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put minimum settings and downgrade your graphics card and you can see shadows that take 15-20 min to render instead of people
BrofessorX on 05/04/2016, 01:57 PM - view
if i only need a few lucid mats then ima get lucid, bud..
get an IQ.

sunk cost fallacy.

just wait for the next 2nd tier set that's coming in 2 weeks rather than waste your time/resources completing an obsolete set.
Pretty sure the main reason they don't post on this thread is because there's no reason/point for them to lol

Blueflam3s on 04/29/2016, 03:56 PM - view
Arguing with Kamizuma about managing money? Good luck with that. Lol

I suppose it's not his fault. The main issue is many players such as the original poster only think about short term concepts and never think about the big overall picture. This mentality is what led to the disgusting economic situation we have right now because players like OP keep suggesting things that harm the game way more in the long run and for some reason EME takes players like him seriously and actually carry out changes based on forum complain feedback.

Of course OP is then going to further flame me and question why I am correct. I'm not going to reveal the main reasons why this proposed change will be harmful to the game because it will allow other players to make the shocking realization about this game's economy that only myself and a handful of others seem to grasp at this point. However, I will say that the past 1.5 years of Tera's economy has almost always gone exactly as I predicted which is why I can confidently say that your suggestion, OP, is a terrible one and will lead to a further [filtered] up economy like the one we currently have thanks to players like yourself.
Nightx on 04/29/2016, 03:41 PM - view
That is some BS right there. How is this going to effect new players ? If anything they have lower prices of good to buy. They can sell their goods no issue in that.

The only one who is going to be [filtered] by this is you.

Right so new players will be able to farm lower priced consumables (which are about the only thing you can farm nowadays) to get enough gold to buy the things they want. Right.

You're so deluded if you think cheap consumables hurts me. In fact, it would only benefit me more LOL

You have no understanding of how this game's economy works so stop pretending like you do.
Nightx on 04/29/2016, 03:22 PM - view
You can still sell, its only consumable items that should be rendered as "untradable" once they are brokered.

What are the benefits of doing this ?

Deterrent for people who want to resell for personal gain, thus, the goods are available to a wider group of people to benefit from at lower price.
As a result, more goods in the market at lower price since people are only buying what sustains them and nothing more.

If this isn't a healthy market I don't know what is. Its sad really that most that dwell in the forums do not represent the game.

This only benefits more established players and is grossly unfair to new players. New players will see a vast reduction in their "income" thus furthering the gap between new players and older ones. You only want the cheap feedstock for your own personal gain because you're unwilling to farm it yourself. Nice try.
why do we need to fix this lol
buying EMP message me now!
Masioceto on 04/26/2016, 02:40 PM - view
only 51k t9 feedstock?

dude step it up

kinda all I have left

tab 2 was entirely filled with t8 feed but now that's all gone :\