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an event wher you had to have rng stacked upon rng.....rng to get the letter you needed and then rng with the box you got from the letters to get garbage. i honestly dont care for this event and neither does a lot of people, i rather my normal bg bonuses back than this garbage but oh well. but someone will jump in and say but hey they atleast gave us an event, a poorly thought of event thats worse than the regular bonuses in bgs etc? why would i be glad about something worse than the norm?
Kirine on 04/30/2016, 02:17 PM - view
Man, calm down. You can't even write properly anymore.
Have you read the announcement since? They did post the corrected information there.
Have you read the thread I linked? Should I link the Reddit forum too? Noone with any experience in Tera and EME has took it seriously, as it was not explicitly said that it will affect awakened enchanting, but we were hoping.

And how is the attempts to enchant are wasting? Those who aim for +15, will always try no matter the enchantment bonus or not.
And those who did not want to do +15, but were tempted by this event and did waste mats and not gained any single enchantment level are like what, a maximum of 10 players?
How fast do you have to click to not see the angry rants on global an waste millions?
I am really sorry for them, they learned their lesson in the hard way.

What do you want then? We have not heard one single idea from you, or anything. Stop spouting s*** when you are not even concerned as much to even give a single idea on how to solve this, you want to be the hero of the day that badly?
You act like you are right, but are you?

You are defending the extreme minority of the community.
Like every other single time EME has misinformed us about something, there are people who loose.

They are at least said they are sorry and turned on events for us (they didn't even have to as these events concern the whole community while the +15 only a minorty), plan to fix up something in return.
Be grateful, and don't try to be angry instead of some other people who you don't even know.

they posted the changes on the website post, after the fact, up to last night the webpage was still unaltered and the only post to say anything was in the forum. this is exactly what is wrong here, players like you, that is whats wrong with this game, hey it didnt happen to me and they turned on some bull [filtered] event so its ok, they did worse before so its ok, or they are accustomed to doing [filtered] so its ok. i do not have to come up with any solution or suggestions for them, they are the ones who messed up not me. like i said can you kiss eme's [filtered] anymore than you just did?
Kirine on 04/30/2016, 10:54 AM - view
Why not quote mysoltyspl too then? :) and I do read everything, but assumed you have the brains to actually reply to people, you really made no sense that way

And you really should just join the other thread going on. They already took apart this problem there, in more ways than you can here.
If you only look for people who support you, then you really haven't been around this forum at all. There are people who does not think you are right.
Yes they will quit, there are always people who quit because of miscommunication. Look what happened in January when we waited for the new patch. Or the events where they did not adjust drop rate from boxes, or did not turn on something.

There is no need to remedy this situation any further. There are a few salty ones that "wasted" rescources and burned themselves, but there are those that successfully achived +15. There is no way to handpick people and give those "wasted" rescources back.

I can only think of one possible way:
Send in a ticket and maybe they decide to return the "wasted" stuff. They can track it back and maybe give back the "wasted" rescources. But again it is partly the players fault for interpreting the announcement wrong and not being updated and blindly assume things.

There is no need to give any more to the population than the power hours and triple drop. It will drive prices down anyway.

can you kiss eme's [filtered] any more? i replied to both of you in the same post. they did not take apart anything, this is what they did, hey lets throw something at them and hope they forget about it or the minority that enjoys it drown them out. idk if you ever experienced eme's support but they are basically useless, they are literally the worst online support or one of the worst. 3 days of triple and in quite a few cases in the 5 highlighted dungeons its less that tripe drop does nothing to anyone who used their mats. you still failed to discuss why did they not advertise it the same way the did the wrong post? there was no misinterpretation, it was a plain and simple wrong post with wrong information.
sheysheysheybae on 04/30/2016, 10:18 AM - view
i think people have a right to be a little upset but i think it's getting dramatic. treeshark made a mistake and he said he will try again to do an event for it in the next week or 2. if you spent all your money on mats you can just save your mats because the prices would jump right before that event, too. Also, because of this not only do we get the event eventualy but also triple drop and bg power hours all weekend. it's not the worst thing that has ever happened.

you also failed to read.....what do the people who spent their gold to buy mats, but sued it thanks to there being no launcher update on the issue, to webpage update, the webpage itself still says the original text to get +!5, what do they get? 3 days of power hours and triple drops will never get you back the mats you wasted, especially with the weekly cap on credits and by friday most people are already capped for the week. thsoe people still wont benefit from a later enchantment event.
Aeriad on 04/30/2016, 09:09 AM - view
Oh you're from AV, who cares what you think then.

lemme guess you from mt, lol the server where people have to feed points to themselves in fwc, gi, cs etc to get ranked. typical mt players, hey mt is a pvp server i r great pvper as i am from mt, lol, and the majority of times they get their asses wiped on the floor.
Kirine on 04/30/2016, 08:55 AM - view
What other regions? What are you talking about?

