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Ok... so cute Elin Lancer...
or sexy Castanic Berserker...

Sorcer it looks like your name shows you have already made your decision...
Maybe your first instinct was a Sorcerer, it seems to me you should trust that instinct.
Also take a look at this elegant and sexy godlike beauty ....
either choice is correct if you end up looking like this!
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You are both right, thanks!
It's so close to open beta time! After the closed beta and trying out so many class and race options, I have narrowed my choice to Castanic Berserker, Elin Berserker, Elin Lancer, or High Elf Slayer. But the open beta only allows me to choose one! I'm in panic mode now and I can't be sure I'll make the right choice and stick with it! Anyone have any suggestions? Anyone In the same predicament I'm in? Anyone else so excited to play that they're going crazy?
I am in the same position as you, but my suggestion is to try looking at youtube videos of the armor and weapons and animations to see which you like best for your class. The thing that made my decision to be a berserker was that Castanic lancers have their lances pointing straight up when on their back, which I htink looks silly. Remember you have to LOOK at you character for a long time so I think small things like animations can make the difference.
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This should be obvious. Why would anyone want to play a game like this with MORE restrictions? Why would you want to play on a PvE server? So you can shake hands give each other hugs?

PvP is what makes these games dynamic. Anyone rolling on a PvE server is doing themselves a disservice and will not experience the fullness of what the game has to offer.

It's true that PvE server rules are just restrictions, but the way PvP in this game is right now it's just higher levels ganging up on lower levels and abusing safe zones to stop lower levels from completing quests. Where's the fun in that? I don't want to gank or be ganked. What is truely exciting is a fair duel between equally leveled players, which can be done in PvE. Also Guild wars make sense because both guilds agree to fight.
1. Berserker
2. Lancer
3. Slayer
4. Priest
5. Sorcerer
6. Warrior
7. Archer
8. Mystic
I chose Castanic female because of the amazing heavy armor. It seems generally very good looking through all the levels, heres some of the highest armor...