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cause there was more money to be made if they make it free to play technicly. why u ask? cause it keeps the population high, and those who can spend money on the game will (for both monthly benifits and for cosmetic) because its still a populated game cause of the f2p so it keeps the game fun and interesting with a bigger population to play with. if they kept it subscription based people would eventually just get tired of paying it when they cant afford to or dont have the time to put in the hours for some months and lead to decrease in population.

as for the main topic to this, like what the others been saying, its Korean based game. enmasse are just supplying the game to us as a translated version giving us some unique events now and then in between game updates. there isnt a whole lot they can change in the coding or allowed to change unfortunately. and when it comes to player models and animations they dont even have anyone hired to change these, so its best to learn some korean and complain on their forums.
this probably mentioned in the past (like years ago) but its still an issue and should be fixed. cause honestly its quite annoying to find out that the the option to keep your hair not up-swept on back items and certain armors/clothing's is ONLY client sided. you may think you got a great looking female character until you find out everyone else see your character totally different from your side.

i mean like i know how your character looks isnt what makes the game but its nice to have the immersion and feel of having a sweat looking character, but when you cant even put on a cape, or a scarf without other seeing your hair in buns or braided when thats what you weren't intending to look like to others is just unappealing.

and whats a bit of coding to make it a single digit number to load on the server side if you have that checkbox in the options un-checked off and allowing your character the freedom of its hair. (and if you make a argument about the clipping of the hair on back items, it does it anyways on ALOT of hat items. and some hair styles clip less than the upswept hair does)

its not alot to ask for can your team please look into this!
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We're still alive and kicking! Like Catatonic said, the lion mount doesn't give any "perks" other than it's unique look now-a-days. Just about all the Founders know each other in some way or another and I see them everywhere on MT server.

i dont know any Q.Q

anyway i use founder title i dont use my mount very often anymore unless im showing off. i just use a standard dafi for the stamina gain so i dont always need to set up a fire for 120 stamina
biggest thing u gotta remember, this IS a video game, and because its a video game u have ages ranging from 10-30 usually, with the higher percentage in 10-18 (cause responsibilities = zero, so they have the time to play video games).

now u can go blaming countries all u want and be racist [filtered] for all i care (cause really i don't). and no im not from USA but still a NA region player. and ive seen good players and ive seen bad players, but if your LOOKING for good players, join a guild, seriously. join a guild and find people to talk to over TS or whatever they use to communicate thats not typing, u will see they prefer to spend more time voice communication over reading whats on the screen.

ALSO one last point id like to make is that MOST of those u consider "American" probably ARNT American, those are most likely BR's on our server cause they have no server but ours to play on and they are morons, they dont talk/communicate (most cant even speak english) and are the worst to team with. if i could make one wish and had the choice of world peace or death to all BR's, id choose the ladder of the 2.
so because its not a 'superior or higher' item those bosses that are droping them are just going to the person collecting the loot lol?

either way i only see 1 drop per boss if not less
is there like no effective way to grind for these other than dailies bg boxes? and even then its rng chance or either droping 1-12. i feel bad for all those pve types that have to grind them in instances getting 1-2 at most per run, tho its just as difficult doing bg runs daily cause its rng usually if u can pull off a win (with a team thats rng) and then after winning its rng if it gives u any at all... and price of them keep slowly going up on broker. like 10g more every few days...
lol this thread is hilarous.

@ main topic
people can roll on thier alts for the orbs cause you CAN bank them and use them on YOUR MAIN to craft the gear. end of story go QQ more
lol i dono about u but on our server T7's feedstock are at a all time low of 15g each. so i dono why u are [filtered]ing about feedstock right now. yes that is only that low due to the NA patch last week where they messed up a certain box in a certain instance Q, and in all honesty i feel like its creating a totaly oposite problem than what your complaining about.

the real issue right now is HOW EASY it is to get top tier gear this patch, and how much easier it is to get that gear to 12-15+. they really made it cake walk for us NA players, in fact was just discussing with my guild how much difference in grind and skill needed in comparison to Ktera. honestly tho, 1 week into VM5 and some people already have maxed out PVE set, and others (like me) will have a maxed out pvp set by the end of the month if not sooner (depending on my RNG with enchanting, cause ill have all tensus by end of the week, which is insane for someone who only plays casually)

as for your other issue, yes DPS have a long wait, but like if they dont want to wait they can always try out the tank or healing classes, they arnt as boring as you assume they are. in fact i was playing my dps in AI earlier almost passing out from boring [filtered] rotations.

as for player droping issues.... were u even here before steam rolled out? cause that was scarce for players on servers, right now we probably still 5x if not more populated now than before that steam/gunner release. so there isnt really a worry there for a while.
so im just curious on a certain stat on these rings that were just released

as u can see here there is a stat 'recovers 184 hp'. what is that? recovers what? been bothering me for a while but what exactly does this affect?
essentially this is how i see mystics in pve.

overall they are better ONLY if you have the skill to keep up with healing your team, so if you are good at target heals and use your boomerang in a effective way they can both out heal and provide a better buff for the team. also this is a big downfall to mystics is the targeting cleanse, unlike priest which is aoe cleanse you HAVE to target your whole team when a aoe debuff hits (and u gotta target someone else to cleanse yourself also unless your thrall of life is up).

the double crit buff is the candy coat to this class, every DPS loves u for bringing this to the table making them crit almost every hit. this makes boss fights very quick and i find long draged out battle = more chances of mistakes happening.

thralls are quite useful also the wrath one is great for boss fights for both dps phases and/or last few bars of boss hp (which usually is a rage phase to where they are faster and stronger)

TL;DR = mystics, risky but fun and overall makes boss fights faster. priests, safe and easier healing/cleansing but slower and slightly less fun (from personal perspective)