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Jokes on you those backstab hero warriors will still kill you because you are bad at this game. People who complain about warriors smh.
PlagueFWC on 05/01/2016, 12:10 PM - view
nope nope nope

as comparison, friend of mine just got his dreadnaught +12
EQ gear = 15k backcrit with arcane barrage
Dread = 40k

just no

PVE ROLLED last I checked hitting a br doesnt count as enraged target.

Also my biggest bone to pick isnt even the weapon/armor rolls its the no stun reduction on the earings!
Yesuna on 05/03/2016, 03:57 AM - view
Since when is the minority important?

I'm just going to say more clearly for any staff member reading this post: this issue affects a very tiny minority of the population and please do not spend even a single second on this non-issue because it's not worth it.

The amount of support time required for a single class change is going to be enormous (issues with weapon changing, making sure rolls are the same, changing all the weapons and weapon skins, race changing if changing between race locked classes, and a slew of other problems like laurels and class specific achievements) and any EME staff member should just ignore this post and pretend it never existed.

This post is a directly result of people salty that they removed server costume rebind exploit and now are trying to find a new way to rebind their stuff to new classes they want to reroll instead of doing it the proper way and repurchasing things.

Translation: Poster is poor and doesnt want paying customers to get what they want.

Its not hard to do a class change but I can see how some1 with no understanding of databases would think it is. For starters all equipment is not transferable in a class change. You wanted a mystic from priest? go farm mystic weap now.

Here is the basic process:

Web service runs stored procedure that changes class from PR (Priest) to MI (Mystic)
Web service returns a transaction code (10 digit code) that you send to support to have your weapon skins changed.
On support site you submit a ticket in the <race/class change category> criteria requires a transaction code.
Support batch profile runs another stored procedure that verifies transaction code and changes all valid weapon skins in inventory from PR (Priest) to MI (Mystic)

Look at that it doesnt even require a support agent to run.

The amount of resistance that you put up over something so small but convenient baffles me. Whats wrong? dont have full pet pockets/20+ mounts/20+ costumes? if you dont then why dont you take your biased opinion somewhere else.

Poor ppl always hating on the rich smh.
Proio on 05/02/2016, 11:53 AM - view
Just all around completely terrible idea. If you want a different class MAKE one. It's really not that difficult to level a new character and gear it up. I have 8 level 65s, 5 in full Dreadnaught +12 perfect rolls and the rest in a mixture of Schisma and Dreadnaught. It's never been easier to get a new character to max level and get decent gear in TERA.

Another [filtered]in genius over here.

Nobody cares about your alts in dreadnaught +12 alright your characters are not worth inspecting let alone buying a class change voucher. Class change is for people with characters that are worth something. Do your dreadnaught alts have 15-20k emp worth of stuff? thats when you want a class change voucher.

The fact that 99% of the ppl on these forums dont understand basic economics just goes to show why they are always poor and complaining.

DivineRemnant on 05/02/2016, 12:00 PM
I agree, honestly, leveling from 1-65 is super easy I don't understand why level 60 scrolls even sell anymore. If you do LoT at 58 you can get to 60 by completing the dungeon, eliminating the massive grind fest from before. I look at 1-60 as a time you can get used to the class you're leveling, and get familiar with all the keybinding and skills, and at 60-65 you can get all the glyphs you need on that class. Having a class change voucher doesn't really make sense to me.

Another genius seriously... no child left behind in action over here!
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Yesuna on 05/02/2016, 01:56 AM - view
How does one take this conversation seriously anymore, I am literally counting the number of times the word weeb is mentioned. Do they even know what it means?

In any case, I'm against adding class changes because it's a waste of time and money to benefit only a minority of the population when there are far more important issues BHS needs to work on like class balance and optimization and new content instead of recycling stuff and a slew of other issues.

Legit this is completely irrelevant to 90% of playerbase and should be one of the last priorities (I mean it was even brought up it only affects the people who already throw $$$ at the money so basically a tiny portion of population). They would make a lot more profit trying to improve the game to attract and keep new players then doing something that's such a waste of resources. It would probably be worse than the waste of time the rewards shop was.

