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I love the Jaunt idea. Using metamorphic smite is dangerous especially to any melee class. You have to be insanely close to an enemy to use it. You need to redirect those points to something else.
Hahaha! Talent system?! Who came up with that idea? Simon Cowell or Regis Philman? XD
kitekaka4 on 04/21/2016, 03:05 AM - view
Just got THE BEST CS EVER. Out team put so much effort and defended for 12minutes. Then comes attacking. Leader said rush, fill ships.. some cried that we have A LOT TIME and we are GOING TO WIN THIS ANYWAY, and they want gate. Alright plan changed. [filtered]es went to gate. Guess what.. two people cried dat healers don't heal. And then ALL HEALERS stood in base whole game. Two people touched pure healers souls and they just stood there and wrote [filtered]. Ofc we lost. Thanks for healers.
Question is why there is NO DAMN REPORT OPTION IN BG? I don't give a single [filtered] about their feelings. I'm healing CS with priest and mystic. Sometimes it's hard to do it, YES IT IS, but I'm not PUNISHING MY WHOLE TEAM if one or two people said dat no one heals. Because I'm not the only one in this bg, there is other people who wants to win. If you don't care about your win, they care about others, because CS is A TEAM GAME where is ONE FOR ALL and opposite.
Btw, fwc now pops. Only thing dat you get in pve team vs pvp team. Running around alone, even if chat is begging to do everything together. And you know how it ends.
Balance, eme, balance.

I understand where you are coming from.Yes they are words that can be shrugged off at first glance but over time it gets to you even if people are trolling/joking. Its not easy on paper when you think about it. On my end if I have an ounce of sanity left, I would have kept healing but avoid those 2 who were commenting. Besides, they can get up by themselves cant they? XD
sukamachi on 01/19/2016, 12:29 AM - view
thinking of three they could use as a new healer class. A alchemist that's use's potions to heal with and do support. A vampire class that use's blood magic and vampire draining to heal and do support and last maybe a Templar healer that use's a mace and shield that can heal and do dps.

So what do we do in dungeons and areas where there is sunlight? Hopefully sparkling isnt one of them! >.<
Still an interesting concept though. So what do we call it? Sabat? Camarilla? Tremere? Malkavian? Brujah?
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SherryXP on 04/12/2016, 08:04 PM - view
Looks and feels as if with the coming mystic buffs in May (2.1x crit/40power/6%aspd aura, multiple target vow of rebirth) that our time is up. What are your thoughts on this? I don't think I'll ever get to do a score run again because Mystics are objectively the better choice and can now carry parties much better than before, rendering our advantage null now.

I agree mystics needed a lot of fixes and buffs but that one aura combining power, more than double crit rate and attack speed seems meta shifting.
Should I make a mystic instead to stay relevant?

Lolz? Just because we have them doesnt mean we will be in demand overnight. Besides you goodie 2 shoes have skill sets that I wish I have. Kaias being one of them. I m sure priests will still be on demand as much as mystics.
Because when a brawler blocks the lancer can leash them.
A lot of dps go in without buffs then they turn around and say "I heal too slow". Theres PLENTY of times I wanna throw a mote right between the eyes at the people of my party. That was one of them.
There are also lowbies who are experienced players using another character as alts. Think of it this way. Would you really work with a group of people who are too nit picky in cs? Just think of it as a blessing in disguise. I bet those set people who kicked you out just lost anyway lolz! Its called karma. XD

Just go back and queue again! Dont sweat the lame and small stuff. You never know that you might end up on the winning team!
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Well everything is the same as always.The Forbidden guild are still famous for being a Velikan tourist hot spot by being statues! Surprisingly, the bar at Velika has no erp lately.

All are welcome! You have to book in advance for your own complimentary bean bag chair at Velika.
Dont let the healing fool you! While priests can heal on the fly, brawlers also has a self heal that has a cd time. If the priests take too long which normally does, the brawler has a chance to self heal again. Priests can cast curse of exhaustion to buy time for the brawler not to heal.

Brawlers are deadly if you are in melee range. Good priests can circle strafe around the brawler using ranged attacks from a distance. The backstep and fiery escape helps too. Spamming Kaias per cd make them untouchable so yeah! Priest win. Freaking goodie 2 shoes. X.x

If tanking classes like brawlers cast aggro shout thus healing the brawlers instead of the priest then maybe the brawlers can have a fighting chance. Alas this isnt Lineage 2. >.<

Moral of the story: Healers can restore life and also has the power to take away ones life as well. Grand Khavarti>Brawler
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