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Have you seen my bear tibbers?
Fatwa on 11/04/2013, 11:00 AM - view
Simple solution: Be original.

Don't try to take an Asian name.
Don't try to take an Anime name.
Don't try to take your favorite band name.
Don't try to take a commonly used English word.
Don't try to make a pop culture reference.

I've used 10 keys and got 3000 alkahest.
Didn't realize it's been two years already since tera launch
I doubt there will be a lot of "new" players that will be reading about this and taking the opportunity to make a character for the first time just because of this event. The only "new" players that will be showing up will be friends of existing players, in which case they should be able to guide them into playing the game if they took that route.
It depends on your posts getting upvoted. The number you see next to the date above your post; if you've used reddit, that's how it works. Basically other people will upvote or downvote your post, and that will eventually increase your rating and give you new titles.

Oh and people with elite start with +2 on each post, and free members start with +1.
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Cool video... had to mute the sound though.
get a macbook air
Aliila on 08/07/2013, 03:23 PM - view
What class is your level 60? - Archer
Favorite class and dungeon? - Priest and don't have a favorite
Favorite cereal? - Kix (the berry one)!
Pirate or swimsuit? - Pirate
Is your 60 an elin? - No, castanic female! horns > ears

you just got some brownie points