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what exactly was the point of starfall? it was out for 1-2 months before becoming obselete? Or am I missing something here? Are players expected to grind for new gear and then get yet ANOTHER new gear set before even having a chance to use it? Players should have more time to grind for a gear set, and more time to use it before it becomes obsolete. This is just becoming p2w.
Jerichow on 05/04/2016, 11:54 PM - view
Yes and no, to be honest a lot of it comes down to perspective. If you can get SF gear and +12 it for several characters, then honestly, you play a lot more than others, or you are able to acquire VM mats a lot more efficiently than the majority of the player population.

I mean during triple drop event, I played probably 8 hours a day, and ran probably a dozen DS lowers during the event along with a handful of FINM and KDNM runs. I got about 11 Sea Ash, 30 Dread Ore, not even 10 Ghostly Seals and 5 Desolarus Heartbeats by the end of it. It's not a lot but it sure as hell felt rewarding compared to normal, that's for sure.

A full weekend of grinding like it's a full time job, and I'm not even half way to a single weapon for a single character, let alone an entire set or +12'ing, or god forbid +15'ing it all. Now I play a Slayer, Lancer, and Priest as my three mains, and I would definitely like to get them all in full Starfall.

To just get the materials to make the Starfall pieces at that rate would take me:

Spars: Got 8 or 9 of them. Assuming I got 10 every weeked, it'd be 6 weeks per character.
Ghostly Seal: Same as Spars, but will take me ~10 weeks per character if I don't buy any.
Sea Ash: Got 11 of them, will take 5 weeks per character.
Hearts: Got 5, going to take 9 weeks per character.
Dread Ore: Got 30, need 300.... lol. Going to need to buy.

Now I want to get Starfall for three characters? That's not going to be done in any simple or short period of time, considering everyone else is running dungeons for the same things and my luck may not hold out, so I may not get as much on some runs.

I honestly consider this a perfectly do'able and fair amount of time spent for the best gear in the game. It sure beats running Dreadspire half a dozen times, only to have the one, single, solitary heartbeat snatched by the guy with a +15 SF weapon (no I'm not sarcastic, that happened... a lot).

Perhaps triple drop 24/7 is a bit much. Maybe double drop instead, or do something like this:

Triple Drop every weekend - (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday)

This would give people a lot more reason to queue dungeons and BGs during the weekends, slows the speed in which people can get materials, and during the regular weekdays you can do your Vanguards, Crusades, and other weekly tasks - that way the weekend is reserved for fun and materials gathering.

If EME did it like this, I'd have absolutely zero reason to complain about not having anything to do. Mon-Thrus I could do Crusades work for the guild, as well as dailies for Vanguards. Then on the weekend, I could switch gears and run DS2, FINM, and KDNM for my VM mats, or help guildmates get their SF mats.

Frankly, I think it's an awesome idea. Sure other people who spend 10+ hours a day on this game are going to get their materials faster than me, and others who form dedicated statics will be able to get their materials even faster, but that's the reward for doing things that way. At least this way, it gives variance in what you can do throughout the week, and makes weekends something worth looking forward to, other than of course... you know... not having to work or go to school.

And given the fluctuation of drop rates, even if I did get my SF gears and got them enchanted, who's to say I can't help guildmates during the weekends to get their materials? Just because I have Starfall and have it enchanted, doesn't meant there's nothing left for me to do but wait for the next patch. It just means my characters are fully geared to do anything I want to do with them.

I agree with all of this. Triple drop/enchant weekends should really be implemented! It's a great compromise for those that think the current drop/enchantment rates are okay, and those that think they need a major boost. And it will increase BG population by a huge margin over the weekends. I'm not sure if EME reads these forums for ideas, but this is one they should definitely at least test for a month.
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Phoergo on 05/04/2016, 01:43 PM - view
Really? I kind of got the opposite impression from farming this weekend. I realized how much of a gear treadmill this game is, and that there isn't much fun content left in it anymore.

My thought process:

1.New dungeons are coming out soon! Better raise my ilvl so I'll be able to queue, even though my schisma priest is still pretty damn good at PvE!

2. I can't farm all the mats for SF this weekend. But +12 dread will still be worth it, right?

3. 400 MES, 2k feedstock, 500 mwa, and 20k gold ilvl is LOWER than it was before. Cool.

4. I don't want to craft/farm new gear every few months...then masterwork it, enchant it, re-roll it, etch it, make new dyads.

5. Only log in to play CS

The game is already "craft/farm new gear every few months," but if it was easier drops and enchantment, that wouldn't be as much of a hellgrind. Sort of makes gearing pointelss bc by the time u get full +15, its obsolete.
Blerg on 05/04/2016, 12:48 PM - view
Sounds nice in theory, but without more content more often, increased drop rates would just mean even emptier servers even faster each patch. Once in awhile is fine, but every week or every month is probably too often.

Why is that, you think? I'm not sure I see the correlation of easier enchanting/more rewards for playing and less players. Not saying you're wrong, just don't see the reasoning.

And every weekend is a good idea !
I'll probably get some hate and people will tell me I need to grind more, but I'll say it anyway. I think that this game was at least 10x more enjoyable last weekend. I came back after being relatively inactive and GRINDED HARD for 3 days straight. and I loved it. Not only because I actually got enough drops from each runs to feel like I wasn't wasting my time, but also because I could use those mats to actually have enchanting success. And Battlegrounds were worth doing....and they were popping! It was great! And now it's back to sado-masochistic bread-crumbs.

Why shouldn't these rates be the new normal? With new gear coming out almost every two months, it makes sense to let it be more acquirable and enchantable, while making the gamer experience more positive.

Just my thoughts, let me know what you think
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