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NO lol you must be on something. They got updated when FINM hit. they dropped hearts and dread ore since back then.
So slayers can use ICB and 2 shot you, DSTANCE warriors can 1 combo back stab you, but the problem is THRALL??? LOL. While thrall is pretty broken, there are wayyyyy bigger problems in solo queue 3s than Thrall. All class besides lancers can 1 combo healers anyway. just jump the f'ing mystic. Mystic cant keep up their own mana in there anyways. you can also always CC the thrall or pillar it. What needs changing is the gear in there.
Sawao on 05/04/2016, 12:13 PM - view
Double drop would seem a little excessive, but the bg credits, definitely. Especially since next patch, VM7 mats will cost a [filtered]ton of credits.

If im not mistaken i believe all BGs get their credits tripled next patch
unequalized solo 3s should not be a thing. They just need to balance gear, especially healers, and buff the defense of the gear
Mobius1 on 05/02/2016, 01:32 PM - view
Honestly, with the new BG rewards, the game is better than it has ever been.

RIGHT?? and the crazy part was that it was such an easy fix. but they took ages to do it. I'm super glad treeshark is back. That man knows how to get things done.
Treeshark on 04/28/2016, 10:03 AM - view
i'll see if we can get the item level slightly lowered for the vanguard requests for the top dungeons.

If you could remove it, it would be the best if not at least lower them by around 10 pts.

My mystic in 4 piece dreadnaught is only ilvl 398.
I was solo healing FIHM when i was in +9 deviate gear with a +9 schisma chest back then my ilvl was 383. So as you can see ilvl shouldnt really effect if i get the vanguard but if it isnt possible at least reduce it by a decent amount
noJohns on 05/02/2016, 06:46 AM - view

- bosses cant resist debilitate??? retarded statement. it has a visual bug if applied at the very moment the stack expires, but it still applies, and is now part of our rotation as it chains into spring attack

Lol do you not play the class? yes it can be resisted. and yes there is ALSO a visual bug when it disappears if you reapply it as it is expiring but it is actually still there.

And as to OP question why play lancer over brawler currently the only reason to do it is because people find it fun.

In PVE a good brawler out shines a good lancer in every way. Brawler is the best DPS in game by a large amount even after the nerfs they got. I see brawlers output 1.5-2m/s dps on DS uppers and what can lancer do? 500k/s-800k/s? It is pretty retarded how unbalanced it is.

Lancers arent bad in PVP just because of Giga and Rally cry. But they have alot of problems. There leash can be resisted even without tenacity or GS up and there shield barrage stagger can randomly be resisted is well.

But PVP brawlers are still better. They have spin to win, auto block if they use the kick glyph, ground pound that has insane range and with enough AS it is a true combo, bullrush. They also have Higher damage than lancers, more endurance than lancers, shorter CD self heal than lancer (less than half of the CD lancer has), and more group CC than lancer.
Treeshark on 04/29/2016, 11:30 AM - view
We can do triple drop as well, but that event doesn't apply to Dreadspire.

You should at least wait until next weekend so people can enjoy BGs this weekend and dungeons next weekend
Can we get a strong box key feedstock event as well. There is not enough feedstock in game right now. the prices have tripled making the event pointless
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All gear should be equalized to +12 but you keep rolls,etching and all that good stuff. +15 is retarded and pointless in PVP, it should have never existed.