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Saxblade on 05/15/2016, 11:30 AM - view
I've been able to use Binding Sword really well most of the time against enemies that are far away from me either I initiate my KDs like that by using Reaping Slash afterwards or get closer and use Rising Fury, then I go ahead and Backstab.

I have to be honest, but Backstab won't help you out too much if you can't finish your combo or KD chain with 9-10 edge Scythe. It'll be able to initiate a combo, but if you use it first you'll most likely lose your edge due to the enemy being able to run away. Getting a 9-10 edge Scythe is really important to kill your opponent.

Backstabbing first is asking an enemy to put your edge count to the dust. Even if you manage to KD them before their Retaliate is up and with another move after Backstab is used, then you'll most likely run out of KDs or they may get out before you get to use a 9-10 edge Scythe on them.

It's better to have them in a stun than in a KD status.

I'm not gonna say that whatever I posted is the best way to go on with Backstab and how it can be used very inappropriately used by other players. I know not everything I said is accurate, but to some extent they do hold some importance. I'm still learning how to play a warrior and a slayer in PVP.

kiting against a warrior that just backstabbed you is the worst thing you can possibly do. chances are they just chunked for you for 50+% hp. your kiting is literally helping them as you arent really putting any pressure on them while their backstab cd is coming back up. Warrs don't need 10 edge to win 1v1s.

regarding archer, the problem isn't with most average archers. It's with the few actual good archers where you often have to blow so much [filtered] to get to them or they pepper you with radiant/pen arrows, rf and salvo staggers, that when you do get them you don't really have anything left up so they can get a salvo/rf confirm into kick cheese. The problem isn't kick though, the problem came when they added iframes to breakaway bolt.

sorc complaint is bull[filtered], you should be complaining about how they buffed warp barrier to allow skills/movements during the effect, not about stun traps.

arcane barrage complaint is bull[filtered], you should be complaining about their amount of self peel, not their 1 big damage skill.

ground pounder problem isn't a 1v1 problem, brawlers are very easy in 1v1, it's large scale where they become an issue.
Dancerx on 05/14/2016, 06:52 AM - view
generation+tensus items, no marks on ground.

generation + renegade*
ObligatoryDownVoter on 05/11/2016, 04:41 PM - view
Probably the best way to answer this is, which class you're fighting? At times your best option is to stagger/stunlock. The other option is to do straight dps and burst someone down with evis measure combo.

The basic combo is 1st auto attack, fury strike, stunning backhand, dash, run to their back, startle kick, overpower, heart thrust, eviserate, overand, Measure slice. If you land this it's about 90-100k damage in full tensus with all crits. [Maybe more depending on how well you crit, have etchings, or crystals idk man]

One way to throw healers off in 3's is to lock them down, kd them, or stagger them before heals, kaias, or cleanse. Always backstab sleeps. My advice for throwing healers off is to distant blade them near start, put them in combat so they are a little less mobile.

What kind of autists are you fighting that lets your "basic combo" work lmao. ur never gonna dash run to back startle kick after a backhand (regardless of if you cancel the animation lock with ohs or not) l o l.
It was given to people last year when they had characters in a guild for a certain length of time. LEGACY ITEMS SUCH AS THESE SHOULD NOT BE PUT IN KYRAS SHACK - IT WAS A UNIQUE REWARD AND PUTTING THEM THERE DEFEATS THE PURPOSE OF THEM. It was bad enough when they put afros WHICH ONLY A FEW PEOPLE HAD FROM PARTICIPATING IN EME PVP EVENTS HAD.
it's deleted. There's a [filtered] new knockoff version for top 3(?) guilds in pvp league (aka you can leech it from your guild if you're [filtered] and be an "mlg leet pvper" without doing anything) that works absolutely nowhere except in open world (wanna use it in a dungeon? too bad. Alliance? sry no. only usable in open world pvp and duels (and no one pops [filtered] like that in duels).
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Spacecats on 04/13/2016, 10:10 AM - view
This is something En Masse is super aware of when making decisions to ensure TERA is NOT pay-to-win ("pay to cute," maybe). For instance, the only unique items in the TERA Rewards system are cosmetic. The rewards can be earned by all players given enough time (granted there's some adjusting to do, which we've acknowledged), but again these costumes and mounts don't help you "win" TERA, they just make you look really cool. I'm curious how you think we're slowly pushing towards something we're so against?

Will the t10 exp boost be active during Ninja release? If so, that makes getting cutting-edge pretty "p2w" and takes a good chunk of the strategy and dedication of obtaining that title out of the game. Everyone will be able to look at their server's cutting-edge and think "that guy is p2w buff carried" rather than "that guy had dedication and a good strategy to get their title"
ChickenIsgood on 01/03/2016, 01:29 AM - view
Hello everyone! I decided to test out my ability as a gunner by attempting to solo Forsaken Island normal mode and I have succeeded in doing so! It was really hard to do

BnS is actually pretty [filtered] boring
You should really blame BHS/Enmasse for making the pieces so [filtered] easy to acquire (since smart boxes etc).

Before the mid tier gear would actually be difficult to acquire, so by the time you actually got the pieces you would have acquired enough feedstock or fodder (depending on patch) to actually enchant the gear... none of this "hurr i got full dread in 1 run and hurr now i have 400 feedstock let me +12 my whole set"