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title.. sums it up.. wanting to sell a blackheart weapon skin...the box is un-tradable but will open to proper class(will not work for brawlers/reapers/gunners.. and probably ninja)

no set price.. taking offers

mail/whisper in game if you like.. will prob be on azryel

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no more just a mixture of people over time.. from trade spam to people who think they are funny flooding chats or people who always have bad attitudes.. and bots.. all just collects but all typical reason you would block..

just sucks when you have to unblock someone to block someone else.. and you find out the person you unblocked is just as annoying and still there..xD
title.. sums it up.. a block list extender for like 100-200 more block slots for like 400 emp would be.. amazing
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It takes skill. Most of the players on Tera aren't capable of thinking.

CS is proof of this

but on topic.. recently started a sorcer and.. have been doing just fine with it..even under leveled in CS without half the glyphs(Actually 1 shoted people to death at level.. in duels)

it does more than enough damage.. even nerfed i don't expect it to keep up with derp classes but..its still plenty good
if its a constant thing.. you may want to make sure your PC is not running hot also... it should be set be default.. but try setting affinity for how many cores tera uses and removing any un needed process running.. if that makes it move.. you're heading in right direction

you do realize its like putting a band aid on a bullet hole right? in other words it will work for that moment but you will still bleed out

Try being positive.. helping new people and maybe actually try to encourage people to join the game granted you cant fix lack of content and the window lickers..but you dont have to add to the reasons why people dont stay
actually emp has been fluctuating a lot on price.. 1/18-35 the biggest impact in price.. is what has always determined emp price.. and that its supply and demand a good sale=low supply high demand.. price goes up

on other end you have a lot of brawlers/alts trying to gear up so you have more demand for char slots/costumes.. so forth

so reality is.. demand is just rather high right now.. this effects elite price because well.. why would you pay 2k emp for elite and sell it at rate of 1/15 when lowest is 1/18.. you wouldn't and there is just not enough emp sellers.. to meet demand to keep prices low..

its not the emp buyers fault.. nor is it the sellers just market flux best advice to you.. buy when there is no sales going on
if only killing mobs.. actually had a purpose
uhm.. not sure where the bug is here.. pretty clear to me.. team 1 did dmg to crystal in 7 min team 2 could not do any damage in 7 min.. there for team 2 loses? goal is to out damage the enemy in the time they had? also announcement is correct.. little clock in middle says 2 minutes
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am not sure which consumables you are really referencing here? i mean the most expensive thing from deaths is usually crystals(about 550g each) and that is assuming you don't bring a crystal bind potions are semi expensive(depending how many you used for the run) and most people will use charms if no one else does

but while i do agree learning a new dungeon you will die allot but at the same time.. being dead allot could you really argue that you helped and are entitled to equal reward?

and most people will(almost every one i have been in) ask if people know what to do/expect and if not ask

and this goes for people who do way more then required to not just people who just fight on the floor

like that healer that manages to res the whole team 4-5 times and some how not go down.. or that DPS that manages to tank the boss because the tank went down...or the tank that manages to hold the boss while healer res's people/people res healer
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