Why do you even care about those people who just blindly do stuff without reading up on it properly?
If they have the time to pull up some millions than they can care that much as to read up on it, or they shouldn't be upset at all, because nothing has changed. With or without the event, the chances are low anyway.

I have been let down by EME a lot too, but you know what? I learned from them, I do not take anything granted what they announce.
- triple enchant? never been applied to +13-+15 before? - It must be a typo
- loot boxes? I wait until other people start or not start complaining about low drop rate on forums or in-game and start opening them myself after
- kyra event? Never use the catalysts before the event is over, because they always put better loot in it
- other event? Sell the mats at an early stage, because they always ***k up and start increasing drop rates....

And I've been playing for 1.5 years only.

Oh and there are actual victims of that Announcement in the announcement thread. Maybe you should join them on that thread instead of creating new ones :)

you clearly do not read the threads you post to at all, it was a composite reply to mysoltyspl, talking about events in other regions. also there has never been a triple enchantment even before, there were double enchantment and on the initial post it was explicitly specified does not apply to awakened enchanting. like i said if you rather chastise other players for eme blunders then just gtfo of the thread since it doesnt concern you and you have nothing to offer to it.
Kirine on 04/30/2016, 08:46 AM - view
No offense, but that post is dated 30 minutes before the event started.
I agree there was no in-game notice, but is there really anyone who does not double check with them? There was even a forum thread going on how everyone doubts that it is applied to +15..., EME has been wrong so many times, it is their own fault for not reading up on it before they start wasting that much money.

And those who did, just wasted the normal amount as they would have without the enchanting event. Don't tell me someone jumped on to the +15 train without expecting it?

30 minutes is not a lot of time, and just a forum post is insufficient, the same way the advertised the even they could have advertised the change. it also does not matter about other regions, other regions dont have vg mwa boxes if i recall what treeshark said before, nor kyras etc. its funny how enmasse does something wrong and stupid and people like you all chastise the player base.
Masioceto on 04/30/2016, 08:42 AM - view
The issue i'm seeing here is,

If you spend MILLIONS of gold preparing for this enchantment event to +15 your gear, why haven't you [filtered] bought the +15 gear instead???

it would cost roughly 1m for a weapon yes but people would want to take advantage of the event and get a full set, spending maybe 1m + on mats.
Kirine on 04/30/2016, 08:09 AM - view
We got triple drop and triple bg credit.
Better read the Original Post before posting.

I think it does not add up totally for the +15 missing, but enough to take back some of the resources you "wasted".
You still got those items you bought and can use for the item you wanted to enchant this weekend.

you clearly did not read the post or did not understand it...triple drop and double bg credits do not make up for people wasting millions yes millions of gold in some cases to enchant. a 3 day event does no equate to that, as i already stated along with the fact that it does not affect me but you still have to think about others.
we all know about the recent blunder by eme concerning the enchanting event, now this is what the event page said:

It’s time to load up on feedstock and alkahests, because you’re going to want to spend some time this weekend enchanting your characters’ items!

Starting at 11 a.m. PDT on Friday, April 29, we’re adding an event buff to all enchanting attempts that triples the usual success rate. So now is the perfect time to make that final push to +15 on all your favorite items!

But remember, this is a weekend event: The success rate buff ends at 11 a.m. PDT on Monday, May 2. So don’t delay!

now reading that through, what is the final push to getting a gear piece to +15, obviously its +ing it all the way up or getting you last +'s. now getting that out of the way, +12ing a gear piece is not the final push to +15, it is actually the initial push to start the awakened enchantment to +15. so clearly this was misinformation by eme, a huge blunder at that.

due to this post the market for mwas and feedstock erupted, prices soared to recent times highs, people who saved up gold spent it out on these enchanting mats. now if you still have the mats thats a bit fine and good, you still have something to show for the gold you spent etc. but what about the people who spent their gold, and then used their mats to attempt enchanting not knowing that the post was a mistake. the gesture of treeshark was pretty ok, extending the +12 event and even turning on bg power hours and triple drops, which incase he was wondering is not functioning properly, gold finger tokens, spars and ashes atleast in ds lowers are dropping double amounts only not triple, along with his loose promise or intention to actually host an awakened enchanting event, it was pretty ok damage control. however none of this would matter to the people who already used all their materials, as they wont have neither gold nor materials to take advantage of the event if we ever truly get it.

now this does not affect me, i farm all my items i need, and thankfully i did not have anything to +15 as i was farming mats for a new sword after selling my old one and was not completed in farming the mats. but you must think about this, this is another reason for people to quit the game, misinformation causing you to waste all or a huge chunk of your resources, then not being able to take part in the event if it truly occurs later, why would some one bother to continue? i mean eme should consider this and i mean its a bit to wide spread or vague to tell who did this, but it is a reality that happened in quite a few cases. i would like to hear how eme will work to remedy this aspect of the situation.