I was just hunting the wrong BAMs... Today I tried with Nagas and it was much easier to stay behind, they are slower and less mobile than others. So I will go with backcrit setup after all, just replacing Focused with Carving or Slaying.
What are your crystal choices for soloing IoD BAMs? Struggling to backcrit while avoiding red zones takes so much time (=wasted dps) even with reaper's mobility... Or am I just too unexperienced? I was wondering if it would be better to just stick with 4xpounding (compensate with keen charm instead of power one?), or even 3xpounding 1xwrathful?
Thank you for your answers! I think I'll go with reaper for now as it is fastest one to lvl up, and if my ping won't be enough I'll get a gunner.
I'm currently playing as priest, but I'm going to try some DPS PvE character. The problem is, my ping is usually something between 150-180. I'm fine as healer as there are no constant skill rotation etc., but I suppose this may be not enough for efficient dpsing. What dps classes do you find most and least ping-dependent? I consider mainly reaper, gunner and sorc (not really into typical swordsman classes).