For starters nobody said change this now.

Secondly just because it only affects a minority doesnt mean it isnt important/convenient for some people not to mention how easy it is to implement.

Thirdly its not hard to implement especially if you make it an online service just like server transfers are. All that it would require is making a stored procedure on the DB and adding 1 extra option to the account settings page. Can literally be done in less than a day if they got anyone with brain cells down there. You complain about class balance and other stuff that is completely out of EME's control. Bluehole in korea is responsible for those parts of the game. EME is responsible for promos and sales and it is up to their discretion if a class change for money is worth implementing.

Also what I get from your post is anything involving money does not concern you because you are not a paying customer? The reward shop is great I personally have 2 bank pages full of costumes/innerwear and I even splurged and got the 35k laurel.

Translation: <Subjective crap> Post #48 </Subjective crap>

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Please put the fwc eq gear in 3s and cs. Would solve most of those skewed class imbalance issues people complain about.

Lol warrior so OP backstab warrior did suzamia blade draw combo and I died qqqqqqqqqq

When in reality its like everyone in cs/solo 3s is wearing something old like noctenium set then we forget that all our skills got 2 extra ranks of damage from lvl 65.
PlagueFWC on 05/01/2016, 12:24 PM - view
As a healer, i have no intention of queueing a bg where the gear is so imbalanced that any class can already 1combo me with 2 crits at most (except lancer), Which will get even worse when mystics get the aura update next patch :D I personally won't be doing any soloq anymore after this update if the only chance i have at survival is hoping the dps on the other team are really bad.

Aside from that,next patch gear is gonna be a lot more balanced between the pvp set and +15.

I honestly dont know why the eq gear in each bg is so different. The fwc eq gear is really nice and that should be in all other eq gear bgs including solo 3s but no it isnt.
Keen vyrsk is always the choice unless you pvp in which case in certain scenarios its better to use griefing zyrk.
Helenne on 04/21/2016, 08:05 AM - view
Please read this:

So, if you are in Lucid, or Idoneal, or Schisma... With PVE settings, with PVE crystals please dont queue for FWC...

Thanks :)

A lot of people forget that you can change gear inside the battleground. If your earings for example are pve rolled (with endurance and whatever) you can always use cosmoshard 2s to buy the time accessories roll them with the 10% stun reduction and wear them after you get into fwc.

Aside from that the eq gear isnt that bad if you have dreadnaught pve rolled you should just equp fodder to get the eq gear and use that.

Battlegrounds revolve around ppl queueing so dont tell ppl not to queue for fks sake use your head.
Poisonlust on 05/01/2016, 11:54 AM - view
This doesn't feel like a conversation that needs insults and the like. It's true that it is a heated debate, but I'm sure we can have that debate while being civil yes?

I could see some folks trying to abuse it sure, but look at it from another perspective, another marketing perspective. A player could have maxed out their character slots, with toons that have bank pages full of costumes and money spent on pets and mounts. Then a new class gets released and they are cut out of playing it unless they want to forfeit all the money they have invested in one of their characters. or they could drop another $60~ and change that character's class, possibly loosing costumes based on armor type etc, but still allowing them to play the new class without starting a character over from scratch and loosing all that investment.

It's still not a perfect solution I admit, but with level 60 scrolls players can zap up to 65 in no time anyway. I've seen folks who have managed to go from level 1 to level 65 in a day with the help of a 60 scroll, so the abuse is already present in the game, at least as I see it. The reaper class does offer a cheap jump sure, so maybe make it not work for any class that starts above level 1? like race change vouchers don't work the reaper as it is.

60 scroll is disabled when new classes come out so class change would also be disabled the same way.

Sure the guy can class change AFTER the window opens but by then he woulda had a 65 ninja anyways it literally takes 3 days casually to hit 65.

Also I know I throw insults all the time but ppl with no brain cells trigger me every time.
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