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not rlly, 156 tries to do +11 isn't normal in any circumstance.
are you enchanting with like 2 feed per attempt or something?
the only bg where it's actually nerfed is gridiron.
as long as priests continue to kaia gs res, I will continue to thrall.
i bought a cheap mp regen innerwear to use for the remainder of this patch and it works wonders for me. I'm not really missing the max HP too much. I could go back to my HP inner and buy consumables but I am cheap and I can stay alive just fine this patch without them.
almost always the top ratings for skyring are mostly priests.. so i don't see where this whole "healer gear is unbalanced" thing is coming from
to be honest i don't think those bosses have good moves for bamarama fights. especially the raid bosses, which tend to have a lot of aoe's for hitting lots of people rather than straight forward stuff, especially bandersnatch
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yep. i got matched onto a team with a team of 4 priests in the same party that all logged out once the game started. and then people ask why pvp is dead
the pink frilly dress one is already 250k on my server. and the loot box is expensive. i think people are overexaggerating the difficulty of obtaining the costumes.

edit: now its already at 200k
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it probably has to do with licensing from Sanrio, so my guess is that the answer is it will truly be gone forever.
BV is a noob trap in terms of dps, whether you are power built or not