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Screw it all, Sleeper set is best set.
I'm a pvp elitist who likes to help the community.

PvE wise, FoK NM is dang easy. If you're wiping as a group, that rests on the healer / tank - no matter how bad the dps is.

Bloodvision sucks.
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They'll keep the achievements already earned from other servers.
Lunaus on 02/12/2013, 09:25 PM - view
whorgut on 02/12/2013, 09:13 PM
IS that Elin Slayer wearing PANTS?? It also looks like they have a bit of "toe" WTF...

Moose knuckle?

Enigmatic Cleftwedge?
old news (as far as existence is concerned), but good to see them in action.
Valley of My Little Ponies?
Post some suggestions!!!

I'll list some from others mentioned in the past:

Valley of Trolls


But then again, that was the old VoT. What about the new?
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Actually, according to the patch notes it starts in 54 minutes or so. I just managed to get in.
bridgetclaire on 02/12/2013, 06:02 AM - view
Same issue :( i'm on the east coast so it's 9 am here, maintenance already finished?

nope, about to start.