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They posted this on FB:

If you're trying to purchase the game, please visit one of the following digital retailer partners while the En Masse store is down:


As someone who works in customer service, I want to paypal Cobaltdragon a beer.

Gotta love [filtered] customers harassing you over something you have literally no control over and no input on.
As long as they aren't changing content, I won't complain about having more people to play with or have more people try Tera and make it successful.
Weird. Thanks for the info, free bump so they see maybe.
Just cancel your preorder here through customer service and preorder through Frogster.
I honestly wouldn't worry too much. People are at least a bit less likely to gank right now, since characters are permanent. The infamy will be too annoying to get rid of and a lot of people just want to rush initially.
If these issues could all be predicted and solved in minutes, network administration wouldn't be such a lucrative career.
You don't have to be an English teacher to communicate in a way that makes people actually understand you.
Insults programmer's ability to code, can't type in plain English.
Just draw pictures of yourself casting spells. The game will do the rest.