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KN used to drop 5 MES and quantity of around 10 mix of MWA and Refined Alkahest.
Since the time we got Tripple drop, it has gotten reduced to 3 MES and quantity around 6 mix of MWA and Refined Alkahest.
EME reduced drop during the Emergencry Maintenance of that weekend saying they would fix the lag. Lag didn't get fix. They reduced the drops count in hope it would reduce lags.
Although Archer is a range class, it's a lot easier to fight at meelee range for most BAM. Also, it's good to start to learn how to turn your camera 180 then use back step. You will need this technique for Queen.
Less than 10 for Archer, Less than 30 for Lancer.
Now, I'm waiting for Zerker Chest.
WTB 2 soft kitty hat for 1k each :)
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I haven't done NM since it came out, and just a handful of times. If I recall the stun effect from not using the potion only happened once every 10 secs or so right? I assume that's why you say this...

If only one person enter the cage, no one will get stun. Usually, just send a Sorc to solo it if only one potion dropped. Yes, sometime that little guy in the cage only drop 1 potion.
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One thing to keep in mind is that DPS has had time to gear up now. I started tanking with regentip too but i'm not sure if it'd hold up now like it did back then...

That's true. Though, I only got my WHHM lance 2 days ago on my 30th clears. Meanwhile, DPS already have +12 Steadfast, WHHM, VM1 or VM2 weapon.
I have test with +9 WHHM lance with full DPS crystal/zyrks. I was able to hold aggro in most part but aggro flip flop more than I liked it so I went back to full aggro crystal/zyrks; I'm lazy :D. Why not tank while having some Wine, aye?

Basically, if your gear isn't equal to DPS and you constantly loose aggro and cannot get it back, use full aggro crystals/zyrks. Use Shout as Initial start but don't include in rotation. Your attack rotation and Shield Counter is your primary aggro tools. Use Shout as necessary. You can also upgrade to +9 steadfast.
Have fun tanking, *Cheers*
Hardcore Server:
Allow player(s) to make a copy of their current character(s) to new server and play.

For Current server:
Petition to WHHM Bosses, have Jack and Telarith have 8 mins hard enrage. Bander have 15 mins hard enrage, no mirror charms bull[filtered] to reflect damage back to Bander during shield phase.
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I started tanking WHHM with regentips(with mp and aggro rolled) and Conjuction gears I didn't have problem you mentioned above on last boss. Only Jack give me a hard time until I learned his attack pattern.

Here is my initial rotation: Shout>Deliberate>shield barrage>spring attack>walllop.
By the time you finish the above rotation, your shout should be up to pull back aggro if lost.
The only time I loose aggro is when I have to walk away to avoid poison/stun pool.

DPS shouldn't need to wait to start attack. As soon DPS see tank on the Boss, DPS should be able to attack.

I'm a lazy tank, I use full aggro crystal with DPS gloves.
If you still loose aggro initially with that rotation, then Shout>Force Enrage.
Steadfast/WH are ugly so I use steam-punk costume. The best so far is Regent/Mayhem/VM design.

Rutee on 09/18/2013, 02:01 PM

I want this design.
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