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DivineRemnant on 05/04/2016, 02:41 PM - view
My view between the two tanks is that one is more support-oriented while the other is more carry-oriented. A brawler is able to output a lot of DPS but that's pretty much it. A lancer may lack some DPS but it uses various buffs for the entire party/raid, including Guardian Shout, Pledge of Protection, and soon-to-be Adrenaline Rush. I'd say a Lancer relies on the party for 'greater dps output'. The difference is, what's the point of all these buffs if the DPS is trash? There's definitely been some runs where I'd prefer to have my brawler over my lancer, and the other way around as well. They both have their differences and both are great at holding aggro.

Yeah usually if the dps in the party are under average(probably because they are new or not comfortable yet), it can be a bit tough for the lancer. In some situations (if it's like mystic + priest + warrior/archer composition), lancer can do real well in damage in the short bursts. But yea the party buffs wouldn't be as useful if the dps members are under average.

These kinds of runs I may prefer to use brawler instead but honestly I feel more comfortable with my lancer. The fact I play lancer more than my brawler is why I prefer it. I've had times where I did way more damage than the dps in the party; talking like ~600k/s - 800k/s range at some bosses where the rest of the dps's are 400k/s or lower. It certainly doesn't bother me as long as we can clear it but might take longer. These kinds of things sometimes put me in a position where I have to be real attentive to detail at certain situations to prevent potential wipes.

I would say average wise I'm decent with brawler but I rarely play it. I think the part I'm up to is how to manage in keeping up growing fury and just getting used to the tanking aspect since it's a bit different than lancer lol. Sure is a lot of damage on brawler but I think it lacks the party support. This is where brawler has to keep up its own damage to counter some of that. Both classes have their own advantages/disadvantages.

I primarily prefer lancer because the fun I have with it, the challenge aspect of it and how much I learned over a long period of time. If I play as a Dps class, I don't mind having a brawler or lancer tank as long as our party is good enough to clear something in a respectable amount of time.
DivineRemnant on 05/04/2016, 02:41 PM - view
Getting aggro back has been much harder than brawler imo, especially with dps that output a lot. Not only that, but if it was because the lancer died, they will have an even harder time. The point was that it is much easier to get back on a brawler - you only have to use one skill, and it's faster cast and a soft animation lock.

I main a mystic and I find teleport jaunt much easier to use than a lancer's backstep, and the iframe on TP jaunt is shorter. The animation lock at the end of the skill is retarded.

Most timesI can get aggro back real fast but other times I may not be able to as quickly. In worst case scenario in something like fighting viyor at last boss in fihm, when people die for whatever reasons, aggro reset is real at times. Getting aggro back can be risky because having to watch for ghosts and not to aggro them but boss is also chasing someone else, which makes it real difficult lol.

Yeah lancer backstep is difficult to master at first. Especially when trying a new dungeon out, it takes time to learn the timing of i-framing certain mechanics. I remember when trying fihm for first time when it came out, I had always i-framed too early or late during the RIP donuts at rokdos.
Same here earlier in AV. Was doing FIHM and a member or two and myself got DC few times in that run, kind of rare to see that. Happened another 3 times after that. Definitely something is weird. I noticed forum wasn't loading during those times also but other websites and stuff were working fine when I checked.
Here you go, some screenshots from when I noticed about that debilitate resist :D

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It's a waste to go get lucid mats now and in no time when the new patch hits soon, it's not worth to make and enchant lucid. For it to be better than dread, you have to +15 lucid if you're willing to risk all your resources to only find that lucid will start becoming somewhat obsolete in next patch.
noJohns on 05/02/2016, 06:46 AM - view
- bosses cant resist debilitate??? retarded statement. it has a visual bug if applied at the very moment the stack expires, but it still applies, and is now part of our rotation as it chains into spring attack

I actually main lancer and can confirm that some bosses do resist debilitate. Over 100 + FIHM runs on my lancer and I've seen desolarus and rokdos resist it at times (seeing it from the battle ui chat). I have screenshots/recordings of it I can show if needed; at the time I don't have access to them since I'm not at my computer. The bug I know what you're talking about but I don't think it applies here. It may apply at the tree in ghillieglade sometimes but I haven't seen that bug in a while.
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If this page here: http://support.enmasse.com/tera/unable-to-download-retrieve-manifest-or-metafile doesn't work, you may have to run a trace-route in command prompt and have someone from support look at it in case of a bad server or something. The command would look like this: tracert patch.tera.enmasse-game.com There is a good possibility that support may want that in your ticket.

I digged up this old thread: http://tera-forums.enmasse.com/forums/general-discussion/topics/Error-message-Unable-to-Download-Manifest-?page=8, as it might be helpful.
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Yeah for some reason reset scroll doesn't work there. I don't think it was ever intended to reset that dungeon in the 1st place. You either run twice or 4 times daily.

Before this patch when ghillieglade had gold (where you make like 600 gold per run with elite, ~2400 gold per 4 runs), imagine if reset scroll worked. People would be spamming ghillieglade all day on their characters and the inflation of the gold economy would be crazy. I think that may be one of the reasons why the reset scroll isn't intended to work for ghillieglade but I could be wrong.

The thing is that as of now there are no gold drops there in this patch and even for me I don't run that much like I used to unless I want to farm for stuff there like potions and maybe get lucky with diamond or emerald.
WhaleWhale on 04/26/2016, 08:47 PM - view
To be honest, I was already paying 15k for 1 day big heads. Now it's available anytime (instead of me hunting down sellers) and I don't have to worry about hoarding in case the price jumps up from lack of sellers. And plus, it's a gold sink, which the game needed, so all gucci in my book.

Of course, my initial reaction was "oh god, it's so expensive." but after that gut reaction, I think it's about right. I would have liked to see it go more towards the 10-12k range, but 16k as a start is not bad.

15 k seems a lot for a big head (1day) though. I remember buying big head (1day) for around 1k gold in broker few times and got lucky one time someone posted it for 100 gold once. Whenever I see it for around 1k -2k gold, usually I buy it quickly lol. I guess the prices differ from server to server. Lately though it's way higher price and availability varies on the prices. I've seen people post the 10 min ones for ridiculous prices when I can get big head 24 hour cheaper lol.

And guess they did the 16 k price so it wouldn't hurt the overall economy.
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Yeah this will happen since a lot of the older dungeons get removed, its achievements move to the special category. I believe this category doesn't count toward laurel.

I had just gotten my champ laurel about less than a month ago and been trying to get world bosses as much as I can when I get a chance to so the gap can be less or about equal. But with new achievements with the new dungeons, it shouldn't take too long to get those points back. Some of them might be challenging but it should be possible to get.

The easier WB achieves such as deathglare, kestol, atrocitas, Divine reaver (exactly 9 hours re - spawn), teriak and abraxis are usually the easiest as long as you know the timers. Tabruk, betsael and drael seem to be tougher since more people try to hunt for them since those have a fewer requirement to finish those achieves.

And yeah real sad those dungeons are getting removed. I will miss schm, tshm and brhm (back in the days this dungeon was fun, many memories). And we had fihm for such a short time and its getting removed....a dungeon I enjoy the challenge and fun, one that is just like schm.
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